Fairy Tale Relationships

Relationships are tricky.  They can really trigger our stuff.  Why is that?  I mean, if we love someone, we should find him or her to be compatible, yes?  As a couple, you blend, they zig when we zig and they zag when we zag. Yeah, the stuff of fairy tales. But come to think of … Read more

Until You Go In, You Can’t Find Out

You can’t see an energy healer in the attempt to avoid meeting your issues and owning your stuff.  We’re not therapy substitutes.  The title of this post is the invitation to people to go in and do the work so you can find out.  Literally and figuratively. Any energy healer worth his or her salt … Read more

Rethinking Subtle Energy

I just attended a conference in Coronado, California hosted by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  I had the privilege of speaking to a delightful group of energy psychologists on Sunday morning with my colleague, EHI Ambassador and friend Rick Leskowitz.  [Energy Psychologists incorporate EFT, EMDR, TAT and other energy-based forms for supporting patients in … Read more

Anger: Redressed not Repressed

Recently I’ve had several clients working on the significant task of individuating from the family system – we’re never too old to leave the family system behind! One of the ways that I experience people remaining stuck in the systemic family dysfunction is that it can be hard for them to give up any anger … Read more

What’s the verdict? Guilty or Not Guilty?

Anyone who has spent any time with me in my practice or my energy healing trainings knows that I am rabidly, insanely, over-the-top bonkers about eliminating guilt from the energy body and field.  It’s right up there with shame in my estimation, but there’s no way I’m wasting the opportunity to write a separate blog … Read more

Welcome to Conscious Conversations

This blog is dedicated to dialogue, conversation, inquiry and the invitation to explore energy healing, vibrational healing, energy medicine (pick your chosen term) at deep, conscious levels. Over the past 10-12 years, energy healing has left the domain of the New Age and has entered the world of integrative medicine and complimentary healing therapies.  As … Read more