Interview: Awakened Consciousness Summit

We’re Talking Awakened Consciousness!

I’m thrilled to share my interview with Tracy Roman from a recent summit – The Awakened Consciousness Summit.

I was the last of 25 speakers – and we had an enjoyable and powerful interview together. I shared a bit of my personal story – fascinating, compelling – a real show-stopper!

More importantly, I discussed the role of the energy system – the Chakras and Auras in supporting conscious awareness. A bit of a sweet spot for me, if I do say so myself!

Want to learn a bit about EHI & Conscious Awareness?

Want to learn a bit about EHI & Conscious Awareness?

One of the most recent participants in the Practitioner Program told me that she felt that Tracy had saved the best speaker for last.

A flattering, unsolicited testimonial – followed by her joining the Practitioner Program, and a clear resonance with the work that is offered at EHI. Thank you, Tracy Roman!

Take a listen?







Where Do You Place Your Attention?

Do You:

  • watch a lot of news on tv
  • read a lot of news in the paper
  • talk about the headlines with your friends, family, colleagues
  • feel overwhelmed by all of the terrible things happening in the world

Do You?

  • meditate, pray, turn your attention inward
  • cultivate inner peace
  • seek ways to create and support change locally – in your community
Shifting my attention

Shifting my attention

My Attention Shift

Moving to Portland, Oregon was a major transition for me.

I went from living on 20 acres in Maine to a 900 sq. ft. condo in the heart of the city.

I lived with my husband in Maine. I live alone in Portland.

I left my TV in Maine. And I chose not to buy one in Portland.

I spent the first 3 months without a radio. And I rarely used my computer to stream NPR.

My addiction to being ‘current’ on the news and feeling informed and therefore, somehow like I was Doing Something to Help was instantly broken.

Here’s What Happened

I got involved with people in my community. I found out about local issues – through connecting with people and learning about what they thought about – where they placed their attention.

And I started contributing to the lives of people in my community.

And I learned.

How to Make A Difference

Through small, simple acts of neighborliness, I make a difference in the lives of people around me. I’m making connections that continue to grow and deepen.

And I’m at peace.

Because in my local community, I truly am important. I can make a difference, and my participation is measurable, tangible and action-oriented.

The World is the World

Off with the TV - Out into my Local World!

Off with the TV – Out into my Local World!

I can’t do a thing about Syria, Iraq, Ebola. I’m clear that my contribution to these issues is nil at best.

I am clear that if I place my attention on problems I can’t solve, address, resolve or contribute to resolving, then I am going to feel helpless, uneasy and at a loss.

Local is Home

My meditations, energy, intention and attention are focused on what I can effect locally. And I am at peace. I am making a difference, I am being the change.

I’m a tiny cog in a huge wheel. And I’m important. Where I am. The wheel isn’t the same without me. Where I am.

The view from my window – I make a difference here.


My Biggest Gift

This awareness – that placing my energy on problems and issues beyond my pay grade is debilitating, disempowering and devolves my ability to take action.

This awareness – unplugging from the unrelenting pressure of the problems of the world has been so healing and affirming.

This awareness – that my local efforts matter, generate measurable results has been so validating and uplifting.

This awareness – has taught me volumes about presence and consciousness. About Being the Change.

Where Do You Place Your Attention?

I’d love to know. And I’d love to continue the dialogue.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever your focus – Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing!



On the Road & Heading Home

GPS: Taos to Salt Lake City

Having completed my 2nd week in Taos, it was time to head back home.

photo 2(1)

Early morning fog

I felt clear about my relationship with Oliver. I was sad, disappointed and a little angry. Not at him. At the situation.

I felt ready to return to Portland. Ready to tackle my ever growing list of business projects. To continue the rhythm of building a new life in a new city.

Dear friends live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I made their home my goal for the day, and set off on the 11-hour journey.

As we crossed into Colorado, Oliver thought it would be a nice idea to stretch out in my lap. I curtailed the activity. Too much traffic, and it was too hot from the sun beating through my window.

Oliver preferred his idea and tried again. Four more times. I stopped him. [This level of stubborn is a lot - even for a bulldog!]

The last time, I stopped him with a hard look, a clear command, and used his harness to enforce him sitting down. He glared at me, set his head in defiance.

I looked back to the road, and for a brief moment, out the driver’s side window. I didn’t see him coming until he’d vaulted into my lap. Oliver somehow hooked a back leg through my steering wheel, and then began pulling and scrambling away to remove it. He jerked the wheel and I crossed into the oncoming traffic lane.

