Managing Uninvited Psychic Awareness

A couple of weeks ago, a healer shared the quote I’ve paraphrased below on Facebook:


No matter where we are when we meet, within 5 minutes I’ll know your pain, issues, hidden feelings and emotions. Because I’m a reader. It’s who I am and it’s what I do.

No. No. No. Not ok.


Healers must behave more mindfully if they want to take up their rightful place in the alternative and complementary healing field — a $14B service industry in 2016.

Know this: an ability to read people psychically does not confer permission to do so.

Healers who read people in social settings are unprofessional and toxic, and quite often untrained in psychic awareness. The leering quality of this behavior is especially toxic. When meeting someone socially, perhaps for the first time, it’s unlikely that deep, tender emotions and vulnerabilities will be shared.

These psychic healers who read people continuously may not know how to avoid filtering the information they pick up through their own emotions, beliefs and judgments. Doing so skews accuracy in small or perhaps, significant ways. Not that it matters, when you’re being read at a party!

Too often I hear healers say that they can’t help reading people, the ‘lights are always on’. I’ve taught psychic awareness — seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing, tasting and smelling energy — for more than 25 years. Trust me, there’s an off switch.

When psychic awareness is studied and integrated, the effective practitioner does fairly deep inner work to refine perception. It’s difficult to master accurately reading others without doing this essential inner work to cultivate neutrality and non-attachment.

Consider the following questions:

Would you consciously choose to work with a healer who had repeated misdemeanor convictions as a Peeping Tom?

Would you want that person  to touch your body, probe your emotional issues and pain, see you in raw, fragile vulnerability?

I didn’t think so. That information is shared with trusted confidantes, or in the container of a healing practice; and if psychic awareness is used, with a clear disclosure that reading the client is part of the session.


It is unethical and inappropriate to read people at a party, outing, chance encounter, over a cup of tea, or meet and greet with or without consent. If the person wants to be read, book an appointment.

Licensed therapists, doctors and other clinical professionals follow a code of ethics that applies to their professional practice and personal lives. Alternative healers are not exempt from ethical practice and appropriate conduct.

If you’ve been taught or you believe that your psychic abilities are spontaneous and cannot be controlled or regulated, please do some research. Find a course within your budget that hones and anchors these skills, and features an off switch! Psychic development needs to be supervised to calibrate perception and ensure clarity. Feedback from a skilled practitioner is essential for mastering psychic awareness.


No one can read you without your consent. You are entitled to respect. Your personal, emotional and physical issues and stories are yours to tell.

If you experience this infringement, know that the healer is:

  • violating your right to privacy and choice to disclose
  • unskilled and unethical
  • boundaryless
  • unprofessional

The intersection of the New Age with alternative and complementary healing has created an efficacy void that frustrates practitioners who have done the hundreds of hours of work it takes to learn, apply and master modalities.

Hopefully the information shared in this post will circulate widely and educate those in the healing field to further their learning. Consumers may have increased ideas about discernment and their choice of resources.

What’s been your experience with alternative and complementary healers? Share your stories with us here, but please do not name names!


Avoiding Spiritual Bypass Through Conscious Awareness

Ever Heard of Spiritual Bypass?

A client contacted me to talk about a problem she was experiencing. After summarizing her situation, she shared what she was doing to address it spiritually. I heard her describing a spiritual bypass.

She was:

  • talking with her guides and angels
  • writing affirmations and posting them conspicuously throughout her home
  • listening to inspirational talks
  • reading inspirational messages daily
  • watching for external signs or messages for clues to the successful manifestation of her desire

Nada. No shift, change, transformation. She asked me what I thought was keeping her from getting what she wanted.

I asked her,

If you’re focused exclusively on your connection to your spiritual life, how do you self-reflect?

That stopped her short.

What do you mean, she asked? I’m aware of what I want to have happen, and I’m doing the spiritual work to make it come to pass. What else is there?

Nothing! Except the elephant in the room.


Spiritual bypass leaves the elephant in the room

Spiritual bypass leaves the elephant in the room

How About Some Actual Work?


  • Observation of behaviors
  • Monitoring of thoughts and beliefs
  • Self-awareness & self-responsibility
  • Ownership
  • Coherent, aligned choices and actions

Actual work takes feet on the ground, embodied awareness and perspective. And it requires a separate lens from the one trained on spiritual and metaphysical exploration and contemplation.

Here’s a simple example that illustrates how wildly practical and evolutionary actual work is, and how it helps avoid spiritual bypass.

I’ll Have Vanilla

You have a goal to eat only vanilla ice cream. You think, meditate, pray and commune on this in your spiritual practice. You’re incredibly consistent with the spiritual work.

Yet you order chocolate ice cream every time you go to an ice cream parlor. What’s going wrong?

