Advanced Energy Healing Protocols


Advanced Energy Healing Protocols for Practitioners

Experience level: Advanced (experienced practitioners)

Perfect for: Experienced practitioners of any healing modality (or modalities) looking to integrate energy healing into their practice offerings.

Tuition: $7200, in full or a 9-month payment plan: $1450 (20%) initial payment, followed by eight monthly payments of $725

Class length: 9 months, 150 hours (includes 50 session hours with practice clients required for certification)

Experienced practitioners (and seasoned, spiritually grounded business professionals) know that learning energy healing must be done through a program that is anchored in science and systems-based protocols and practice. An ungrounded, spiritually fluffy program or teacher will generate similar results! The participants will not be prepared to deal with truly complex emotional and physical issues that clients bring for healing. As an experienced practitioner, you know that choosing the deepest and most thorough level of instruction is crucial.

Truly effective energy healing protocols are organized within a deeply coherent understanding of the energy systems. It's important for practitioners to unpack what is thought of as a physical body and distinguish the levels of consciousness that make up the body, including the Etheric (the energy system for the physical body), the Astral (the energy systems for the emotions) and the Mental/Causal (the plane integrating the body, mind and spiritual awareness).

EHI’s Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Practitioner Program (AEHP) offers experienced practitioners a system-based, intensive training. Students will learn healing protocols for the chakras and aura, how to clear and evolve the emotional (Astral) and physical (Etheric) bodies. This is not a workshop or a crash course in energy healing; it is a serious, in-depth course that ensures practitioners facilitate energy healing in a clear, grounded, responsible way.

Who is this class for?

The Practitioner Program is ideal if you recognize the energy connection that informs and underlies your current modalities, and wish to integrate energy healing to deepen and broaden your practice offering. You'll be learning an embodied methodology that is absent of woo-woo and grounded in a systems-based approach to facilitating healing.

Program Format

EHI's energy healing practitioner programs begin with self-care. There are three online courses, one live and two self-paced, that guide you through self-care skills and learning to clear energy in your own field. The skills and protocols you'll learn in these courses are foundational to energy healing, whether doing the work to support a client’s healing or evolving your own life, patterns, behaviors and concerns.

The self-paced courses are monitored by EHI practitioner-instructors who interact with you as you respond to discussion questions, think through how the skills and practices support your evolution, and as you move through the material, how your clients can benefit from energy clearing.

One of the hallmarks of the AEHP program is developing clairvoyance, the ability to view and perceive energy without felt-sense awareness. You'll attend a Masterclass to explore and practice Clairvoyance, through a combination of video, audio, didactic and live Q&A learning, and you'll continue to hone your abilities offline in your regular clearing practice.

In the seven day classroom experience, you'll anchor your understanding of the self-care and energy clearing skills, begin to formulate treatment approaches for common issues and gain appreciation for how energy healing can evolve the lives of your clients as you facilitate their experience with energy clearing. You'll work in the Astral and Etheric body, clearing, infusing and applying specific protocols to shift energy and support the evolution of your own and ultimately your clients life experiences.

Following the classroom experience, you'll attend 6 case supervision online classes in the mentoring portion of the program. You'll discuss your client cases with your peers and Jill, and develop effective treatment strategies to support your clients as they shift, grow, heal and evolve. Mentoring makes your knowledge come alive, and you and your clients benefit from this in-depth application of the online and classroom learning. Mentoring also includes a module on teaching clearing skills to clients so that they can support their healing and growth between sessions with you.

Your time investment includes:

  • 15-25 online hours of self-paced, self-care skills — energy healing begins with you and your evolution so you can model and authorize your clients to do their work. You'll learn to work in your chakras and aura to clear energy, release blocks, obstructions, patterns and limiting behaviors, entrenched emotions, and to evolve your relationships.
  • 10-15 online hours, self-paced, to learn, practice and internalize energy hygiene skills that support a clean, clear practice environment, minimize taking on other people's energy, and support your physical body and energy system when treating people with chronic disease or illness. Energy is in the room in any hands-on or hands-off helping modality. Practitioners need to manage energy and its transference hygienically and appropriately.
  • A Clairvoyance Masterclass with video-based skill acquisition and live Q&A calls with Jill to integrate and anchor the material so that you can read energy without feeling or sensing into your clients body and emotional awareness. It's a game changer for those who are empathic or highly sensitive, allowing them to be less reactive to other people's energy and clearer and more accurate in their perceptions.
  • 5 live, online Skill Integration Sessions to deepen your understanding of chakra and aura clearing practices and energy hygiene and to develop strategies for common energetic issues that you'll encounter with your clients.
  • A live, online class to help you prepare for the classroom training by learning the appropriate use of a pendulum.
  • A seven day intensive, experiential classroom training that immerses you in hands-on and hands-off clearing, infusions and specific protocols for supporting your clients healing and evolution. Jill works tirelessly with you as you deliver and receive each practice and protocol. You'll deepen your understanding of energy hygiene, internalize Jill's Formula for Evolution, apply strategies for opening and closing a healing session. The work is anchored in the EHI Guidelines for Intentional Practice, foundational principles for working as an energy healing practitioner. There's plenty of time for interaction with your peers and Jill. The week is fast-paced, powerful and culminates with an energy healing clinic with volunteer clients who come for an energy healing session. We work with whatever shows up. It's both nerve-wracking and a powerful closure to the week, simulating the real-life experience of having new clients enter your practice for energy healing.
  • 6 case presentation and supervision sessions with Jill and an additional 6 Mastermind sessions with your peer group to anchor the work and evolve your understanding of how clients progress on their physical and emotional issues and concerns.

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  • Three bound manuals accompany the program, filled with reference and resource information, illustrations of the skills and practices to complement the online audio meditations and downloadable skills from your online classes.

Optional Add-ons (priced separately)

Certification — upon completion of 50 hours of documented client cases submitted for review, you'll take a written test and Jill will observe one or two client sessions via video conference.

Ongoing Supervision - One-on-one phone or video meetings with Jill, offered at a special, discounted rate for practitioners studying EHI programs.

Priority Access to Jill for Personal Work - Jill's client practice is currently wait-listed, but practitioners continue to have access and opportunity to work one-on-one.

Business consulting — ongoing supervision, design and integration of energy healing into your practice and suite of modalities, growing your business, evolving your strategy, developing a new model, we can go anywhere you'd like to go with the growth and evolution of your practice.

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If the program feels right to you, please complete the application in the link below. Jill appreciates and respects the time and thought given to thoroughly answering the questions asked the application. Once she's reviewed your information and feels the fit between your interests and the program is on target, she'll be in touch to schedule a phone meeting to get to know one another further.

Please note: You must complete an application for Jill to engage with you and discuss the program. She needs information about you, your commitment to yourself and your interests in energy healing. She also needs to know that you've put in the time and energy to research and read about the program before she can commit her time to connecting with you.

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Additional Information

To learn more about our philosophy, please read EHI's Program Philosophy. And for frequently asked questions about our programs, see EHI's Program FAQS.

The Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Practitioner Program took my knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of the human energy field to a higher level, teaching me how to facilitate healing at the deepest levels. Through Jill's teachings, in-depth explanations, illustrations and exercises, I have learned and embraced the concepts of energy hygiene and self-care and have incorporated them into my practice."

Naomi Aoyagi, Sacramento, CA, Soul2SoulHealer