Messages, Passages, Assimilation

Normally I prefer to use this space to talk about things other than myself.  It’s simpler, cleaner and less personal to reference the role of energy without tying it back to my experiences. Bear with me, this week’s post is personal. I spent the last few days clearing out my parent’s home.  My father passed … Read more

Worrying is Like Praying

Worrying is Like Praying… Well, that was just a partial statement, hence the …. Here’s the rest of the statement: Worrying is Like Praying…for something you don’t want to happen! My friend and co-beekeeper Sue sent me that quote earlier this week. It came on the heels of a meeting with a client, Lucy. Lucy … Read more

Diving into your Dogma

What do you believe?  Do you believe what you believe?  Honey, I’ve got to tell you, we all think some crazy stuff, and when we believe the crazy stuff we think, we set worlds of energy into motion. Dogma can be stultifying, sticky.  You can end up thinking through a lens that is clouded with … Read more

A Shout-out for Stillness

Last week I took myself up north on the Coast of Maine for my annual pilgrimage and retreat.  The area is spectacularly beautiful – raw, primal – wildlife abounds.  The sparse population of year-round residents are salty and real and connected to the Earth in ways that you don’t see in suburbs, or even my … Read more

Fairy Tale Relationships

Relationships are tricky.  They can really trigger our stuff.  Why is that?  I mean, if we love someone, we should find him or her to be compatible, yes?  As a couple, you blend, they zig when we zig and they zag when we zag. Yeah, the stuff of fairy tales. But come to think of … Read more

Until You Go In, You Can’t Find Out

You can’t see an energy healer in the attempt to avoid meeting your issues and owning your stuff.  We’re not therapy substitutes.  The title of this post is the invitation to people to go in and do the work so you can find out.  Literally and figuratively. Any energy healer worth his or her salt … Read more