With that much focus allocated to spiritual practice, while not yielding results, it’s probable that the disconnect lies elsewhere. We’re talking spiritual bypass.

Spiritual Bypass

Spiritual bypass creates an environment where behaviors, actions, beliefs, thoughts and motivations — the very data behind the saga of wanting vanilla and choosing chocolate are overlooked and ignored.

Your issue doesn’t evaporate when a spiritual bypass is in play. It might get hidden or forgotten for a while. Until something occurs to bring it back to the surface. Like a stroll into your local Ben & Jerry’s.

Embodied Awareness

Truth is, no amount of meditating, praying, communing and talking to spirit guides will ensure that you’re dripping vanilla down your wrist as you walk away from an ice cream parlor.

The boat is you, you’re its captain.

Your spirituality can support your life, but it’s not the part of you that orders chocolate ice cream!

Consider choosing the embodied path instead of the singular spiritual path. Integrate your conscious awareness and take ownership of your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions. Invite your spirituality to support your actions and creation.


Embodied. Doing the work.

Embodied. Doing the work.

Doing the Work

What might you do to make the switch to vanilla ice cream?

  • Monitor your thoughts and emotions as you step up to the counter to order a cone. Perhaps you’ll recognize that you’re easily seduced by customer raves about the chocolate ice cream that hang on the wall. An excellent insight –  you’re easily seduced!
  • This insight unpacks another one: as a child you had an ongoing rivalry with an older sibling over which flavor was best, chocolate or strawberry. You believed chocolate was best because frozen strawberries were icy and hurt your teeth. Eureka! You’ve uncovered a hidden belief that unconsciously influences your behavior. Now you’re in the know.
  • Acknowledge that you and only you step up to the counter and place your ice cream order. It’s your actions and behavior that are generating your reality, based on your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Bingo. You’re in full ownership of your experience.
  • Lastly, recognize that the best way to wind up with a vanilla cone in your hand is to order one. Perhaps you’ll write it down on a piece of paper, hand it to your server and say, Small Vanilla Ice Cream Cone, Please. Bam! You’re coherent, making aligned choices and taking action.

You are Manifest Reality

All the spiritual affirmations, laws of the Universe, theories of manifestation amount to nothing without self-reflection, self-responsibility, ownership and concrete action based on coherent choices. Hanging out in a spiritual ivory tower does not translate to manifest reality without concurrently incorporating the physical, emotional and mental work, too.

Spiritual bypass does not buy you a pass. And life is not as simple as vanilla or chocolate. I know this is true.

Yet it’s easier, richer and more spiritual to take the embodied path. Do the work. Cultivate your spiritual awareness and anchor it into your life through your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, choices and actions.

And Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing!


Know Your Chakras, Know Your Body

Your Energy Creates Your Life

You know this, right? Well, true, it’s not just your energy that creates your life. It’s your attention, (thoughts and beliefs) and your intention, (conscious or unconscious) combined with your energy that creates your life.

Your body’s the vehicle for experiencing your life. Your thoughts and emotions manifest through your body. Yet in energy terms, your thoughts and emotions are created and reside in separate body’s or planes of awareness. At least they’re supposed to reside elsewhere.

Your physical body can become the storehouse for ignored, unacknowledged and suppressed emotional energy. It’s called somatization. I wrote about this recently, and I’m back at it again.


Somatized emotion - in the gut. Ouch!

Somatized emotion – in the gut. Ouch!

The Body is an Integrated System

We all know that the mind-body connection is real. The emotion-body connection is, too.

If you’re not feeling your feelings, applying energy self-care to clear and release emotions, you’re conceivably suppressing them. Those emotions have nowhere to go but down. Into the energy system for your physical body.

And there they sit and fester.

Where in your body do these somatized emotions go, you might ask?

You actually know.

Because your body tells you.

The Body is a Storyteller

Got chronic pain?

Digestive issues?

Does your throat or your head suffer most when you get a cold?


5th Chakra - Sore Throat

5th Chakra – Sore Throat


That’s the story your body is telling you. It’s letting you know where you’ve suppressed emotional energy and how it’s impacting your inner workings.

The Chakras Distribute Energy

Your Chakras are hard working energy centers, distributing energy to all of your organs, glands, systems. There’s a fabulous, complex system for delivering energy that works most effectively when unencumbered by blockages.

Ever seen a turbine operate?



The one pictured here is for an airplane engine. If a bunch of rags were stuck into some of the blades of the turbine, that would certainly impact performance.

Your Chakras function like turbines, too. They work in two ways – sourcing energy into the Chakra, and repelling energy out of the Chakra. Inflow and outflow.

