Own Your Energy – Give the Rest Back!

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, it means that whatever you attract, carry and vibrate in your field, your Aura, is your responsibility.

But I’m an empath, say many. I feel and carry the burdens, suffering and pain that others are experiencing. It’s one of my ways of relating to the world. Are you telling me that this makes me responsible for others?

Chakras and aura teachings

If you take it on, you own it! Until you give it back…

Energetically, yes. If you’re carrying it, you’re responsible for it.

Here’s the thing:  It’s actually not your job to do anymore than own your energy.

In fact, by carrying other people’s energy, you’re buying them a pass, assisting them to be out of relation to their own experience! How’s that a good thing, exactly?

Well, if I’m not responsible for fixing them, why am I carrying all of this energy on their behalf?, asks the empath as he or she awakens.

I don’t know. Why are you?

In reality, in varying degrees, we all take on other people’s emotional energy and schlepp it around in our field. It’s part and parcel of our humanity. Empaths just tend to carry a lot of it, through their way of engaging and connecting with others.

However, it’s not necessarily an ideal thing to do. And we can learn to let that accumulated energy return to its rightful owner for his or her evolution and full experiencing of life.

Like that idea?

Years ago I learned an amazing practice for getting in relation to what energies were truly mine, belonged to me. I teach it in one of the Online Courses, Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It!.

The practice includes recognizing that the energy of your emotions serves as a lightning rod, drawing the emotional energy of others who vibrate with similar emotional tendencies.

In other words, your anxiety attracts others anxiety. Your invalidation (self-hatred), attracts others self-hatred.

Once it’s in your field, you won’t be able to tell the difference between what belongs to you, and what came from encounters with others (even strangers).  You’ll think it all belongs to you.

When you choose to heal and clear the pattern – anxiety, invalidation, depression, anger, whatever – it’s helpful to begin each meditative exploration by inviting all of the energy of the emotion to activate, and then to return the emotional energy that belongs to other – to other!

Not yours. Not your problem. Or as a good friend of mine says, ‘not my pig, not my farm’.

Chakra & Aura teachings

Do you really want to own this pig?

Liberate yourself today and every day. What emotions do you ‘go to’ and find pervasive in your experience? Take responsibility for only what’s yours.

Return what belongs to other – to other!

And then do the active energy clearing to release the triggers and patterns. Move forward with greater authenticity and self-awareness.

You’re only responsible for you. Give up the idea that you can heal or fix anyone else. And surrender the idea that you’re a pig farmer! You need not take on and carry what belongs to someone else.

Not my pig, not my farm.

Keep your vital energy flowing!








Community – Bees & Garden

Community Garden

I’m loving playing in my oh-so-manageable 400 sq. ft. plot at my Community Garden. I work alone in my little plot – it’s more than plenty for my needs. As a member of the community, I’m expected to do 6 hours of community work each season. My time to contribute is coming, and I’ll happily fulfill my obligation.

community gardens & bee hives

little flowers blooming near the shed

I don’t know much about the community – to date I’ve met 3 people.

The garden manager is a seasoned gardener; he shares information if it’s asked, but refrains from interfering or offering without invitation.  A nice man, a gentle demeanor.

A young couple, gardening for the first time. They were given a shady plot that clearly hadn’t been worked in a while. I met them on a drizzly, cool day when I arrived to check on my veggies, pick slugs (none so far!) and turn my compost pile.

They sat on the cold, wet ground, turning the soil with small hand tools. The shed is full of tools, including pitchforks and shovels that might make the work easier, but perhaps the handwork suits their needs and interests. They’re young, eager and had just completed a gardening 101 course to help them get started. I hope the community encourages them, helps them succeed. There’s a lot to learn in a garden!


I have a joyous relationship with a 2nd year beekeeper and her hives. I’m mentoring Debby, and it’s truly wonderful to work with her. She digs in to the work, loves the bees and shows no disappointment that I send her back to her bee club for North West beekeeping strategies, since conditions and climate are different here from Maine.

