Clearing the Cache

Have you ever noticed that an issue you thought was behind you, processed, finished, kaputted in your consciousness can sneak back into position and rear its head yet again?  Aside from being thoroughly annoying, issue redux can also make you feel like you’re back at square one – or that you’ll NEVER completely resolve or heal the issue.

Generally speaking, recurring themes, patterns, behaviors or experiences are held in place through programming in the aura or electromagnetic field.  Programming is a giant pain in the neck.  And I mean that with every ounce of my being.

Programming is always an external construct, internalized and executed as if it was an authentic way of being.  All of our social graces are programmed.  For example, when you engage with the cashier at the grocery store, the social niceties flow freely, without conscious thought.  The programmed interaction looks like this:

Cashier:  How are you today?  [societal programming] Did you find everything you need? [Corporate programming]

You:  I’m fine.  Yes, I did thank you. [societal programming]

We’re programmed to engage with one another by asking ‘how are you?’  We’re programmed to respond, ‘I’m fine.’

That’s a simple example of programming.  Want some more challenging ones?

  • Big boys don’t cry.
  • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  • Don’t do That or you’ll go to hell.
  • Do This and you’ll go to heaven.
  • Do whatever’s in between This and That and you’ll go to Purgatory.
  • Color between the lines.
  • Be good.  (As if you weren’t already good!)

And don’t even get me started on the familial programming that we all internalize.  Your role in the family system?  Programming.  Middle child syndrome?  Programming.  Black sheep?  Programming.  Favorite child? Programming.

We’re programmed up one side and down the other.  And it’s programming that causes us to cycle back through behaviors, patterns, ways of operating that we thought we’d put to rest.

Not all programming is bad.  The body is filled with programming that allows it to function.  It’s not likely that you’ll wake up tomorrow and shift your body chemistry so that your liver now does the job of your pancreas and your spleen takes over your respiratory functioning so that your lungs can take a breather, er, vacation.  Your organs respond and perform their role through the programs that have been written through the evolution of the species.  The appendix still exists in the human body, even though the programming for its use is no longer part of the overall mix!

However, the programming that spawns less than generous thoughts about ourselves, triggers unsophisticated or immature responses, keeps us locked into old ways of thinking and engaging – that stuff’s gotta go.

Technically, when programming initiates in the electromagnetic field (aura), it coalesces energy from around your field that resonates with the issue at hand.  As the energy coalesces, it takes on a life of its own and shifts your awareness from the here and now into the programmed responses learned in the there and then.  Programming is never about current time!

In fact, if you’re really paying attention, you can sense the shift within yourself as you regress from your in the moment self to your programmed self.

I don’t encourage spending any time at all blaming THEM for the programming you carry.  THEM simply did what THEM did.  THEM said what THEM said.  THEM believed what THEM believed.  And then THEM shared it with you so you could do it, say it and believe it, too.

Clearing programming is not a one-shot proposition.  The tendrils of programming wind sinuously throughout your field and your awareness.

Here’s a process for clearing programming:

  • Take your attention to your aura/EMF
  • Say hello to your ‘familial’ programming
  • Imagine lighting up the programming in the field (often times it appears clairvoyantly as an electric blue color)
  • Imagine gathering it from around the field (front, back, top, bottom, side-to-side) into a ball that you can compress and squeeze and compact
  • Release the ball of programming from your field into your grounding cord
  • Fill your energy field with sparkling, gold energy
  • Say hello to your family, let them know you’ve changed [in your mind, no need to call them up and give them the news!]

As you pick away at the programming, you’re clearing the cache.  Making space for your sophisticated, real, in the moment self to use his or her vitality, creativity and intelligence to respond to life in the here and now.

Bill Gates can fix Microsoft’s programming, but it’s up to the rest of us to do our own good work.  Have at it, people!

Keep your vital energy flowing.

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