Stuff a bunch of suppressed emotional energy into a Chakra that feeds energy to your physical body and it’ll gum up the works, too. And over time, less vital energy flows in to the Chakra, and less spent energy flows out.

And therein lies the rub. Or the illness, dis-ease, stagnation.

The Body is Self-healing

Want to know which Chakras are correlated to which parts of the body? You can match the Chakra to the organs that are within proximity of the Chakra as follows:


It’ll give you insight to what Chakras may need support (clearing, infusing) for your optimal well being.

You may have some clearing work to do to evolve beyond patterns, behaviors and emotions that bog you down. You may have to face some stuff — let’s be honest, if you’re suppressing emotion, it’s because you’re scared to face it down and move it through.

Learning how to Clear Emotional Energy — a skill I teach in the online class, Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It! — is powerful and evolutionary work. It puts you in the driver seat of your emotions.

[I’ve taught this class live for the last time. If you’d like to attend the recorded version of the class, email me and you can attend for $50 – less than half price!]

Keep your physical body in a greater state of well being. As you own your emotions and clear emotional energy, your body can organically (and at times, spontaneously) heal. Reverse what is setting up as an illness, dis-ease or stagnation. I see it happen all the time. And so do EHI’s Embodied Energy System Practitioners.

There’s nothing better than a well be-ing. You can do this. Take up the work of evolving your energy body and know that your physical body will absolutely reap the benefits.

And remember to keep your vital energy flowing!







Perspectives on Illness & Life

Penny has a serious diagnosis

Penny is my English bulldog. She’s got digestive issues that causes her to regurgitate her food frequently. On a good day, once or twice. On a bad day? Ten times or more.


Silly Penny – settling in on my lap after playtime


The problem emerged last fall, shortly before I traveled overseas on vacation. While away, I had several 3am phone calls with my vet discussing treatment for Penny and her issues.

The vet described the care being taken to stabilize her, suggesting diagnostic tests to consider. I listened, trying to ignore all of the noise in the background at her office. Finally, I asked:

What’s all that noise?

She laughed and said, that’s Penny. She’s racing around the exam room with a toy we’ve given her. Apparently being happy is more important to her than her medical issues.

It was reassuring to hear little Miss Penny Lou, living life fully, focused on play.

Being Happy Is More Important

Take this in for a moment. Think about it. When you’re ill, ill at ease, symptomatic, in the throes of a healing crisis, do you focus fully on that, or do you turn toward your love of life and what fills you with happiness?

Three months later, we’re still dealing with digestive problems. Yet Penny runs around my house daily chasing her toys, sometimes stopping mid-chase to regurgitate where she’s standing. Stepping delicately around the mess, she resumes the chase. Regurgitation: a minor inconvenience.

Wait! There’s More!

Penny’s health issues don’t end with her gut. Dropped out of a moving car, she had reconstructive shoulder surgery on a front leg when a puppy. She has a weird gimpy waddle.

Her mobility and motility issues? Not her point of her focus. They barely register on her life-o-meter.

Fact is, Penny’s a big-hearted, life-loving, joyous creature, with a couple of serious health issues.

What’s Important

Check out this 45-second video of Penny playing in my living room, about 5 seconds after a huge regurgitation experience.

Does this look like a dog who has her priorities straight?

Living Big, Bold & Huge

Life is for living. Living as big and as bold and as huge as possible.

For Penny, living big means spending every possible minute with me, loving me, loving herself, her toys, food, beds and blankets.

And you?

What does living big, bold and huge mean to you?

Are you living this way?

Do you balance your issues with your joys?

Can you imagine expanding focus on your joys and diminishing focus on your pains?

What might happen if you shift your perspective?

Focus on happiness

Focus on Happiness!

Unrelenting Pursuit of Happiness

What else can be learned from Penny’s relentless, inexhaustible pursuit of love and joy despite her problems?

Life is precious, no matter what.

Humor, grace, optimism, love, and simple joys are as healing as herbs, medicines, diagnoses and treatment.

Whatever life hands out, there is always a choice of how it’s perceived and received.

Take care of your problems. Get the support that you need – you’re entitled to receive treatment and care.

No Matter What

Penny’s thrilled to share her life perspective with all of you.

Whatever your deficiencies, issues or concerns, focus on what brings you joy. Live large. No matter what.

Keep your vital energy flowing!




How About a Drama-Fast Instead of a Drama-Fest?

Do Holidays Amp You Up?

Do you deal through drama this time of the year?

Do you find yourself rolling your eyes, clasping your hands to your head as you settle in to a salacious gab with friends and colleagues about all of the stresses and strains during the holidays? The family drama, the shopping drama, the right outfit drama, the perfect meal drama, the ‘somuchtodosolittletime’ drama?

Drama Feeds Adrenal Stress!