Beehives & Community Gardens

Tending Bees

Beekeepers in Community

She and I are a microcosmic community. A friend who observed our work in the hive commented on the unique language we were using. We understood each other, but our friend had no idea what we were talking about. I noticed that we flowed around each other and the hives with relative ease, in spite of the tight quarters and natural obstacles – shrubs, rocks, a cold frame, bees on the ground, etc.

Debby and I happily engage with and tend to the hive community.

And it is there my friends, that I repeatedly discover the deepest, most interesting and affirming experiences of community that I have ever witnessed.

A Model Community

The beehive thrives on the principle of all for one. They work in unity, through their individuated role, function and task. Each individual bee is most definitely a vital and important member of the hive. Each bee is in clarity about role, function, responsibility and contribution.And the hive as a whole depends on each individual fulfilling her tasks.

There is communication, input from members, and even consensus-based decision making.

The community always works on behalf of the whole. No politics, no divisiveness, no judgment.

Every bee has a role that evolves with maturity. Newly hatched bees become nurse bees, caring for other hatching sisters. Over time, nurse bees are promoted to retrieving pollen at the hive entrance from the forager bees. Eventually they become foragers, flying up to 3 miles to retrieve pollen to feed the hive. The queen has attendants that feed her an unending supply of royal jelly. Undertaker bees gather up dead bees and fly them away from the hive.

Growing in Community

Human and bee communities fill my mind and my awareness as I settle into the garden and as mentor and hive tender. I feel grateful for the opportunity to observe and participate in them both.

Community Gardens & Bee Hives

A Community of Hellebores

You and Community

What are your experiences of community and how do they inform your awareness? What have you learned about community from your natural world? Please share your stories with me.

Keep your vital energy flowing!


Energetic Boundaries

Emotional Entanglement – Countertransference

Do you have any idea what it’s like to sit in a therapeutic/healing  session and discover that what the patient is describing is similar to what’s occurring in your own experience?  It happens all the time! It’s called countertransference. And it’s a wild and woolly experience for a practitioner!

If you know a bit about energy, you know that we all tend to attract what we’re vibrating. That’s how countertransference occurs.

Wikipedia:  Countertransference a therapist’s emotional entanglement with a client.

Challenging. Unpleasant. A careful navigation.

Practitioners learn to set therapeutic boundaries to navigate and manage the conscious emotional triggers that arise. So the session and the experience for the client remains relatively pristine.

Energetic Entanglement – Counterenergetics

Unfortunately, in spite of the pristine therapeutic boundaries, many practitioners recognize the energetic entanglement that remains in place. Over time, this overtime adds up – to the practitioner feeling debilitated, exhausted, consumed. It’s a key factor in therapeutic burnout.

Online Chakra Courses from EHI

Sorting out Energetic Entanglements

Therapists who learn about countertransference would benefit from learning about ‘counterenergetics’ and energetic boundaries as well. They’d have a winning formula for managing their practice without taking on the emotions AND energy of their patients.

Energetic Boundaries

Nurses, doctors, massage therapists, hands-on practitioners wash their hands between patients. Physical hygiene.

Practitioners, healers, therapists can learn and practice energetic boundaries. Energy hygiene.

An Example or Two

Recently Chakra Khan met two fabulous, well-educated, deeply committed professionals with therapeutic healing practices.  Both serious about their work, and overwhelmed and burdened by the heaviness and suffering they carry and experience in their lives.

One of the two struggled with deep, prolonged depression.  The other therapist dealt with a fairly extreme case of compassion fatigue (taking on patient’s problems, emotional and physical exhaustion).  In both cases, neither practitioner was able to continue practicing full time.

Energy Hygiene & Boundaries

The therapists learned to apply new skills and practices, developing a handy-dandy energy hygiene toolkit. They each spent a couple of weeks integrating Energetic Boundaries and hygiene. Returning to see Chakra Khan two weeks later with a totally different story.

