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Courses & Program Schedules

Where do I find the dates for the EHI Practitioner Programs?

You can find the self-paced, online and classroom course dates for The Path of An Energy Healer program in this EHI Online Calendar.

The self-paced, online and classroom course dates for the Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Practitioner Program can be found in this EHI online calendar.

When you register for and are accepted into your Practitioner Program, you will be automatically included in the upcoming class rosters.

When do the Practitioner Programs start and how long does they take to complete?

Both the Path of an Energy Healer Practitioner Program for new practitioners and the Advanced Energy Healing Protocols for experienced practitioners have rolling start dates. There are online courses that must be completed prior to joining the classroom portion of the Program.

You can check the calendars here to see whether the upcoming dates give you time to complete the course requirements.

Path of An Energy Healer Program Dates

Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Program Dates 

How long does it take to complete each EHI Practitioner Programs?

Because some of the courses you'll take are self-paced, you have between six and nine months to complete them. However, you must complete the online requirements before the Classroom Course begins.

When is the Classroom Course portion of each practitioner program?

The Path of an Energy Healer Classroom Course runs for 4 days following a portion of the online course material. You'll then return to the online format to complete the course requirements for the Program.

The Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Classroom Course runs for seven days. You'll complete all of the online course prerequisites before attending the classroom training. 

Course & Program Questions

What’s the difference between the online courses and the Practitioner Program?

The online courses are often taken by practitioners and non-practitioners with interest in the subject matter. Many of the courses are also prerequisites for the Practitioner Program.

So courses are not just for practitioners?

No, many of the courses are open to those wanting to expand their individual awareness, knowledge and ability to work with energy. Each course is delivered at a practitioner level, so please check for prerequisites when signing up for courses.

Is there a synopsis of each Practitioner Program available?

A full description of the Path of an Energy Healer Program, geared toward those who have never run a healing practice of any kind can be found on the program detail page.

You'll find a full description of the Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Practitioner Program, geared toward those who are already seasoned practitioners who are seeking to integrate energy healing into their client practice on the program detail page

EHI Practitioner Program can be found on the course page.

How does the Energy Healing programs taught at EHI differ from Reiki?

Perhaps you’re familiar with or have studied Reiki. A common question we receive is about the difference between that modality and the Practitioner Programs at EHI.

Reiki is a form of energy work branching from many ancient lineages. It holds a spiritual component in the symbols and invocations used. It is a simplistic form of energetic healing that funnels chi to the client’s energy system.

Reiki uses a practitioner-as-conduit approach, the symbols and invocations assisting the healer with allowing the energy to flow through them and into the client. That means that Reiki is being filtered through the practitioner’s unconscious awareness on its way to the person they are treating. So your client is getting secondhand energy that goes through your system as a filter.

Though the spiritual aspects of Reiki operate from the practitioner coming from a place of “highest possible good,” that then relies on your highest possible good being, well, really high. And your personal best (self-evolution, belief systems, thoughts, self-esteem, knowledge, energetic hygiene, etc.) could be really low, or really high. It could be lower or higher than your client’s. That’s a really big issue.

Mastery of any healing modality requires time, commitment, focus, and detachment from needing a title in the first place. This is not meant to offend the true Reiki Masters out there (because they do exist!). It’s just important to address the fast food approach that many teachers are taking with their training courses, and why it’s not a responsible way to master your energy healing practice.

The EHI Practitioner Programs are an ideal way to continue (and clean up) what Reiki students have learned, deepen and extend the learnings, and integrate them into a responsible, effective, and systems-based approach to energy healing.

Upgrading to the Practitioner Program

If, after attending online courses as a non-practitioner, I wish to become a practitioner, is it possible to then join the EHI Practitioner Program?

Absolutely. As long as you apply for the program, have instructor approval from Jill, and complete all necessary pre-requisites, you may enter the Practitioner Program.

If I choose to join the Practitioner Program after taking other online courses, will I have to retake and/or pay for the requisite courses I’ve already completed?

No. We will assess the online courses you have completed, and adjust your tuition accordingly.

Course and/or Program Withdrawal Policies

All cancellation policies are subject to change without notice.

If I start an online course and I decide to withdraw, what are the refund and cancellation policies?

Refunds are not given for partially or fully completed online courses.

If I am unable to attend one or more of the live online courses, may I get a refund?

No. All live online course dates are listed on the individual course pages at the time

of sign-up. If you are unable to attend one or more of the online sessions, you will

not receive a refund. Each online course is recorded and delivered to you, so you can catch up at a time more convenient for you.

What if I sign up for a class and need to cancel before it begins?

If you have registered and paid for a course that has not yet started, you will receive a refund minus a 15% cancellation fee. Please note that online course refunds take up to 15 days to process. 

EHI Practitioner Program Cancellation Policies

The EHI Practitioner Program is a serious commitment. Before signing up, please understand that you are expected to honor the commitment and finish the program. That said, there are exceptions, emergencies and unexpected life events that may allow you to withdraw; however, a penalty will be applied.

Withdrawal from the program in the first 30 days, incurs a 20% penalty.

Withdrawal from the program within the first 60 days, incurs a 50% penalty.

Should you withdraw from the program within 90 days of the classroom portion of the training, you will forfeit all refunds.

If you’re on a payment plan, the withdrawal penalty may exceed the number of payments made. Thus, an additional lump sum payment may be assessed prior to canceling your payment plan.

Payment Plans

The Practitioner Program made be paid in full, or via a 6-month payment plan. If on a payment plan, the tuition balance must be paid in full prior to attending the classroom training portion of the program.

Other Classroom or Online Courses

The Energy Healing Institute offers online and classroom courses that may be taught by other instructors on EHI’s behalf.

The online course policies listed above apply to any other online course offered through EHI.

Any and all value-added offers such as 1:1 sessions or the Practitioner Forum resources are immediately forfeit upon withdrawal from the Embodied Energy System Practitioner Program.

Additional FAQs

I feel energy, but I don’t see energy (Clairsentience). One of the course offerings is Clairvoyance. Can I still be successful in the Practitioner Program if I don’t see energy?

The energy/subtle body is accessed and experienced in different ways by different people. When you learn the Clairvoyance System, it can take a bit of practice, but most students are able to successfully tap into this ability. It is not necessary to be fully actualized as a Clairvoyant to successfully complete the Practitioner Program.

If I’m in the Practitioner Program, may I share the materials that I receive in online courses in my healing practice?

Please get approval from Jill Leigh before sharing materials. All EHI course and program materials including, but not limited to: MP3 recordings, PDF slide presentations, PDF skill write-ups, and practitioner training materials are copyrighted and must not be shared, sold, copied or distributed without express written permission of EHI.

If you have completed the EHI Practitioner Program, we encourage you to purchase co-branded materials that provide self-care skills to use with clients, and materials that are ideal teaching tools in small workshops. The materials are branded with your logo and business name in the header, and the EHI logo, copyright, and permission language in the footer. The files are to be used as is and may not be altered or modified.

Any other questions?

Is there a question you have that isn’t covered here? Let us know by email or phone 857-400-8899, and we’d be happy to help.