What do you suppose all that drama does for your adrenal glands? Are you aware that adrenal stress is a reality for more than 65% of the world’s population? How’s that for pandemic?

Do you know how important the adrenal glands are for supporting your health and vitality?

In the Holistic Anatomy & Physiology Course I offer practitioners, the stressed out adrenal glands are described this way:

In the mechanical model, [the non-holistic view of Anatomy and Physiology, taught in medical schools, and forming the basis of Allopathic treatment], these little guys get blamed for fatigue, as in “I have adrenal fatigue,” as if they were machines that broke down on their own.

Their fatigue is your fatigue, caused by a life of stress, over-stimulation, over-activity, bad diet and a general emphasis on doing (yang) coupled with a disdain for rest (yin).

Drama as Food Group

Drama feeds more than adrenal stress. It feeds emotional stress too. Anxiety, fear, depression – whatever your go-to emotions are – drama feeds them.


Drama in high gear

Drama in high gear


Ever Done a Drama-Fast?

Contemplating a Drama-Fast calms my body and emotions.

What might a Drama-Fast look like? It’s a cleanse from Amping Up, Overdoing, Overstimulating, Over-emotionalizing?


Drama-Fast brings light

Drama-Fast brings light



Setting a spending budget and sticking to it, buying things that are special and memorable rather than lots of ‘things’ with little meaning?

Good for your wallet and your emotions

Shopping online with your budget in mind, avoiding the retail frenzy.

Better use of time – can be combined with other restful, yin activities

Shopping locally, supporting small business, buying from artists and craftsmen rather than mass-produced stuff.

Buying local, supporting those in your community creates a dual win – for the person who creates and the one who receives – holistic and affirming

Holding your tongue, avoiding gossip, developing clear approaches for minimizing familial conflict. It’s ok to say, ‘Fred, we’ve had this discussion before and it’s not productive for either of us. I’m going to focus on enjoying the day and bypass this topic with you’.

Refusing to join in drama-laden interactions models self-awareness and conscious choice

Monitoring your thoughts to avoid projection, perseveration, obsession, reaction. Acknowledging   that what you’re thinking and worrying about isn’t happening right here, right now. Therefore it’s a waste of time and energy.

Presence, self-discipline, self-soothing

Sit quietly, listen to meditative music. Meditate. Clear energy.

Self-care is a drama buster

Wearing a dress or outfit you already own. Accessorizing it differently so you feel like it’s new to you. (Because few people care or remember what you’ve worn before. Truly. And if they do, they’re Drama-Festers and you know better!)

Loving what you have is so healing and freeing

Setting aside time to be rather than do. Is there a book you’ve wanted to read? Read it. A Tai Chi class you’ve wanted to take? Take it. A trail you’ve wanted to hike? Walk it. Be. In your book. In your body. In nature.

Nurture, self-love, self-care, yin, feeding your spirit

Light a candle on the Solstice. Honor the return to the light.

From darkness comes light –  beautiful and fulfilling to observe and honor

Contribute to a cause that you care about in honor of those with whom you’ve disagreed. It couples the generosity of your spirit with acknowledgement and gratitude for the teacher those disagreeing/disagreeable people are to you. They’re serving your growth and evolution.

Opens a space in your heart, psyche and energy for a more neutral way of engaging conflict, inviting growth and evolution 

Stay home. Consider which events and activities might drain you and which might feed you. Choose you. Feed you.

Love and compassion begin with yourself – choosing you is the highest form of self-respect and self-care

Whatever your choices and experiences this holiday season, choose consciously. Be present. Consider a drama-fast as a gift of nurture and self-care.

And keep your vital energy flowing!


The Rawness of Transition

Transition is Tender

I remember the tenderness I felt when I shared the post, Messages, Passages, Assimilation while cleaning out my parents Connecticut house in early 2013. My skin felt like it was turned inside out – chafed, raw and oh-so-fragile.

What a huge transition for our family to let go of my parents beloved retirement home. Their legacy shifted from form and substance to memories and essence.

There have been other moments of raw and tender emotions since then. But  few as poignant for me as what I’m experiencing right now.

Visibility & Presence

Energy Healing Institute is closing.

Thank you and farewell

Thank you and farewell


It’s a transition from invisibility to a different kind of presence in the world.

In so many ways, this transition is inconsequential. What I did yesterday, I’ll do today and tomorrow – for the foreseeable future, in fact.

However, I’m opening to new possibilities, and moving a barrier to access that once served as home for my business life.


This is me.

This is me.


I am in the progress of moving content and context to a new website, It’s a gradual process, there’s a lot of work to do to rewrite training offerings and shift focus on how I’ll be offering content in the future.

And it’s huge. For me.


