The Books On My Nightstand

What books am I reading?

People often ask what books I’m reading. Right now, I keep my nightstand covered with books old and new. I only retain books I want to read again. All others land in a neighborhood book kiosk, or at the famous Powell’s Bookstore here in Portland, Oregon.

Here are the books I’m reading now, and why:

Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit, by Daniel Quinn

I read this book every few years. It teaches about two types of culture: the Leavers (indigenous people) and the Takers (industrialized society). The teacher in the book is Ishmael, a gorilla, who offers his lessons to a student who responded to a newspaper ad saying, Teacher Seeks Student.

Ishmael teaches his student to think through and understand the desecration of Leaver culture by the industrialized, ubiquitous practices of Takers.

This quote articulates why I re-read this book every couple of years:

Ishmael: You see now that the Takers and the Leavers accumulate two entirely different kinds of knowledge.

Student: Yes. The Takers accumulate knowledge about what works well for things. The Leavers accumulate knowledge about what works well for people.

Ishmael: Now, you know that the knowledge of what works well for production is what’s valued in your culture. In the same way, the knowledge of what works well for people is what’s valued in Leaver’s cultures. And every time the Takers stamp out a Leaver culture, a wisdom ultimately tested since the birth of mankind disappears from the world beyond recall, just as every time they stamp out a species of life, a lifeform ultimately tested since the birth of life disappears from the world beyond recall.

Student: Ugly.

Ishmael: Yes, it is ugly.

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Seven Practices for Conscious Activism

With Standing Rock, the election, the majority of us found ourselves vaulted off the complacency train onto a Tilt-A-Whirl, bracing, chanting, ‘hang on, hang on, don’t throw up’.

These are our Now Times

We’re here now, stepping through the rubble of false paradigms of safety, acceptance, freedom, sovereignty, equality, stewardship, collaboration and connection. Trampled, scattered, desecrated relics of the bubble dream of the Then Times.

No buying a pass or sitting this one out, these Now Times require clarity and aligned, enlivened participation.

The questions being asked and answered: Why Me? Why here? Why now? Because I Am Here. Now.

The call: Rise up. Act. The method: Conscious Activism.

Moving with authority, aligned with all believed and held sacred, Conscious Activists collaborate, protect, preserve, feed, shelter and restore. Dignified and honoring sentience, they seek common ground in spite of differences, coming together for the good of the larger whole.

Seven Practices for Conscious Activism:

1. Root yourself in the Earth and her outrageous ability to regenerate. 

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Before You Make Resolutions…

How to Set Intentions that are Energetically Aligned

(for the New Year and Always)

photo credit: Jakob Breivik Grimstveit

photo credit: Jakob Breivik Grimstveit

So tell me: How far along are you with writing your New Year’s Resolutions?

Can I stop you and offer some helpful re-direction for the process?

Here’s the thing: Now is a great time to reflect on your life and on what you want to create and on who you want to be. And it is a great time to use that knowledge to fuel changes in behavior. New Year’s Eve is a helpful reminder to do this work.

However, most of us have unhelpful practices in place for doing this work.

First, we think back on the past year and make lists of what we didn’t achieve. Then, we add those things to a list of resolutions for the new year. It’s a process that often feeds the inner critic and demoralizes the self. See, looking back doesn’t move life forward.

Consider shifting from Resolutions to Intentions. 

It’s the difference between the urge to Re-Solve and the ability to In-Tend. One looks backward and tries to solve a problem. The other tunes In and invites you to Tend to your energy so that you can clear blocks and align your actions with your intentions (thus creating coherence).

For Example…

Resolution: Lose weight by exercising 5 days/week and eating healthy.

Intention: Honor my body.

Here’s the difference. When my intention is to honor my body, then my whole life can fall into alignment with that intention. I can ask myself “does this align with my intention?” on an ongoing basis (and about everything I do and say and believe). Like this:

Does it align with my intention to honor my body?

  • Work overtime this week at my computer? (NO)
  • Meditate this morning (YES)
  • Drive to work instead of riding my bike? (NO)
  • Shop at the Farmer’s Market (YES)
  • Buy those high heels (NO)
  • Go to yoga class (YES)
  • Watch t.v. (NO)
  • Reduce stress (YES)
  • Look at fashion magazines (NO)
  • Insist on relationships, partners and lovers that honor my body (YES)
  • Smoke this cigarette? (NO)
  • Invest in healing practitioners (YES)

Part of what makes it different from a resolution is that it can continue to unfold in new ways each day.

Let’s be intentional about the New Year. I’d love to hear, what intention are you working with?

It is also worth noting that I now offer personalized meditations. With this offer, I can personally help you set powerful, customized intentions for the exact life you’re trying to manifest. Click here for information about Personalized Manifestation Meditations.