I regained control, and thankfully it was not a close call, but it was hair-raising.

Oliver's view as he entered his crate

Oliver’s view as he entered his crate

Oliver rode in his crate the remainder of the drive to Salt Lake.

And I contemplated rehoming him at a shelter. I pulled into a rest area to take a 30-minute walk, moving through emotion and clearing energy, regaining composure and ease.

My friends in Salt Lake observed Oliver as he endlessly sniffed the floor throughout the house, eating anything that resembled food. He ate moulted lovebird feathers, bird seed, cat food, dust, crumbs, plant droppings. His new nickname – Hoover.

Hoover made minimal effort to connect with people, including me. I was useful for feeding, making sure he went outside. The occasional rub or snuggle for 10 seconds was solicited.

Evolving Moment #7

Oliver’s desire to be with someone else has nothing to do with me. Taking it personally activates my anger and sadness. I’ll work those themes in my clearing and meditation practice.

Evolving Moment #8

I can assess my 5 months with Oliver through multiple lenses, and the lens I use is best chosen consciously.

I choose evolution.

I acknowledge and own the parts of me that had lived in the shadow of male disdain, and invited, tolerated inequity in partnership.

And I actively choose letting go, moving on, liberating. More, more liberating. Evolving.

Evolving Moment #9

Getting it is important. Feeling it is significant (though not essential). Letting it go is evolutionary. Consciousness and clearing are my vehicles for evolving.

The search is underway for Oliver’s new home. Portland and Salt Lake have been notified.

A word for my life.

A word for my life.

And my heart, while sad, feels free.

And yes, still more to come.

Keep your vital energy flowing!



Into the Light – Part 3

Light & Clarity Emerge

Returning to Taos from my brief junket in Portland, Oliver and I moved into our second rental.  A sweet little house, with a lovely kitchen, gas fireplace, comfortable furniture and a fenced yard.

My routine – out early on the frosty mornings for coffee, breakfast and writing time at a local cafe, Oliver asleep in the car in his sweater.

Oliver. Sleeping on the couch.

Oliver. Sleeping on the couch.

At home in the afternoon, I’d open the door and Oliver would come and go as he pleased. He  burrowed his nose in the dirt and gravel, noshing on dehydrated flower blossoms. Or sleep. On the couch.

Client consultations, online classes, a remote healing group, writing – just like life in Portland. Yet I felt freer, less encumbered.

Except for my discomfort with Oliver.

What would it take to bridge the gap from connection to bonding?
What was holding the gap in place?
What was my role in this bizarre relationship?
How could I shift my stance, move beyond our fragile connection?

I’ve lived with bulldogs all my life. I know the breed well; they’re not without their challenges. But bonding is practically a given with bulldogs. They can be possessive, sometimes finding it difficult to share their person’s life with other animals – and even people!

I took full responsibility for my part as a person and as his owner.

I tried multiple approaches
I gave more, trained more, invited more.

I spent hours and hours working with Oliver, trying to shift from connecting to bonding.

He receives my attention and care. He wants what he wants. He is unable to shift his behavior and follow the rules. When rules are enforced, the tension and disdain he emanates is palpable. And a cooling off period ensues. Then he cycles around for attention, but not in mutuality. He takes, but he’s not one to give.

A consultation with an animal communicator provides validation of what I already know. Oliver likes me, but he doesn’t love me. He thinks I’m nice, but I’m not his person. His person is male, and perhaps in Russia where he was born and spent his first 10 months.

Posing the ultimate question -  will Oliver play by my rules and bond, or shall I rehome him? Oliver chose rehoming.

Seeking Clarity

Seeking Clarity

Oliver and I immediately shift our behaviors to match our reality.

Oliver’s Choice: From that day on, Oliver slept on the couch, or later, in his crate. By his choice. He used to sleep on the bed, tucked in, yet unavailable.

My Choice: It is what it is. Observe. Listen. Trust.

And though my heart is sad, bruised, I evolve, let go, liberate.

Evolving Moment #6 – Clarity emerges. Light dawns. Oliver is a manifestation of two patterns I had shifted, but not fully resolved.

My relationships must be based in equality, mutual respect and love. I give and receive in kind.

A legacy of subtle disdain for women in my family’s male lineage manifests in his willful disrespect for house rules.