Online Chakra Course

Your Energetic Toolkit – complete with Energetic Boundaries & Hygiene!

The practitioner struggling with depression was completely freed from the dense, heavy emotional miasma.

And the practitioner who felt burdened by compassion fatigue felt that it had evaporated – practically overnight!

Thrilling. For so many reasons.

Imagine a world where all therapeutic practitioners apply energetic boundaries and hygiene. Deepening their ability to be present without taking on the patient’s energy in the process.

Energetic Boundaries also support interactions with family, friends, colleagues, strangers – life outside of the therapy practice!

Learn Energetic Boundaries and Hygiene

Chakra Khan teaches a variety of Online Courses that provide therapists with a toolkit for setting effective energetic boundaries and applying energy hygiene. What a great feeling to be able to practice without carrying burdens or feeling plugged in to your clients process outside of the treatment space.

If you’d like to join one, you can register here! [Note: Chakras: Manifesting Like  You Mean It! begins April 3, and is only $99 - a 50% savings!]

Keep your vital energy flowing!


Collaboration & A Community Garden

Day 1 – Community Garden

I’m thrilled. I applied for and nearly immediately received a plot in a community garden. Many of the gardens that I perused online had multiple year waiting lists. I waited less than 4 weeks and was given (for $100/year) a 400 sq. ft. plot – 20 x 20, enclosed in a low fence. The soil beautifully amended – raised beds, full of mole holes.

Dogs in the Garden

Oliver and I arrive on a brilliant, sunny afternoon with newly purchased hearty seedlings – kale, chard, pak choy, broccoli, carrots, radishes and artichokes. Enough to get started in my garden’s outer perimeter.

Using a long-handled shovel and my hand tools, I began removing plants I don’t want to grow (Dock, volumes of Forget-me-nots) and weeds. Placing them in the compost pile, Oliver joyously, repetitively retrieved them.

Dock is poisonous to dogs. Oliver chewed briefly on the roots, so I removed them to the car. Apparently 15 seconds is enough chew-time for a little bulldog to feel pretty lousy. He burped loudly and threw up. Three times. And licked his lips incessantly, a sign of doggie nausea.

Another gardener, a mother with two small children paused and looked at us. Her beagle quietly sitting by the side of the garden, behaving beautifully. Sigh.

Community Gardens & Collaboration

Soil, Sunshine & Seedlings

I planted 12 kale and 6 chard plants. The soil full of worms, and moister than moist – it’s Portlandia. It rains here. A lot.

Day Two

This morning, sans Oliver, I arrive at the garden. It’s 10:30 and my plot is deeply shaded. I wonder about the sun’s track as the season progresses. When can I expect sun on my plot every day?

The Community Garden is surrounded by huge cedars and hemlocks, high in the Northwest hills.

Other gardeners work in their plots.

I decide to observe, not attempt to engage, see what happens.

Nothing happens. No one looks up. Or says a word.

Grabbing a shovel from the shed I begin to work in my plot.

No one looks up. Or says a word.

I spent 2 hours reworking one pathway, planting 12 broccoli, 6 beets to go with the other veggies I’d already sunk in the soil. All in the shade. At this time of year. For now.

Community Gardening

The sun’s in the next garden!


I have 3 unanswered questions.

What is the best organic slug control?

Is the wood chip pile for use in individual gardens, or are they reserved for community pathways?

Is there community composting, or do we each ‘compost our own’?

No one looks up. Or says a word.

So I don’t ask.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens as I spend more time at the garden. Will people look up? Will I feel compelled to introduce myself, connect?

Invitation: Collaboration

I am stepping more deeply into a slice of life here. I set an intention, inviting community and collaboration. I’ll observe for a while and see what transpires in this garden microcosm.

One thing’s for sure. The energy of the place as I quietly worked in my plot filled me with joy, awe and gratitude.