It’s an interesting thing to move away from a business model and identity that served me well for many years.

Since the Spring, the model has chafed. I have felt dissastisfied, ill-at-ease and aware that I had evolved substantially and my business needed to catch the hell up with me!

I bought my domain name years ago, because why not? It’s me. I want to own it all! I didn’t know that I’d actually use the domain, yet here I am.

A reflection of ownership for sure, and mastery to be certain. And it’s a recognition that I am all that I need. I am Jill Leigh.


The rawness comes from this fascinating and bizarre sense of exposure. Energy Healing Institute was once a vibrational form that housed my work.

It now feels like an energetic fortress that I am housed within.

What once held space is now confining.

And there’s a definite rawness that comes from stepping out of that energetic fortress.

I’ll never turn back, I’ll never find myself within those walls again. I’m grieving and I’m grateful.

Taking Time To Reflect

This transition has taken me months to address. And many of the answers to the questions about the evolution of what I’ll offer, how I’ll proceed are largely unknown.

I’m moving at the pace of guidance. As the answers unfold, I respond and act. In between, I meditate and wait. I infuse my energy with intention. I clear what no longer resonates. I’m feeling my way forward, in a field of gracious flow.

It’s an act of grace to stay in this flow. It’s an act of grace to be still, listen and choose my actions carefully.

Your Transitions

I’m sharing this because so many of us are in transition, are moving through and beyond old paradigms, beliefs, structures.

The rawness is worth articulating. It’s worth acknowledging. Because as it ebbs, there’s a glistening fresh, clean energy for creating the lives we want.

I see it right out in front of me, and each step forward is brighter, cleaner and clearer.

Thank you, Energy Healing Institute.

Thanks to all of you for being part of this journey. More to come as things unfold.

Here’s to new beginnings — in whatever way you’re moved to transition and evolve, let the vital energy flow!





Conscious Is…

As Conscious Does

It’s already been a hell of a month — floods in India, more shootings in the US, heightened security alerts, the aftermath in Paris. Syrians — will they be welcomed or turned away. It’s endless. And it’s only December 3rd!

My private practice is mirroring the global angst — the discussions about overwhelm (flooding), the anger and rage (shootings, terrorism), the helplessness (refugees).

Microcosm - rage at home

Microcosm – rage at home

And then there’s Facebook. What a stream of chaos that marvelous media generates. People fomenting — to which I say, I hear you. I hear you.

I hear what you are saying. May I ask:

What are You DOING? What are you THINKING? What are you CONTRIBUTING to the dialogue? To the ’cause’, to the mindset?

Conscious Is as Conscious Does

What do I mean? I mean I know I have to attend to what I’m creating. In my mind, my home, with my family, my community.

Who do I hate?

Who or what generates a feeling of helplessness in me?

Who or what is helpless in me or in front of me, in my neighborhood, community?

What Garden Are You Tending?

The garden of hatred, rage, kill or be killed, terrorism — it lives in all of us. We are all playing our teensy little part in the Collective Unconscious.

Do you own your plot, your little earthen pile of rage, your weed-choked, barren soil of judgment, fear and victimizing?

What are you doing to care for that little garden? What do you do to weed out your judgment, uproot your fear and compost (in the purest form – from detritus to nutrient-dense material) your victimizing?

What are you cultivating in your inner garden?

What are you cultivating in your inner garden?

Can You Own Your Voice?

Not the one that foments and criticizes, issues platitudes and ‘thou shalt’s’.

Can you own the voice that hates — you, those who are not you, those who vote one way or another, those who support killing wolves or restoring them. Whatever your causes, can you own your hatred?

Because that hatred garden is the one that most needs tending. And when weeded and composted this is the garden that can yield the most fruit. Here. Now. In your home, community, work-life, play-life, love life.

Do You Love Life?

Not the person who sleeps by your side, or who you wish slept by your side. Or the part of you that relishes sleeping alone.

Do you love life as sacred, as a right that all of us have, regardless of creed, dogma or beliefs?

The heart unifies us all

The heart unifies us all

When a suicide bomber kills him or herself and others, do you suppose the bombers family grieves their loss? Do you suppose they feel a void where that life once was — whether they agreed with the political leanings of that person or not?

How Do You Grieve?

Do you grieve only for those who reflect your point of view, or can you reach your hand across the aisle, the mile or the continents and oceans to acknowledge the pain that all of us feel in one form or another?

Do you grieve for the Earth and foment the fracking while blowing your leaves and riding your jet ski?

Is your grief in alignment with your choices?

Conscious Is As Conscious Does

What can you do to align with what you believe?

How can you find a way to step in to doing something small (that just might be huge!), right where you are?

Can I solve the crisis in Paris? No.

Do I know how to stop ISIL? No.

