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60 Days of Energy Practices

Help me celebrate my 60th birthday by joining me for 60 days of energy practices delivered to your inbox daily.

When you’re learning to work with your energy, there is no substitute for practice. Generate more healing and evolution with these simple, daily practices.

In honor of my 60th birthday, I’ve created a 60-day healing journey focused on your energy field. Receive one simple practice each day for 60 days. Observe your evolution as you engage with these practices and let me know which ones are your favorites.

60 practices, 60 days, $60. Let’s begin!


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"I've worked with Jill in her private practice for several years and have used energy clearing skills and practices consistently to change my life. It's been an incredible experience to gather the tools and skills for my evolution. Jill is kind, caring, fun and knowledgeable."

Kathryn S., Raleigh, NC