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60 Days of Energy Practices

Join me for 60 days of energy practices delivered to your inbox daily. The daily guidance is designed to help you work with your energy to manifest an idea of your own.

When you’re learning to work with your energy, there is no substitute for practice. Generate more healing and evolution with these simple, daily practices. Each day you'll become more familiar with your own energy and how to work with it, clearing what is not aligned and infusing that which supports your vision.

This 60-day healing journey focuses you on your energy field. Receive one simple practice each day for 60 days. Observe your evolution as you engage with these practices and let me know which ones are your favorites. Preview Day 1.

60 practices, 60 days, $60.


Let's Begin!

"I am noticing some powerful results with this 60 day guidance. Seeing subtle but very real changes in my ability to move forward in ways that have been much more difficult prior to this instruction. Spontaneously. I have always been open to this kind of wisdom but never had the specific instruction for it before. I have experienced an unfamiliar buoyancy in the face of some real challenges, and have been somewhat shocked to find that just visualizing what you suggest seems to have actually removed some of the feelings of low self esteem and fear. A little bit mind blowing! Thank you so much."

 -Mary M., Westchester County, NY