A road trip that began as following my whimsy has become a profound journey of evolution and personal freedom. I’m blown away and grateful.

Still more to come.

Keep your vital energy flowing!



In the Dark in Taos – Part 2

The Road to Taos

I drove 12 hours from the mountaintop hotel in Utah to Taos. The drive was gorgeous – through Zion National Park, across Utah, Arizona – with a smidge of Colorado mixed in – into New Mexico.

A sleepless night preceded the long drive, yet somehow, I felt alert, awake and fully cogent. photo 3 copy

I was pressed for time. I had an Online Course to teach at 6pm. On the road at 6am; my GPS indicating a 12.5 hour drive ahead.

I drive faster than the speed of GPS (not sound!), I knew I could beat the clock, but there wasn’t much wiggle room for lengthy rest stops, pee breaks and meals.

I drove and drove, gawking at the scenery, running laps around the car with Oliver at rest stops, taking pictures on the move or at gas stations.

Dark House as Metaphor

And I made it to Taos. With 10 minutes to spare before my class.

An old adobe, my house was dark, with low ceilings and small windows. I flipped on light switches, nothing. I logged on to the internet with my trusty wifi anywhere, prepared to teach. In the dark.

It seemed odd that a house this old had one of those fancy master light switches. But no worries. I can deal.

View from my front porch at the little dark, hacienda

View from my front porch at the little dark, hacienda

Until 10 minutes in, when I lost my internet connection. And couldn’t log back on. In the dark. People online, waiting. Ugh.

In about 3 minutes lights came on throughout the house. We’d had a power failure!

I logged on to my class, discovering the group chatting online merrily, speculating on my whereabouts.

Later, I unpacked and settled in, blending with the darkness of the house. I felt held by the quiet, dark space.

The next day, my first full day in Taos, I felt hurried. Like it was almost time to be back on the road. The timeless Taos energy was drawing me into its vortex. I wanted and needed to stay.

Oliver seemed happy with a house and yard. He enjoyed his increased independence – alone in the fenced yard.  He was a different little being. Note to self: Will you move from your condo for your dogs joy?

Evolving Moment #4 – Each of us deserves to be happy and live how we want to live.

As my five days in the little hacienda ended, I made plans to stay on in Taos. I swiftly cobbled together a 48-hour return to Portland for business, Cirque de Soleil and more raw dog food. A friend agreed to keep Oliver during my absence. I rented a different house for my return.

Evolving Moment #5 – There’s always an answer. Live in the questions. The answers emerge.

Returning from Portland, I drove to Abiquiu where my friend awaited with Oliver. I was looking forward to seeing them.

Oliver was different. He was happy to see me in his typical detached way. And he’d picked up some training that he hadn’t successfully learned with me. In 48 hours. I’d spent 5 months on the very same skills. Hmmmm…

Evolving Moment #6 – Oliver chooses to ignore my rules. The tension between us is real. My perceptions are accurate.

As disappointing and strange as this was, I knew I had left the darkness and entered the light.

Oliver is clear and I'm getting there

Oliver is clear and I’m getting there

Evolving Moment #7 – The truth on the table is better than a well-hidden lie.

Do you see how these evolving moments inform awareness? Day by day, moment by moment, becoming clear, real, and in the truth of what is so.

Sometimes insights are blinding, glaring, flashing beacons! And sometimes they whisper through the dark, stillness of the ancient, timeless being.

The moment emerges, the emotions respond – sometimes relief, other times sadness and grief. Yet the truth opens and heals.

Yes, still more to come.

Keep your vital energy flowing!






Evolving on the Road – Part 1

Evolving Through Whimsy

I left Portland because I felt tired, stifled and stressed. I needed a break from my ‘normal’ life and routine. I was seeking inspiration and focus to take my work to its next iteration.

A trusted consultant asked me when the last time was that I followed my whimsy, following that question with a query about what I most wanted to do with my time.

Follow my whimsy? It’s been years. Does life even reward whimsy?

What do I want to do? Drive through the desert. For days on end.

Follow your whimsy, he said.

Within 3 days I was on the road.

The Road to Bend, OR

As I drove the 4+ hours to Bend, Oregon on Sunday afternoon, I noticed I was pushing to get there.

Choosing Flow

Choosing Flow

That’s not whimsy. That’s pushing.

Relax. Let go. Be. I did.

I noticed that Oliver, my bulldog, pushes his agenda all the time. He refused to take no for an answer when trying to get into my lap as I drove. To be safe, I pulled off the road and crated him for the rest of the drive.

