Chakras & The Frazzle Factor

Stress & Chakras – The Frazzle Factor

Chakras metabolize energy. Like your digestive system metabolizes food. The food you eat becomes energy for your body. And when you’re well fed, you tend to have more energy, higher quality energy, increased stamina, clarity, poise.

Chakras metabolize energy. So if you’re stressed, frazzled, riddled – you’re metabolizing that stress through your Chakras. And that means your energy is running on a diet of stress.

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Stress & Depression – the Frazzle Factor

Ever heard the phrase, ‘I work best under pressure’? Do you think that’s really true? I mean, it sounds good. Like the phrase, ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. That sounds good, too. But maybe we’re putting a positive spin on a difficult problem! I mean seriously, frazzle is not the most attractive way to ride!

The Stress Diet

The thing with stress and your Chakras is that once you’re running on stress, you tend to continue to run on stress. In other words, your Chakras acclimate to the steady diet of stress, frenzy, and frazzle – and they begin to think it’s the best and only way to ride.

Energetically, the Chakras then start to attract stress from other people. Stress bunnies shed stress energy and your stress-centric Chakras pick it up. And then – stress starts to build. And debilitate.

Depressed and Fraught

Here’s another consideration – when your Chakras are running on stress, frazzle, frizzle or fraught, you tend to end up with other issues as well, often depression. An overwhelm sets up in the energy field and mood, demeanor, sense of well-being is effected. Frazzle. We’re talking frazzle.

There are lots of studies related to stress and the triggering, stimulating and increasing of depression. The Chakras can become overwhelmed and begin to vibrate at the frequency of depression. If  you’re already taking on other people’s stress energies, what makes you think you won’t take on the depression energies too?

Here’s the thing:

Chakras have openings. They open and close like flowers that open to the sun and close at dusk. Or a camera lens that adjusts to the light. If a Chakra is too open, it’s conceivably taking on too much energy. And if it’s too closed, it both fails to receive or release enough energy.

From an energy perspective, depression is usually about taking in too much energy in a few Chakras and not releasing enough energy in other Chakras. An overfilled balloon, with no ability to release or offload excess energy. And sadly, unlike a helium balloon that lifts up and away, depression is a sinking, heavy energy. No fun at all!

Chakra Sanities

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Chakra Sanities – free gifts from Chakra Khan & EHI

If stress and depression are part of your current reality, you might like a free Chakra Sanity – I’m Feeling Frazzled, Riddled, Dramatic, Depleted, Depressed or Fraught.

There are 4 different Chakra Sanities – so if this isn’t you, click the link anyway, and then look at the other 3 Chakra Sanities. You may find some resolutions in there to issues you’re experiencing. It’s all about harnessing your attention and awareness to how your Chakras are set.

Learning this simple practice moves mountains, shifts energy dynamics and can set your feet firmly on the path to wholeness, wellness and vitality.

So De-Frazzle Your Frizzle and Un-Riddle your Fraughtness. Get a little Chakra Sanity going for yourself now. And tomorrow and the day after that!

Chakra Sanities give you simple, clear practices for setting your Chakras and metabolizing energy effectively. And best of all? They’re free!

And if you want to take things a step further, learn how to clear and energize your Chakras with this Online Course, Chakras: Manifesting Like You Mean It! The next class launches on April 3, and it’s on sale – for 50% off – a heck of a deal, for 5 hours of amazing content.

Keep your vital energy flowing!


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    • Hi John, I just sent you the e-book via email. Sorry about the broken link. You’re right, I took the links down a while back, so they’re no longer active. You likely found the Chakra Sanities in an old blog post. I’ll go search for them and update the post!


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