Advanced EH Protocols


The EHI Advanced Energy Healing Protocols Practitioner Program dates are listed below. Mark your calendar so you're part of it all!

The self-paced courses within the program should be completed in their entirety prior to when the Clairvoyance System course launches. Pace yourself, there's a lot of content that needs to be learned and internalized.

Please note, if you haven't applied for the Practitioner Program, begin your application, and wait for next steps from Jill before committing yourself to these dates.

Additional Information

To learn more about our philosophy, please read EHI's Program Philosophy. And for frequently asked questions about our programs, see EHI's Program FAQS.

The Present of Presence5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternSeptember 29, 2020Online
Program Kick-off Call5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternApril 2, 2020Online
Clear: Essentials for Self-CareSelf-paced5-7 Lessons/week over 3 weeksOnline
Clean: Energy Hygiene for client interactions and treatmentsSelf-paced5-7 Lessons/week over 2 weeksOnline
Clairvoyance SystemSelf-pacedApril 6, April 20, May 4, May 18, 2020Online
⤷ Clairvoyance Self-paced 1Self-pacedApril 6, 2020Online
∙ Clairvoyance Q&A 15:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternApril 16, 2020Online
⤷ Clairvoyance Self-paced 2Self-pacedApril 20, 2020Online
∙ Clairvoyance Q&A 25:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternApril 30, 2020Online
⤷ Clairvoyance Self-paced 3Self-pacedMay 4, 2020Online
∙ Clairvoyance Q&A 35:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternMay 14, 2020Online
⤷ Clairvoyance Self-paced 4Self-pacedMay 18, 2020Online
∙ Clairvoyance Q&A 45:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternMay 28, 2020Online
Skill Integration SessionsAll Dates, 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternJune 4, 11, 18, 25, July 2, 2020Online
∙ Skill Integration 1All Dates, 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternJune 4, 2020Online
∙ Skill Integration 2All Dates, 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternJune 11, 2020Online
∙ Skill Integration 3All Dates, 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternJune 18, 2020Online
∙ Skill Integration 4All Dates, 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternJune 25, 2020Online
∙ Skill Integration 5All Dates, 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternJuly 2, 2020Online
Pendulum Particulars5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternJuly 9, 2020Online
Our Classroom Dates and City/StateAll Dates, 9:00am - 5:30pm PacificJuly 26-August 1, 2020, Portland, ORClassroom
Mentoring (Case Supervision)5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternAugust 27, September 17, October 8, October 29, November 19, December 10, 2020Online
Program Wrap-up Call5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm EasternDecember 17, 2020Online