Chakras & Creation

Let me ask you, how do you think about the Chakras?

Do you see them as energy centers that need help and healing when things aren’t going well? Requiring fine tuning to keep things in line?

Yes, Chakras are about Healing

Your Chakras after a tune-up!
Your Chakras after a tune-up!

It’s easy to think of them that way. After all, that’s what energy healing does, right? Clears, releases, harmonizes, balances – tweaking and tuning.

CK has shared a lot of information about Chakras over time, and a lot of the focus has been on clearing them, evolving them to assist in letting go, releasing, moving beyond limitations, obstructions and constrictions.

Important and interesting stuff. Truly.

But not as fundamentally fascinating as harnessing the Chakras – manifestationizers! What could be more empowering than learning to create life’s experiences through a conscious relationship with your whole self?

Chakras are Factories

Chakras are little factories for creation. They metabolize energy – emotional, physical, mental – the stuff that generates your experience.

When a relationship exists with the Chakras, (observation, interaction, evolution), you begin to understand how the creation game works, and how to play more coherently.

For example, observing your Chakras and cultivating flow, balance and congruence makes a really big difference in the way life unfolds.  Your energy clearing meditations could then focus on releasing anything that stands between you and flow, balance and coherence. Beautiful!

Looking forward. In alignment.
Looking forward. In alignment.

Aligning Chakras & Intention

Consciously engaging your Chakras alongside your intentions creates alignment between your desire & your creative energy. You can put your foot on the gas and use the fuel to go where you want to go and do what you want to do.

If your impression is that Chakras are only a necessary focus when the chips are down, the stakes are high and you’re on the precipice of some unforeseen disaster, look a little deeper!

And if you want some ideas for creating or deepening your relationship with your Source energy that generates and manifests your every moment, check out In-bodied & Feeling Fine! and Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It!

And Keep Your Vital Energy Flowing!


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