Evolving Moment #1: At an inn on the banks of a rushing stream, I consciously chose flowing over pushing. Ahhhh…

The road to Ogden, UT

I love the spaciousness of the desert. The perspective that comes from standing – or even driving – in the midst of vast, empty space and sensing, feeling, embracing how tiny I am. How irrelevant my agenda in the grand scheme of things.

Perspective. Significance.

In the grand scheme of things…

Oliver, on the other hand, holds his agenda tightly. He wants what he wants. He behaves opportunistically. It’s for him, about him and that’s the end. He connects to get his needs met. He’s adorable and self-serving.

Evolving Moment #2: I know this pattern. I’ve lived it before.

In Ogden, I spent the night at a nameless, faceless hotel. The front desk clerk was tuned out, and I was acutely aware of the meaninglessness of our interaction.

I settled into my room, aware of something brewing within me. Unformed, unnamed, bubbling.

Gaining Altitude & Perspective

My third day on the road – more amazing vistas. The joy and freedom of owning my time, travel plan, space. Feeling mostly free. Except for the visceral brewing.

Driving along, I sat with my awareness that my relationship with Oliver is very challenging. I love him dearly. I do many things to ease his way, and he does little to reciproate. I’m a dog person. How could this be happening?

A short day of driving, culminating with checking in to a ski lodge at 10,000 ft. altitude. Sketchy internet connection in the room, so my Online Course had a few weird interruptions.

photo(8) copy

Altitude. Perspective.

I felt trapped – I couldn’t leave Oliver alone in the room, his crate was in the snow-covered, wind-whipped car. I had room service deliver dinner, and went to bed.

I slept for two hours, awakening for the night with altitude sickness – a pervasive headache and queasy stomach.

Evolving Moment #3: With altitude came perspective and awareness. Oliver and I are not well suited. I know what I know.

The Road to Taos

A long, beautiful day of driving. The desert in bloom – patches of purple, orange, yellow, pink, white, blue – brightening the landscape and bringing moments of surprise and pleasure. Drove through Zion, across Utah, Arizona and into New Mexico.

Landing at my Taos rental house, I’m off the road and into my life in this quaint, funky little town.

More to come.

Keep your vital energy flowing!



Evolving Thoughts About Evolving

Evolving is Incremental

A post about spiritual evolution

Beekeeping in Maine

When I look back at where my life was a year ago, I can hardly believe the difference. In a nutshell, I:

migrated from the East to the West

moved from 16 acres in the woods to a loft in the city

have an online classroom instead of a brick and mortar one

mentor a beekeeper instead of tending bees myself

have a 20 x 20 plot in a community garden, and a balcony container garden instead of acres of planted beds, lawn and woods

And those are just the outward changes! But they speak to my internal evolution.

Energy clearing skills from EHI

Evolution – inward & outward

How did I know last year that I would have this life? I didn’t.

I evolved. And the changes and transitions unfolded.

Evolution is incremental. Moment by moment, experience by experience, meditation by meditation, clearing by clearing.

Flash Forward to the Present

Almost a month ago, I embarked on a 10-day road trip. My plan was to spend 5 days on the road, driving to and from New Mexico, and 5 days in Taos in a rented house.

Twenty-five days later, I’m still on the road.

My thinking and plans evolved. I answered a call within myself to stay free, unencumbered, out of the ordinary rhythm of my life.

Fueling up for more evolution

Fueling up for more evolution

I recognized and responded to the need to unfold this trip is a less contrived and constrained way. My logical self receded as my wild self emerged.

Evolving is a process of becoming

As kids, we learn a lot about evolution – through the lens of extinction and survival. Dodo birds and dinosaurs – extinct. Loons, sharks and turtles – surviving and thriving.

So in some way, there is a ‘do or die’ tenor to the idea of evolving. And I suppose that’s true.

In the spiritual journey of the self, evolving is quite similar. Old ways of being (perhaps of merely surviving) fall away as new ways of being (indeed, thriving) emerge – becoming real, aligned, purposeful.

Energy Healing is Evolving

Evolution is a matter of time, energy & awareness

Evolution is a matter of time, energy & awarenessrgy healing is evolving

Incremental. Clear a little of this pattern today and a lot of it tomorrow, and become more real with each practice.

Seeing myself through the lens (and illusion) of time, I perceive the shifts in trajectory and embrace my journey’s purpose, the highways and byways of experience, the GPS of my heart guiding me forward.