Worst case? I’ll collaborate with the Earth and plants, the nature spirits and the elements in this beautiful, silent Community Garden.




Chakras & The Frazzle Factor

Stress & Chakras – The Frazzle Factor

Chakras metabolize energy. Like your digestive system metabolizes food. The food you eat becomes energy for your body. And when you’re well fed, you tend to have more energy, higher quality energy, increased stamina, clarity, poise.

Chakras metabolize energy. So if you’re stressed, frazzled, riddled – you’re metabolizing that stress through your Chakras. And that means your energy is running on a diet of stress.

Free Chakra setting tools

Stress & Depression – the Frazzle Factor

Ever heard the phrase, ‘I work best under pressure’? Do you think that’s really true? I mean, it sounds good. Like the phrase, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. That sounds good, too. But maybe we’re putting a positive spin on a difficult problem! I mean seriously, frazzle is not the most attractive way to ride!

The Stress Diet

The thing with stress and your Chakras is that once you’re running on stress, you tend to continue to run on stress. In other words, your Chakras acclimate to the steady diet of stress, frenzy, and frazzle – and they begin to think it’s the best and only way to ride.

Energetically, the Chakras then start to attract stress from other people. Stress bunnies shed stress energy and your stress-centric Chakras pick it up. And then – stress starts to build. And debilitate.

Depressed and Fraught

Here’s another consideration – when your Chakras are running on stress, frazzle, frizzle or fraught, you tend to end up with other issues as well, often depression. An overwhelm sets up in the energy field and mood, demeanor, sense of well-being is effected. Frazzle. We’re talking frazzle.

There are lots of studies related to stress and the triggering, stimulating and increasing of depression. The Chakras can become overwhelmed and begin to vibrate at the frequency of depression. If  you’re already taking on other people’s stress energies, what makes you think you won’t take on the depression energies too?

Here’s the thing:

Chakras have openings. They open and close like flowers that open to the sun and close at dusk. Or a camera lens that adjusts to the light. If a Chakra is too open, it’s conceivably taking on too much energy. And if it’s too closed, it both fails to receive or release enough energy.

From an energy perspective, depression is usually about taking in too much energy in a few Chakras and not releasing enough energy in other Chakras. An overfilled balloon, with no ability to release or offload excess energy. And sadly, unlike a helium balloon that lifts up and away, depression is a sinking, heavy energy. No fun at all!

Chakra Sanities

Chakra Sanities Free Online

Chakra Sanities – free gifts from Chakra Khan & EHI

If stress and depression are part of your current reality, you might like a free Chakra Sanity – I’m Feeling Frazzled, Riddled, Dramatic, Depleted, Depressed or Fraught.

There are 4 different Chakra Sanities – so if this isn’t you, click the link anyway, and then look at the other 3 Chakra Sanities. You may find some resolutions in there to issues you’re experiencing. It’s all about harnessing your attention and awareness to how your Chakras are set.

Learning this simple practice moves mountains, shifts energy dynamics and can set your feet firmly on the path to wholeness, wellness and vitality.

So De-Frazzle Your Frizzle and Un-Riddle your Fraughtness. Get a little Chakra Sanity going for yourself now. And tomorrow and the day after that!

Chakra Sanities give you simple, clear practices for setting your Chakras and metabolizing energy effectively. And best of all? They’re free!

And if you want to take things a step further, learn how to clear and energize your Chakras with this Online Course, Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It! The next class launches on April 3, and it’s on sale – for 50% off – a heck of a deal, for 5 hours of amazing content.

Keep your vital energy flowing!



Meet. Greet. Complete.


The issue, person, emotion, physical pain, mental musing, spiritual crisis head on.  Straight up. Say hello. Invite it in. Even if it terrifies you.

Energy clearing skills from EHI

Meet. Greet. Even if it terrifies you!


The underlying story, the root cause analysis, the underbrush and move in to the work.