Have I got an answer for the shootings in the US figured out? No.

Do I even understand the complexity of these issues? No.

What can I do?

I attend to my thoughts. I own and release my hatred, my judgment, my fear, my rage. I seek understanding — with my neighbors, my friends, my clients, my colleagues, my students, my family.

I cultivate peace. In my heart, in my being, in my community, in my business.

I do what I can, where I can with what I have to offer.

I donate to food banks

I pay for shelter for homeless families

I give away clothing, coats, mittens, hats, boots – I don’t need more than one of most anything.

I live simply

I rake my leaves

I use a push mower for my lawn

I recycle

I avoid shopping to assuage emotions

I drive as little as possible (and way more than I’d like)

I avoid network news

I focus on what I want to create rather than what I fear

I stay in my body and I nourish my body

I avoid New Age mumbo-jumbo and 5 step answers to complex questions — can you really find your purpose in 5 hours, 5 steps or 5 days just because a celebrity says you can?

Conscious Is As Conscious Does

The Solstice is coming. The return to the light.

Will you light a candle and invite the light?



Will you stand with peace in your heart and invite peace into your world?

Will you let go of your side, position, cause long enough to understand that in the opposite polarity of where you stand there are human beings just like you with families they love and burdens that they carry?

At the end of the day, at the end of time, whatever we create, we’re all going to have to take ownership for what we contribute to the Collective. Together. All of us. We created this. Conscious is as conscious does.

Peace be with you.




Somatizing is not Solution-izing

If emotion is repressed, it can’t be resolved!

A wildly obvious statement, right? I agree.

And wildly profound.

Why? Because energy practitioners treat somatized emotions all the time.

And so do doctors.

Have you ever had a bunch of symptoms arise in your body, gone to the doctor, run a battery of tests — and discovered that there’s nothing wrong — none of the tests show a single issue to resolve?

What's going on here?

Sometimes knowing that nothing’s wrong causes the symptoms to abate.

Only to pop up in some other way, shape or form.

New tests. Or more tests. And nothing. Nothing wrong. Phew!

Somatized emotion is like that. It creates symptoms, but not necessarily illness.

Though make no mistake, repressed emotions left in the body long enough can result in illness. Or they can amplify or exacerbate a weakness or genetic trait.

Situational Somatizing

Here’s an example of repressed emotion that we’ve probably all experienced before.


Somatized anxiety - all aflutter!

Somatized anxiety – all aflutter!


Butterflies in the stomach — somatized anxiety! Perhaps fluttering about before a speech or a presentation.

The anxiety that precedes the event is intolerable, and unconsciously repressed — and then your stomach tells the story.

The feeling disappears as you hit your stride, or worst case, it lasts until you’re finished presenting. And then — sweet relief — the symptoms disappear.

Situational somatizing isn’t going to create lasting problems in your body. Even if you vomit, it’ll be over with soon!

Scary & Difficult Emotions

But what about difficult emotions? The ones that frighten you, and tend to avoid? These unacknowledged, repressed emotions migrate from your emotional body into your physical body.

Where they collect and fester.

What’s bugging you?

Are there places where your body is in distress? That’s where you conceivably have somatized emotions. Blocking and constricting energy flow, in turn generating or exacerbating the discomfort or disease. (And yes, what you eat, your family history, etc., are factors, too.)

Here’s a chart for you to figure out where you might be somatizing. You’re welcome! 🙂


Address, Don’t Repress

A colleague who is quite conscious and evolved shared that she was working on resolving some physical and emotional issues that she felt were inter-related.

Acknowledging that she somatizes emotion, we created a strategy to bubble uncomfortable emotional energies out of her physical body so she could address and release them.  Her work with the strategy is iterative and progressive; she’s gradually evolving her relationship with her body and emotions.

Want to know the strategy?

Identify the emotions that make you most uncomfortable — that should be easy!

Identify parts of the body that tend to carry distress — stomach, joints, bladder — that’s usually simple, too.

Correlate the organ, system, gland, joint to a Chakra using the chart below.

Imagine tying a balloon on a string to the Auric layer of the Chakra you’ve identified, (5th Chakra = 5th layer, 1st Chakra = 1st layer of the Aura).

Imagine pulling the emotional energy out of the Chakra and sending it into the balloon that’s tethered to the layer of your Aura — where it floats outside of your field, remaining connected to you and your emotional awareness.

Meditate on the balloon with the intention to meet, greet and complete your work with these particular emotions.

And trust that as you meditate and do the work, the energy will release from the balloon, the string will dissipate and you and your body will have found a new way to collaborate.

Your body, your emotions, your conscious awareness (and your doctor) will thank you.

Keep your vital energy flowing!