Life purpose may be about experience and evolution

I’m interested in evolution and experience. Truthfully, I see it as the ultimate purpose for being here. I’m not sure how much stock I actually place in the idea of having a pre-ordained purpose. After all, this is a free-will Universe. How can ANYTHING be pre-ordained? And even if it is, that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory. Free will is free will. Period. The end.

I trust the process of creating experience and organic evolution. Uncovering. Unraveling. Winding. Knitting. Discovering. Becoming.

And if there’s anything this past year has taught me, it’s that I Truly Don’t Know What Will Happen Next. I simply show up. I know that whatever emerges through the conscious evolution of self is my next right thing.

Like Evolution, A Story Is Unfolding

There’s a story unfolding here. I’ll be sharing it over the next few posts. If you or someone you know is  interested in consciously evolving, these posts could be useful.

OK, back to my heart’s GPS. Onward and upward I go.

Keep your vital energy flowing.



Changes Comes Easy…Or Not!

I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately. The way change can come easily while at other times a knock-down, drag-out battle  occurs – between the existing and the emerging self.

I’ve had a lot of time to think. I’ve been on a road trip through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico for almost 3 weeks. In fact, I’m still on the road as I write this post.

I left on a Sunday, and as I drove, I changed. I changed over the course of 3 days. Traveling through the desert, viewing ancient landscapes that carry the echo and energy of their formation. Sensing and feeling the history of the land.

As I drove, something within me liberated. I let go – of who knows what – I just know it’s no longer there. Some tightness and tension released, for sure. I feel an openness and a certain wildness that I know I carry but haven’t accessed in a long time.

Road Trip As Pilgrimage

I knew that this road trip has been a pilgrimage with, for and to myself.

photo 3 copy 2

The size of the mountain and the truck offers powerful perspective.

I’ve changed. Another version of myself emerging through the miles driven.

What happened? How did I change from hours of road travel in my Mini CountryWoman?

Change Happens

I opened up. I let go. I accepted. I released. I made peace. I moved on. Down the road. And on my journey.

I covered ground that I’ve driven before, and I traveled highways that were new to me. I saw mountains upon mountains, the desert in sporadic bloom. The stark, rugged landscape with patches of fragile looking flowers filled me with wonder.

Each mile covered, a milestone of my progression. To Taos, yes. But more importantly, to answer my muses whimsical call to journey through the desert and to self.

Midway through my trip I flew back to Portland on business for a couple of days. As I drove to the Albuquerque airport on the back roads, a solo traveler, I wondered about the call to this trip.

What was needed? Had I truly met the call?

I asked the question, out loud, ‘What has been the purpose of all of this? What am I actually doing?’

Message from the Cosmos - to all of us!

Message from the Cosmos – to all of us!

Moments later, in the way of whimsy, serendipity and the wry humor of the Universe, I found my answer.

A signpost at the head of a driveway.


Thanks to the desert, my Mini and the Cosmos for the invitation to Evolve.

OK. I got it. I can do that.

Stay tuned. More to come!

Keep your vital energy flowing.


Own Your Energy – Give the Rest Back!

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, it means that whatever you attract, carry and vibrate in your field, your Aura, is your responsibility.

But I’m an empath, say many. I feel and carry the burdens, suffering and pain that others are experiencing. It’s one of my ways of relating to the world. Are you telling me that this makes me responsible for others?

Chakras and aura teachings

If you take it on, you own it! Until you give it back…

Energetically, yes. If you’re carrying it, you’re responsible for it.

Here’s the thing:  It’s actually not your job to do anymore than own your energy.

In fact, by carrying other people’s energy, you’re buying them a pass, assisting them to be out of relation to their own experience! How’s that a good thing, exactly?

Well, if I’m not responsible for fixing them, why am I carrying all of this energy on their behalf?, asks the empath as he or she awakens.

I don’t know. Why are you?

In reality, in varying degrees, we all take on other people’s emotional energy and schlepp it around in our field. It’s part and parcel of our humanity. Empaths just tend to carry a lot of it, through their way of engaging and connecting with others.

However, it’s not necessarily an ideal thing to do. And we can learn to let that accumulated energy return to its rightful owner for his or her evolution and full experiencing of life.

Like that idea?

Years ago I learned an amazing practice for getting in relation to what energies were truly mine, belonged to me. I teach it in one of the Online Courses, Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It!.