Yes, exactly.  Just do it.

A meet and greet is just that – you get in relation to what you’ve met.


You got it, you’re related, you’re relational, you’re practically cousins!

You’ve made sense of the issue, the person, the pain, the musing, the crisis, and you’re aligned with your inner self on the work.  Beautiful!

To complete it – clear it.

You don’t wipe it out, throw it away, forget about it or sideline it.

You take the charge out of it. Defuse it. Unravel it. Neutralize the energetic spark, jolt or charge that it sets off in you. [EHI teaches energy clearing practices...just in case you'd like to learn!]

Energy clearing skills from EHI

Unravel the pattern. Clear the energy.

Then Repeat

If the issues cycles around again, Meet. Greet. Complete.

If it’s a long-standing pattern, it may take a bit of effort to let it go. If it’s a familial or cultural program, it may take some unwinding to find your way into your own field of awareness. Keep at it! Move through. Beyond.

Meet. Greet. Complete. Repeat.

A winning formula for personal evolution

Recently a student from Energy Healing Institute got in touch.

She was in an internal uproar. A malaise that she had thought was behind her – fatigue, ennui, depletion, depression – was back with a vengeance.

She’d previously been flying high, doing life with incredible joie de vivre and vitality.

She told Chakra Khan that she had been in ‘remission’ from the depression. Clearly its return was because it was a hard and fast part of her reality. She had a defeatist, ‘it was fun while it lasted’ view of herself and this experience.

Scene of the Grime

CK strapped on her Truth Suit (think Spandex, a cape, a mask and a giant T for Truth on the chest) and flew to the scene of the grime.  Yes, grime.

It’s not a crime to recycle a theme or issue, but it’s definitely messy and dirty when you’re in the thick of it!

‘Not so,’ CK boomed.  ‘This is a wilier version of the issue you’ve successfully met.  A different scenario and voice. A different tone and tenor. It’s not back and permanent; it’s another layer of the issue.’

Light dawns.  Amusement returns.  And the formula is clear.

Meet. Greet. Complete. (and clearly, Repeat).  And so she did.

And guess what?  She’s baaaaack!

Spiral of Life

Energy clearing skills from EHI

Life is a spiral.

Indigenous elders speak about life and its experiences as a spiral.  That some core issues are met over and over again as the individual’s life progresses.

If you’re in a struggle with judgment, you’ll meet it again and again as your life revolves around the spiral.  Each time you come back to the judgment point on the spiral, you’ll meet it in a new way.

Greet it. Complete it.

Nuance in Healing

In owning your stuff and committing to your evolution, you often discover that entrenched patterns emerge in wily and seductive forms. They appear to be part of the solution, when they’re really part of the problem.

Allowing the nuance of these patterns to become clear, helps you move through and beyond them, evolving into more authentic ways of being.

Throw Away Your Easy Button

Have faith. Patience.

Throw away your Easy Button. It’s not really one of your evolution staples!

Meet. Greet. Complete… Repeat.

Keep your vital energy flowing!


Petulant Pain-body

Pain-body is Painful

Truly painful.

And petulant. Touchy. Techy. Fractious. Cranky.

One client recently made the connection between ignoring internal insights and the onset of sinus infections. Clears that up, right?

A colleague with a chronic injury clearly perceives the difference between true physical pain and pain-body responses. Before working to alleviate physical pain, he applies a simple energy clearing strategy to isolate and release the pain-body energies. True mind-body medicine!

Several practitioners observe that skin conditions exacerbate when they hold responsibility for their clients journey and healing experience.

Everyone’s got a little pain-body in them, I imagine. And there are times in life when the pain-body is nearly always activated.

Free Chakra Information - Chakra Sanities

Official Pain-body Wipe Out

Grief and the Pain-body

During a recent period of grieving, Chakra Khan contracted a cold, becoming quite bronchial. That’s CK’s pain-body space that resonates with grief. The cold and bronchial illness vibrated along with the emotions.