Hitting the Energetic Mother Lode

From Story to Selfhood

What a gift to move beyond story to the ‘bearable lightness of being’ (co-opting and modifying a movie title).

This lightness of being occurs when we turn inward to the heart, opening to the temple of our spirit.

For some, a sudden and profound spiritual awakening occurs as this inward journey unfolds. And when it’s really rocking, the body, mind and emotions take on a life of their own.

Spiritual Awakening

The body can tremble, quiver and quake as an enormous shedding, and releasing takes place.

Wild and erratic emotions — one minute laughing, the next sobbing. Overwhelming!

And the mind? Unfocused. Uncomprehending. This watershed experience is literally beyond the mind’s capacity.

Have you ever had an experience like this?

Were you told, or did you think that it was your Kundalini Rising? It may have been.

Entertain the possibility that you might instead have Hit the Mother Lode, my playful name for this profoundly sacred and important emergence.

This awesome, cathartic, emotional, physical and mental release occurs when the energy body coalesces and unifies, supporting the emergence of a more cohesive self.

Mother Lode Primer

Trauma and unprocessed story affects the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Deep emotional pain is naturally suppressed, moving from your emotional body into your physical body (somatization). Your cells, organs, fascia, joints — all hold somatized emotion.

Meditation, prayer, ceremony — deep inward, spiritual connection — releases somatized emotion, flooding the body, mind and emotions.

Somatized emotion rises up — from the physical back into the emotional (often experienced as both rising up and letting go).

The releasing ‘dis-integrates’ – the energetic holding of emotion, pain, loss, grief, anger, fear, terror, rage — literally falls away — who you were (as a result of the trauma) you are no more.

After the experience passes, integration. You evolve and become a more deeply aligned version of Who You Are — without the trauma of past experience defining, organizing and controlling your experience.

Navigating rough waters - body, mind, emotions & spirit

Navigating rough waters – body, mind, emotions & spirit

Kundalini Rising Primer

An enlightenment experience that generally occurs from long-term spiritual practice. Yogis meditate for years to achieve Kundalini Rising.

Kundalini Rising merges the Sushumna, Ida & Pingala — three major Etheric (physical body) energy flows that rise from the Root Chakra (at the perineum), upward in the body to the Crown Chakra (at the top of the head).

When someone achieves clear, grounded, aligned, balanced energy within each of the 7 major Etheric Chakras, Kundalini Rising is the result.

 Sushumna Ida Pingala

In truth, Kundalini Rising rarely occurs when a person is evolving through and beyond a core trauma story.

Meet ‘Lisa’ – (a composite of many stories)

Lisa grew up with an alcoholic, verbally abusive father. Her earliest memories are of her father storming and raging, destroying furniture and belongings. The unwritten household rule — keep your treasures tucked away and your mouth shut.

As an adult, Lisa felt numb, disconnected and out of her body, particularly in moments of conflict and tension.

Disconnected & out of body

Disconnected & out of body

Through therapy, Lisa contextualized the impact of her childhood experience. She developed skills to engage life through in-the-moment awareness.

Over time, Lisa responded to an inner call to deepen her spiritual awareness.

While sitting in an extended meditation during a weekend retreat, Lisa suddenly flooded — with emotion, energy and physical sensation. Conscious thought was nearly impossible.

Lisa sat glued to her meditation cushion, sweating profusely, convulsing, crying, shaking, laughing, screaming and releasing vast amounts of emotion and energy.


Major Catharsis

Major Catharsis

Kundalini Rising?

Following the weekend, Lisa’s therapist referred her to my private practice to process the powerful spiritual experience that they jointly assumed was Kundalini Rising.

As Lisa described her experience, I clairvoyantly viewed the energy.  (In vastly simplified terms, any experience can be viewed clairvoyantly as if it is happening in real-time. The individual describing the experience activates the energy in effect at the time, and it can be easily and accurately read.)

Kundalini Rising? Not happening.

Hitting the Mother Lode? In a major way.

How do I Hit the Mother Lode?

You can’t force it. You’ll hit it when you’re ready.

Ready to evolve and grow beyond your story. You’ll have reached the awareness that the ‘Story Is’. It happened, yes. It was awful, yes. And you lived through.

And now? The ‘Story Is Not You. It’s not Who You Are, nor is it the lens through which you experience your life.

Your story moves from charged to neutrality. And you shift to a space and place where the story lacks the currency to power your perspective.

You let go

Of the pain, the trauma, the loss, the fear, rage, grief, sadness, victimization, depression, anxiety — whatever emotions were deeply associated to the story.

All three energetic body’s — mental, emotional and physical — unite in spiritual awareness, and it’s all systems go.

Your cells, your organs, your fascia give it all up and over.

Your emotions flood.