The practice includes recognizing that the energy of your emotions serves as a lightning rod, drawing the emotional energy of others who vibrate with similar emotional tendencies.

In other words, your anxiety attracts others anxiety. Your invalidation (self-hatred), attracts others self-hatred.

Once it’s in your field, you won’t be able to tell the difference between what belongs to you, and what came from encounters with others (even strangers).  You’ll think it all belongs to you.

When you choose to heal and clear the pattern – anxiety, invalidation, depression, anger, whatever – it’s helpful to begin each meditative exploration by inviting all of the energy of the emotion to activate, and then to return the emotional energy that belongs to other – to other!

Not yours. Not your problem. Or as a good friend of mine says, ‘not my pig, not my farm’.

Chakra & Aura teachings

Do you really want to own this pig?

Liberate yourself today and every day. What emotions do you ‘go to’ and find pervasive in your experience? Take responsibility for only what’s yours.

Return what belongs to other – to other!

And then do the active energy clearing to release the triggers and patterns. Move forward with greater authenticity and self-awareness.

You’re only responsible for you. Give up the idea that you can heal or fix anyone else. And surrender the idea that you’re a pig farmer! You need not take on and carry what belongs to someone else.

Not my pig, not my farm.

Keep your vital energy flowing!








Community – Bees & Garden

Community Garden

I’m loving playing in my oh-so-manageable 400 sq. ft. plot at my Community Garden. I work alone in my little plot – it’s more than plenty for my needs. As a member of the community, I’m expected to do 6 hours of community work each season. My time to contribute is coming, and I’ll happily fulfill my obligation.

community gardens & bee hives

little flowers blooming near the shed

I don’t know much about the community – to date I’ve met 3 people.

The garden manager is a seasoned gardener; he shares information if it’s asked, but refrains from interfering or offering without invitation.  A nice man, a gentle demeanor.

A young couple, gardening for the first time. They were given a shady plot that clearly hadn’t been worked in a while. I met them on a drizzly, cool day when I arrived to check on my veggies, pick slugs (none so far!) and turn my compost pile.

They sat on the cold, wet ground, turning the soil with small hand tools. The shed is full of tools, including pitchforks and shovels that might make the work easier, but perhaps the handwork suits their needs and interests. They’re young, eager and had just completed a gardening 101 course to help them get started. I hope the community encourages them, helps them succeed. There’s a lot to learn in a garden!


I have a joyous relationship with a 2nd year beekeeper and her hives. I’m mentoring Debby, and it’s truly wonderful to work with her. She digs in to the work, loves the bees and shows no disappointment that I send her back to her bee club for North West beekeeping strategies, since conditions and climate are different here from Maine.

Beehives & Community Gardens

Tending Bees

Beekeepers in Community

She and I are a microcosmic community. A friend who observed our work in the hive commented on the unique language we were using. We understood each other, but our friend had no idea what we were talking about. I noticed that we flowed around each other and the hives with relative ease, in spite of the tight quarters and natural obstacles – shrubs, rocks, a cold frame, bees on the ground, etc.

Debby and I happily engage with and tend to the hive community.

And it is there my friends, that I repeatedly discover the deepest, most interesting and affirming experiences of community that I have ever witnessed.

A Model Community

The beehive thrives on the principle of all for one. They work in unity, through their individuated role, function and task. Each individual bee is most definitely a vital and important member of the hive. Each bee is in clarity about role, function, responsibility and contribution.And the hive as a whole depends on each individual fulfilling her tasks.

There is communication, input from members, and even consensus-based decision making.

The community always works on behalf of the whole. No politics, no divisiveness, no judgment.

Every bee has a role that evolves with maturity. Newly hatched bees become nurse bees, caring for other hatching sisters. Over time, nurse bees are promoted to retrieving pollen at the hive entrance from the forager bees. Eventually they become foragers, flying up to 3 miles to retrieve pollen to feed the hive. The queen has attendants that feed her an unending supply of royal jelly. Undertaker bees gather up dead bees and fly them away from the hive.

Growing in Community

Human and bee communities fill my mind and my awareness as I settle into the garden and as mentor and hive tender. I feel grateful for the opportunity to observe and participate in them both.

Community Gardens & Bee Hives

A Community of Hellebores

You and Community

What are your experiences of community and how do they inform your awareness? What have you learned about community from your natural world? Please share your stories with me.

Keep your vital energy flowing!


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