The pace of life slowed. Rest, restoration – eating chicken soup, feeling deep emotions. Inviting the emotions to move through and beyond and the physical body to coalesce and align.

Pain-body can be a gracious participant in these instances.

Not-So-Merry-go-Round Pain-body

However, when the pain-body is routinely activating and siphoning energy out of the emotional field and into the physical body, that’s a dilemma. It’s a Not-so-merry-go-round that can tend to escalate and become chronic pain, injury or illness.

The examples listed above show how the Pain-body is deflecting emotional pain and impacting the physical body needlessly.

That’s a pain-body on overdrive. And a lovely person who is out of relation to the full extent of their emotions. And physically encumbered.

Energy and Illness

Auto-immune, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and similar ‘syndromes’ have roots in the pain-body/emotional field compromise. It’s an energy thing.

In spite of what the docs may tell you – pills won’t resolve the energy issues and free up your pain-body. They’re treating symptoms.

But You, You, You Can Treat Root Cause!

Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me! Again. Still.

Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me! Again. Still.

Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me!

One of four free Chakra Sanity gift that Chakra Khan offers.

This Chakra Sanity illustrates Chakra setting strategies to retrain the emotional body to meet, greet and complete the emotional energies that live within its purview.

Leaving your body to do its noble job – cart you around, have experiences, do all the metabolic stuff – you know, be a Body!

Healers – Please Don’t Use Your Pain-body to Diagnose

Practitioners – if you’re tapping into your patients physical pain, you might want to read the information Chakra Khan shares in Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me!, too.

Your emotional body is siphoning in your patients energy and information and transferring it to your pain-body.

So you’re feeling stuff that belongs to someone else. And bottom line? That’s never a good thing! For you. Or your patient.

In Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me! you’ll learn which Chakras are set inappropriately. You’ll learn to dial down certain Chakras and open up others. You’ll be resetting your energy field to do its work more effectively.

Phew! De-cranked Pain-body

Imagine yourself with out your pain-body leading you or bearing the burden of your emotional life.  Ahhhh…

Understand and know that you can more easily resolve, move on and through your healing journey if your emotions live where they belong. Relief!

With your body doing its part – keeping your feet on the ground, anchoring your space and conscious awareness. Solid, man. Solid.

Wanna Hang Out?

Coming this Wednesday, 8-9:15pm Eastern – In-bodied and Feeling Fine! A free Online Course that talks about setting all of the Chakras for deeper levels of In-bodiment. Register here!

Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing!



De-sensitizing Your Sensitive Bits

Sensitive is Over-rated

There’s a lot of people out there who feel raw emotionally and energetically. It’s an icky way to feel. Certain people or activities generate a sense of dread, overwhelm because they’re going to activate the sensitivity that’s exhausting and debilitating. When you’re energetically sensitive, life can be a series of ‘no thank you’s.’ To people, events, activities and experiences. Wouldn’t it be glorious to be able to de-sensitize?

Here are some recent descriptions Chakra Khan’s heard from students and clients:

I take on everything – emotions, thoughts, illness – I am a fitness instructor, not a therapist! Why do I end up with everyone’s stuff?

I’m energetically ‘infected’ in my practice frequently. Especially when something going on in my client’s life that’s similar to something that’s happening or has happened in my life.

Free information about Chakras for Sensitives

Where’s my garlic necklace? Need it now!

Energy vampires are my biggest concern. Certain people just seem to take it out of me. It’s exhausting and upsetting. How can I avoid these people? Some of them are my relatives!

Here’s the thing:

If you’re focused on staying away from people who wear you down or suck you dry, you’re putting an awful lot of power in other people’s hands!

Now, CK has some options for de-sensitizing if you’re convinced that you need protection and respite from others:

Move into a cave and come out only at night, wearing only black so that you are largely invisible.