Your mind stills, (thankfully), so the work can proceed without jamming up the works.

It’s not a time to think, it’s a time to Be as you surrender into this life-changing emergence.

Re-forming. In-tegrating. Be-coming. Who You Are.

Grounded Awareness

Full emergence is achieved when you wholly embody your newfound consciousness. If ungrounded and not contained, the Mother Lode and awakening diminish.

Think about it: what good is awakening if it’s not actualized through your body, your experiences — your life?

Hanging out in the Cosmos is not the way to deepen your spirituality and own this powerful experience. Please come back to Earth.

Share your evolution. Speak to the grace and space of emergence and releasing the powerful grip of story.

Honor the profound shattering of The Mother Lode and your spiritual awakening through presence and conscious awareness.

And keep growing, meditating, communing and clearing. That Kundalini Rising may be waiting for you!


Join me for an online class November 19 at 8:00pm Eastern – Embodiment & Grounding in Spiritual Emergencethere’s still time to register!


There’s No Blissing Out in Spiritual Emergence

Spiritual Emergence (or Emergency)

This past Thursday I listened to a Blab with Blair Glaser and her guests. The topic — New Age myths. One of myths discussed – being blissed out — people who are so full of sweetness and light and relentless positive thinking that they don’t actually show up and take action in the world. (Here’s the Blab if you want to take a listen.)

How I wish I was available to join this Blab – I have so many thoughts about the New Age craziness that abounds in spiritual circles. Bliss out? No thank you!

But the Blab got me thinking.


The Opposite of Sweetness & Light

What about the other side of New Age spirituality? What about the darkness – the void, the pit of despair?


Wreaking Havoc

Wreaking Havoc


The challenge of knowing that you’re operating through your belief systems, and that some of them might be wreaking a little havoc with what’s happening in your life in real-time?


What about ‘spiritual emergence(y)’?

The term is apt; spiritual emergence is an awakening. It’s often preceded by wading through a swamp of dark, murky waters. Illness, depression, trauma, grief, anxiety, phobias, fears. That’s some kind of dark. And messy. Oh so messy.


Navigating the Swamp of Spiritual Emergence(y)

Navigating the Swamp of Spiritual Emergence(y)


Spiritual emergency – is a form of awakening, with a razor-edge. It’s sharp, profound and split second. In one place one moment, then some sort of spontaneous quickening or triggering touchstone – and bam – you’re in a spiritual emergency. Bones, emotions and the mind liquefy and you’re a heap of pudding needing to re-form.


Feeling a bit undone - Spiritual Emergence(y)

Feeling a bit undone – Spiritual Emergence(y)


These dark times are pivotal and paramount. You can’t run…and you can’t hide. The call is to evolution, not eviction!

Don’t be fooled by the New Age sweetness and light platitudes. They dodge and weave, hyping the blissed out version of reality and avoiding emergence.

And know this. Those who are hanging out in the bliss zone have every opportunity for darkness to catch them unaware. And all that sweetness and light won’t help them get through and beyond the experience of emergence (or emergency). Not. One. Little. Bit.


Dodging & Weaving

Dodging & Weaving


The good news? There are resources, skills, tools that can be applied to help integrate when emergence(y) is underway.


Grounding in-bodys

In emergence(y), there’s a tendency to want to transcend (which means ‘go beyond’ or ‘rise above’) the experience. Perhaps even leaving the body to escape the pudding state of the bones, emotions and mind. Remember, you can run, but you can’t hide. When you land back in your body – it’ll be there, waiting for you. Pudding.

Grounding anchors, invites presence, supports awareness.


Energy Healing Training Program for Practitioners

Get Grounded


Resist leaving your body. Ground instead.


Energy boundaries contain

Energy boundaries is another resource for navigating the pudding of emergence(y). Boundaries contain, make space for you and your energy to coalesce – so you can grow your bones, balance your emotions, calm your mind and integrate.


The beauty of boundaries

The beauty of boundaries


What’s the benefit of spiritual emergence(y)?

Well, for starters – there’s unraveling story, trauma, beliefs, limitations. And letting go of energy and its implications to the mind, emotions and body. (And of course, your spirit!)

Evolving. Be-coming authentic. Real. Who You Are.


How will you know when you’ve made it through?

Trust me. You’ll know. The same way that you know when you open the door in a pitch black room and enter one full of light.


Energy Healing Training

Through Emergence(y)s Doorway – into the light


The light (and joy) is on the other side of emergence(y). And the most best way is through.


Will you bliss out when you’re out?

Not if you’re grounded, contained and own your experience. No risk of that happening to you! Joyous, yes. Renewed, absolutely. Blissed out? No.

Phew! What a relief, right?

Keep your vital energy flowing!






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