Energy hygiene for client interactions and treatment

Do you know where your hands have been? When you work with a client’s energy field or body, you’re touching upon multiple levels and planes in the subtle, or vital, energy field. If done without heed to professional, clean, energy hygiene protocols, energetic transfers or intake of low quality Etheric (physical) energies are the unintended, unwanted repercussions.

Clearing with salt, smudge, oils, or water is a common practice to release and shed energy. It’s a form of energy hygiene, but using these tools alone are generally not enough—especially if you don’t understand the underlying rituals needed for them to be most effective. Not to mention that strong scents and fragrances can be an issue for sensitive clients.

Could your energy hygiene use an upgrade?

The Clean course teaches invaluable protocols that help practitioners work in a healthier way, with no worries about taking home someone else’s stuff.

Burnout is a common issue with practitioners, and is usually a sign of ineffective energy hygiene. Practitioners with burnout feel worn down and worn out by their clients struggles to find wellness and balance. Energy hygiene is imperative for practitioners who want to work cleanly and clearly with their clients for the long haul.

Energy hygiene is self-care practices and a set of protocols that help you definitively separate your energy from your clients. It’s for you, your clients and your treatment space.

What You’ll Be Learning

The Skills You Need to Keep it Clean

Clean is a self-paced, online course that gives you actionable protocols designed to keep your energies balanced—and your field clear of client energetic debris. You’ll learn an advanced set of tools to aid your practice, including:

Etheric Grounding (the importance of the Feet Chakras)—A vital part of energy hygiene, Etheric Grounding allows you to continuously purge the “residue” of the Etheric energies that the client is releasing during a session.

Wrist Chakras—The wrist chakras are an integral part of delivering energy to your clients. If not being properly managed, unbalanced wrist chakras can cause depletion, overwhelm, unhealthy caretaking and a “succubus” effect while working on clients.

Etheric Containment—Creating a safe container to work in is vital to maintaining clean energy fields for the practitioner. Etheric Containment provides a sort of barrier against the low-quality energies being released from the client during treatment.

Pranic Triangle—Most practitioners in the healing arts work with people who are unwell. The Pranic Triangle provides a vortex of high-frequency energy that protects your core organs and systems from internalizing outside energies.

Etheric Cleansing—After working on clients, it’s important to cleanse yourself of energetic residues, to ensure that you remain healthy and clear of the energies shed by your client. This also prevents such energies from transferring to the next client you work with.

Sacred Space—Your treatment space needs to be immaculate—on the physical and energetic levels. Often the energies of a treatment space are not addressed, causing an accumulation of cast-off, low energy sludge. Your space is sacred, and should be constantly cleared to offer the clearest vessel for healing to occur.

Creating Personal Space—Whether you’re sensitive to large groups, are afraid to speak to an audience, or have trouble speaking up, creating personal space is a vital tool. This energetic strategy will help you contain your energy and maintain your awareness in the presence of people with inappropriate energies and boundaries. The more energetic space you create, the more at ease you’ll feel.

Compassion Center—Rather than engaging through an empathic connection, the compassion center uses a higher chakra energy, enabling you to be fully present and caring without taking on your client’s energy or disrupting your own.

Creating Neutrality—Most practitioners are empathic people, and many find themselves holding flimsy boundaries with their clients. You can hold space for your clients while remaining detached, and learning how to maintain this neutral stance will offer an elevated level of healing for both practitioner and client.

Creating Separation—If you’re taking work home with you, it may be a case of needing energetic separation. Recycling your client’s stories, cases and treatment plans over and over can wear you down, creating compassion fatigue. When you practice complete energetic separation, the client leaves your treatment space and takes their stories with them.

Get valuable feedback and insight.

Throughout the class, Jill will be monitoring all course activities and discussions, answering questions and inviting you to connect with your classmates and teacher.

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