Stay home. Limit your access to and time with OP’s. (Other People)

Leave the house only when you’re wearing garlic around your neck and carrying a wooden stake.

Seriously. It may seem like it’s about THEM and how THEY impact YOUR energy.

It’s true they’re having an impact.

But it’s not about THEM.

It’s really about YOU.

The good news? You’re the boss of YOU!

You weren’t necessarily born a Sensitive.

Life’s circumstances may well have created the tendency. Sometimes early childhood experiences create an energetic tendency to open certain Chakras too much (taking on too much energy and information) and closing other Chakras down (inhibiting release and energy flow).

When this happens, sensitivity is the result.

By the time you’re an adult and old enough to read this post, these Chakra settings have been internalized and make you feel like this is who you are and how you have to ride.

But what if that’s not actually the case?

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. But whenever we make other people the problem, we diminish our autonomy and self-responsibility.

It truly is All About You!

And how you set your Chakras.

Did you know you can set your Chakras and regulate your energy so that what other people do is no longer your problem?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Bring it on, Chakra Khan!

Will do.

Free Tools for De-Sensitizing!

Free tools for energetic sensitivity

Ooooh….I’m SO Sensitive!

Chakra Khan has created two Free resources for Sensitives who want to reclaim their energy and take off their garlic necklaces, pins and earrings!

Chakra Sanities – there are actually four energy patterns that are described in Chakra Sanities. The one created for You is: ‘Ooooh…I’m So Sensitive!’ There are individual Chakra settings that you can practice that dial up or down specific Chakras to decrease sensitivity and get you back in your life!

You may also want to consider a free, live Online Course, In-bodied and Feeling Fine! This Online Course offers 3 skills that support In-bodiment and individuation – in other words, energetic containment so that you’re not at the whim of your sensitivity. The course runs again on March 12. Join me?

Keep your Vital Energy Flowing!





In-bodiment & Chakras

A Chakra Khan Story

Chakra Khan spent years out of her body. Years, truly.

Childhood memories? Relatively few. In school, weird dissociated feelings when taking tests: was that material ever even mentioned in class? Or even stranger, the vague feeling that some of the subjects and lessons crossed the cranium, but others never came close!

Early adulthood – another challenge. Doing fine at work, whatever job it was, but feeling disconnected from herself, her team, her friends. And oddly attached to other people. People who felt strong, capable and somehow anchored her, made her feel solid.

Energy healing & Chakras

Do I even have a life?

Twenty-three years ago, Chakra Khan learned about Chakras. And what she learned was a game changer.

Upon learning that certain Chakras were set and organized in such a way that in-bodiment was not a sure bet – Chakra Khan started practicing the appropriate resets. And as she practiced, her energy shifted.

She in-bodied. Her energy. Her body. Her life. Her experience.

And what a difference it made to be plugged in and self-aware. And growing. And experiencing. The vacuous, fuzzy cloud that accompanied the out of body experiences was gone.

What a relief! And a comfort. Feeling that disconnected was a bit frightening, and it certainly made life lackluster and unfocused.

Now please understand. Not everything was perfect when she landed in her life. In fact, there was a lot that Chakra Khan needed to change.

It became changeable when CK was in the room to notice her behaviors and make new choices. The lesson:

You can’t heal, grow or evolve unless you’re in-bodied.

Online energy healing course


Beyond the obvious gratitude that CK feels about having a body and knowing how to use it, is the overarching point of this big share. Recently Chakra Khan published 4 scenarios about the Chakras.

The scenarios included strategies for setting Chakras for deeper levels of in-bodiment and regulating energy inflow and outflow. The four scenarios are called Chakra Sanities.

Guess which one was most popular?

The one called, Hey! Has Anyone Seen My Body?


In-bodiment. Gotta get some of that.

The Chakra Sanity for in-bodiment can be a great vehicle for helping you drive yourself back home. To Yourself. By closing some Chakras and opening others.

