Boundaries are Beautiful

Owning Your Energetic Space

An EHI Nugget: Energetic Boundaries

This is all about setting healthy boundaries. Merging your emotional energy with other people can be a really sloppy experience. While you can get swayed into believing that joining someone else’s emotional realm is a sign of empathy and appropriate connection, you’re actually surrendering your autonomy and merging and mingling with someone else’s stuff.

Merging is like mixing vanilla extract into whipping cream. It flavors the cream and cannot be separated once it’s been whipped into the cream. That’s really great when it comes to whipped cream, but you’re a bit more complex than that!

Yet, merging your energy with others makes it difficult to separate your emotions from theirs. And more importantly, your energy body can’t tell the difference between what’s yours and what’s someone else’s! That’s especially troublesome when you merge with difficult emotions like anxiety, anger, and depression, to name a few.

Another thing to consider, you tend to attract people to you who are vibrating with the same types of emotional energies. So when you’re in a bountiful and glorious mood, you’ll likely attract some happy people to connect with. If you’re in a sour and ugly mood, the same attraction process is in play. Ugly and sour comes your way.

It’s an energy thing

Moods are one thing, behavioral patterns are another. If you have a tendency to be anxious or to put yourself down, you’ll attract people who do the same. If you then merge with their anxious or self-effacing emotional energy, you’ll do more of it! You’d probably prefer not to do that, right?

Energy boundaries allow connection without merging

Energy boundaries are beautiful. They are created by regulating the energy in your chakras and aura. When your energy boundaries are in place, you can be present, connect and engage without moving into toxic merging. You’ll be able to stand within yourself while leaving other people exactly where they belong — with themselves! It’s amazing when it all comes together.

I have a protocol to share with you for creating energy boundaries that contain your energy differently and minimize toxic merging.

Protocol defined

What do I mean by protocol? A series of energy skills that you can do in a specific, logical order. It’s like a guided meditation that helps you separate and contain your energy appropriately. What’s not to love about that?

In this protocol, there are 6 steps. Five of them are used with your chakras, and the sixth is applied to your aura. There’s also a little primer on intention setting, too!

Imagine this

As you embrace your energy boundaries and take them with you everywhere you go, you’re likely to find your days easier to navigate. You’ll find that you have greater balance and equilibrium. And you’ll probably find that you fit better in your own skin!

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