Advanced Energy Healing Protocols


"Jill's Practitioner Program took my knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the human energy field to a higher level, teaching me how to facilitate healing at the deepest levels of our being. Through her explanations, illustrations, and exercises, I have also learned and embraced the concepts of energy hygiene and self-care and have incorporated them into my practice."

Naomi Ayogi, Sacramento, CA

Advanced Energy Healing Protocols for Practitioners

Experience level: Advanced (experienced practitioners)

Perfect for: Experienced practitioners of any healing modality (or modalities) looking to integrate energy healing into their practice offerings.

Tuition: $4450, in full or six monthly installments

*Not a practitioner? Jill would be happy to help determine if your experience is a good fit for the program.

Class length: 6 months, 100 hours

Truly effective energy healing instruction requires commitment from the student, impeccable guidance from the teacher, and protocols that result in high-level practitioners. Whether you desire to launch an energy healing practice or incorporate it into your current one, choosing the deepest and most thorough level of instruction is crucial.

EHI’s Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Practitioner Program offers practitioners a system-based, intensive training. Students will learn healing protocols for the chakras and aura, specifically how to clear and evolve the emotional (Astral) and physical (Etheric) bodies. This is not a crash course in energy healing; it is a serious, in-depth course that empowers students to practice energy healing in a clear, responsible way.

Included in the course:

  • 44 hours of online classes
  • 5 online Skill Integration sessions
  • 50+ hours of classroom training
  • Private online community for students and instructors to connect
  • All class materials (illustrated manuals, guides, audio meditations)

Optional add-ons (priced separately)

  • 6-month mentoring
  • Certification
  • One-on-one phone or video meetings with Jill
  • Business consulting

Who is this class for?

The Practitioner Program is ideal if you are recognizing the energy connection that exists with your current modalities and wish to integrate energy healing into your client practice. You'll be mastering your own ability to work through embodied awareness, as it is an essential ingredient for successful energy healing work.


For the online portion of the Practitioner course, you will receive detailed, clear instruction via illustrated guides, meditations, and other class materials. Self-paced courses are available to you whenever you wish to access them. Live courses require your participation, and give you a rich, diverse engagement with your classmates and instructor.

Self Care—Learn how to apply the self-care skills used by trained EHI practitioners. Eliminate and evolve beyond the limiting patterns and stuck energies that are hindering your work. Integrate these skills into your practice to assist your clients with self-care.

Energy Hygiene—During a session, a great deal of energy is being released from both client and practitioner. It takes more than just good intentions to ensure that the energy is truly cleared from the space—and the people. Energy hygiene gives you the tools that effectively clear your space of residual energies, reducing practitioner burnout, lessening the possibility of physical illness, and providing a container to release your client’s energetic emissions.

Clairvoyance System—Though many practitioners are naturally clairsentient, (able to intuit and process information via sensation), that means they may also take on the energetic issues of their clients. By learning how to perceive energy clairvoyantly, facilitating healing is clear, clean and hygienic. Additionally, what is perceived about the client's situation is much more accurate, allowing a deeper level of clarity for facilitating client evolution.

Skill Integration—The self-care, energy and clairvoyance skills you’ve learned will be established and integrated into your practice with five Skill Integration sessions.

Practitioner Forums—These online forums are based on questions from practitioners as the course progresses, and are held intermittently throughout the program.


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For a total of 56 hours, students will learn in a classroom environment. You will spend part of the time learning the various energy systems and planes of awareness. You will physically and viscerally deepen your connection to the skills and practices you've learned online by bringing them into the tablework portion of the training.

Students also will participate in hands-on practice, giving and receiving treatments from other students. The classroom training culminates with a clinic with interested volunteers who come for energy healing treatments. Jill provides support, guidance and feedback from start to finish. The classroom experience includes:

Experiential learning and group interaction
Hands-on and -off energy clearing skills and protocols

  • Clearing and Infusing Skills in the chakras and aura
  • 13 Protocols for complex energy issues in the Astral and Etheric body

If you’re serious about an energy healing practice, and you are looking for a program that empowers practitioners, this course could be ideal for you. If this feels like the right path for you, then it is. Your practice and your personal energetics will shift and evolve dramatically!

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