Online Energy Healing Courses

Meditations, Practices

They’re practices, active meditations, guided visualizations, mantra ministrations. You attend and intend and direct your energy. It’s the stuff that manifestation is made of.

Of course, there are three other Chakra Sanities having to do with common energy-related issues or patterns. So if in-bodiment is not a concern, but you’ve got a lot of body pain, are energetically sensitive or tend to have emotional volatility – swings, predominance of a particular emotion, stressed, stressed, stressed – there are Chakra Sanities for you, too!

Here’s to in-bodiment.

To healing and growth. To showing up, being real. To growing through and beyond.

Amen, to that!

Free Online Course

Oh! One other thing – if you’d like to learn about Chakra settings along with two other skills for evolving your energy body and therefore your physical, mental and emotional body – there’s a free Online Course held every 2 weeks called In-bodied and Feeling Fine! Register if you’d like to expand beyond Chakra setting and go a little deeper into energy healing. The skills help you Be Your Own Healer, one of Chakra Khan’s favorite things about energy healing.

See you there? Bring a friend?

Keep your vital energy flowing…





Get Some Chakra Sanity

What exactly are Chakra Sanities?

They’re strategies – four of them – that Chakra Khan has shared with clients for years in her private practice.

Chakra Sanities - A Gift to EHI Subscribers

Go ahead! Be Unique!

Now let’s be clear. Chakra Sanities is NOT a four-quadrant profile where every person on the planet lives and operates within one of these overarching archetypes.

We’re way more unique and vibrant than that!

There’s all sorts of us out there, doing life in all kinds of ways.

It’s the beauty of free will and individuated awareness.


But there’s also the We Are All Connected side of the equation. And we are. Truly. All Connected.

Chakra Sanities - a Gift to EHI Subscribers

Chakra work is Root Cause work!

And so we have these giant energy clouds – called thoughtforms – where the energy of different overall patterns collects. And each of us subscribes to certain energy clouds (thoughtforms).

We subscribed based on our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. They’re vibrations – and they link to these thoughtforms – we subscribe!

And these thoughtforms inform our experience. Think of them as Root Cause.

If they’re really good thoughtforms – like athletic prowess and loving exercise, or eating healthy, nutritious foods because it makes your body feel amazing – what’s not to like?

Those are darn good thoughtform subscriptions to have.

If they’re icky things – like being excessively hard on yourself while holding an impossible standard of perfection, or feeling defensive and arguing whenever someone offers helpful feedback – those are troublesome.

And you might want to cancel that thoughtform subscription.

So – think of the Chakra Sanities as new subscriptions. And gifts from Chakra Khan to you.

You can review the four Chakra Sanity patterns below, and see which one resonates most with you.

I’m Feeling Frazzled, Frizzled, Riddled, Dramatic, Depleted, Depressed or Fraught

Your emotions drive your life. And no matter how you try to control them – you cycle back to the same place. Busts up your ability to live joyfully and dominates your experience. Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Ooooh…I’m So Sensitive!

You’re an empath, a caretaker, you easily take on other people’s energy and emotions. You worry about energy vampires. People love to lean on you, cry on your shoulder. Sometimes you take better care of other people than you do for yourself. Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me!

You get every cold, bug and virus that moves through the village. And when you’re stressed and wound up, your body winds down. Your emotions are downloading into your body and it’s making you sick. Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Excuse Me, Has Anyone Seen My Body?

You’re a bit spacey, out of body. Have trouble getting stuff done. Unfocused. Flightly. Maybe a teensy bit undependable. You know it’s time to get  your feet on the ground. It’s just that you seem to know how to defy gravity! Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Chakra Sanities - Free Material to EHI Subscribers

Chakra Sanities – Chakra Khan’s Gift to You!

When you subscribe (it’s just your name and your email) – you’ll download your Chakra Sanity and have a practice you can apply to operate through new thoughtforms that support your reality!

A gift and a hug from Chakra Khan

Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing!






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