Resolutions Don’t Work – Here’s Why

How do people create resolutions? They use this 6-step model:

  1. Begin by looking back.
  2. Enjoy your achievements, then set them aside. [They are not part of resolutions.]
  3. Review what was not achieved.
  4. Choose the most important not achieves.
  5. Write them on a Resolutions list.
  6. Repeat in 365 days.

Yes, indeed. A 6-step formula that often feeds the inner critic and demoralizes the self. Here’s the thing: Looking back doesn’t move life forward. Continue Reading →


Triggered? Let’s Clear That

Drop your Stuff like Falling Leaves

Trees shed their leaves without stress or grief. How about you? It’s not uncommon to have triggers and unconscious reactions to people around you. We can work with that…

Personal Queries

  • What keeps you from feeling present and connected to Who You Are?
  • How often do you react to others through an outdated version of you and your backstory?
  • What behaviors, skills, tendencies, themes, patters are mucking up your life and experience?
  • What triggers you?
    • Anxiety?
    • Depression?
    • Guilt?
    • Shame?
    • Perfectionism?
    • Invalidation?
    • Caretaking?
    • Something else?

If you know what patterns, behaviors and triggers you’ve got, but don’t know what to do to effect a change, you’re at their mercy until you figure out how to release them.

So, would you rather live with them or release them?

Announcing Clear: Energy Clearing & Self Care Course

Learn at your own pace.

Download 15 skills and mp3 meditations for Clearing Chakras and Aura Practice. Then apply clearing techniques to free yourself from the stuff you’re carrying around and acting out. Connect with me (Jill Leigh) throughout the course, and I’l support your learning and integration.

*Note: when you purchase the Clear Course and create a login, you’ll be able to login anytime. The course is always live, always available to you. 


Using Your Energy for Conscious Activism

Which Chakra Fuels Your Activism?

Feeling Outraged? Scared? Disenfranchised? With the change in politics, are you called to act? Check yourself so that your activism is conscious, clear and coherent.

I hold myself and my practitioners accountable for being the change. Collapse is not an option. Yet, lashing out is not an option, either. Meeting hatred-laced vitriol with hatred-laced opposition is not an option.

Make no mistake. We’ve passed the time for ranting. So, while you have your rage, despair, grief and terror, stay conscious of how you use that fuel. Your feelings matter, deeply and fully. They are your catalyzing fuel. Continue Reading →


A Word on Worldviews

The recent Presidential election has upended values, assumptions and beliefs that many hold dear. It’s hard to avoid the firestorm of reaction, despair, anger and fear resulting from the election.

My work does not include the role of political analyst or pundit. Praise be! My work is to teach coherence. To help people understand how to notice and observe the ways in which their thoughts and beliefs, their inner landscape, actualizes in their life experience, in their worldview. Continue Reading →


The Hard Work is Upon Us

If you are an energy healing practitioner, bodyworker, therapist or any kind of healing practitioner, I know your clients are leaning heavily on you these days. I heard that leading up to the election, people who typically see their therapist once a month have gone once a week, and clients who typically schedule once a week are going every day.

So, I know that you are not only contending with your own flood of emotions, you are also feeling the pain of countless others as they stream in your doors for your help.

As practitioners, we are rising to the occasion.

I’m about to suggest something that is hard work and a major commitment. AND, the time is now to add this much-needed tool to your set to facilitate healing and also protect your own well-being and energetic levels while doing so:

Get certified as an energy healing practitioner.

Join the Embodied Energy System Practitioner Program. This is no small thing I’m suggesting, and I realize that. I wouldn’t suggest it (or dedicate my life to teaching it) if I didn’t truly believe in its incredible value for you and for those you support in your healing practice.


Managing Uninvited Psychic Awareness

A couple of weeks ago, a healer shared the quote I’ve paraphrased below on Facebook:

No matter where we are when we meet, within 5 minutes I’ll know your pain, issues, hidden feelings and emotions. Because I’m a reader. It’s who I am and it’s what I do.

No. No. No. Not ok.


Healers must behave more mindfully if they want to take up their rightful place in the alternative and complementary healing field — a $14B service industry in 2016.

Know this: an ability to read people psychically does not confer permission to do so.

Healers who read people in social settings are unprofessional and toxic, and quite often untrained in psychic awareness. The leering quality of this behavior is especially toxic. When meeting someone socially, perhaps for the first time, it’s unlikely that deep, tender emotions and vulnerabilities will be shared. Continue Reading →


Got Persistent Bad Habits? What To Do…

photo credit: @bogenfreund

photo credit: @bogenfreund

Ever Heard of Spiritual Bypass?

A client contacted me to talk about a problem she was experiencing. After summarizing her situation, she shared what she was doing to address it spiritually. I heard her describing a spiritual bypass.

She was:

  • talking with her guides and angels
  • writing affirmations and posting them conspicuously throughout her home
  • listening to inspirational talks
  • reading inspirational messages daily
  • watching for external signs or messages for clues to the successful manifestation of her desire

Nada. No shift, change, transformation. She asked me what I thought was keeping her from getting what she wanted. Continue Reading →


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