You are manifesting, all the time. What happens if you’re manifesting what you don’t want? There can be a snowball effect when you begin to create what you’re not wanting, and things can get completely out of hand! The good news is, you’re a manifestor. So how to turn things around?

It’s an energy thing

It’s powerful to step into the driver’s seat and begin to steer your life in the direction you’d like it to go. You then become a master of intentional manifestation, or as I call it, a Conscious Creator.

From an energy perspective, there’s a lot of things you can learn to do to help you place your intention and your attention on the things you’d like to bring into your experience.

The Formula for Manifestation is: 

Intention + Attention + Energy = Manifestation

What is the Manifestation System?

The Manifestation System is a series of chakras that can be accessed and activated to support you as you place your focus on creating what you want in your life.

There are as many ways to use the Manifestation System as there are ideas — no limits to what you can intend, attend and create.

Now having said that, you probably have biases, beliefs, behaviors and patterns that inhibit your ability to get whatever you want whenever you want it. That’s true for everyone.

Thus, learning how to evolve your thinking, beliefs, behaviors and patterns, and to clear away those limitations helps your energy flow toward what you want, and away from what you don’t want.

Who is this Masterclass for?

No matter where you are in your current understanding of energy and your ability to create your life, knowing how to work consciously to align your energy with what you’re choosing to manifest is a powerful skillset.

Where might you use these tools in your life? To find a more suitable work role? To find your tribe or cohort? To leverage the energy and effort you’ve already put into your business or hobbies? To launch a new career? You can use these tools for anything that you’d like to focus on and actualize.

Energy is generative. When your energy is aligned and your attention and intention are pointing toward your beautiful idea, you can clear the roadblocks and make things happen!

This dynamic, online course gives you a roadmap of the energetic components of the Manifestation System, breaking it into steps that are fascinating, fun and easy to learn, and powerful to practice.

This Masterclass Includes:

Multiple teaching videos breaking down each one of the components of the Manifestation System so that you can see how the systems parts come together to create the whole

Guided meditations — practice each component and begin to develop acuity identifying and exploring the parts of the system, and to bring each part into concert with one another

Supporting documentation — to cement your understanding and use of the Manifestation System

Live online Q&A and practice sessions — facilitated by Jill Leigh, to help you work toward mastering this dynamic and exciting resource for your personal and/or professional evolution

Your Course Resources

Part 1
Video – Overview of the Course and the Manifestation System
Video – Harnessing Intention to Support Manifestation
Guided Meditation – Owning Your Intention
Video – Your Manifestation System
Guided Meditation – Activating Your Manifestation System
Live, Online Q&A and Practice

Part 2
Video – Metabolizing Energy for Creation – Manifestation Container
Guided Meditations – Creating and Infusing Your Manifestation Container
Video – Your Ability to Imagine and Create
Guided Meditation – Clearing and Expanding Your Capacity to Imagine and Create
Live, Online Q&A and Practice

Part 3
Video – Monitoring and Growing Your Ability to Receive
Guided Meditation – Evolving Your Havingness Gauge
Video – The Manifestation Formula
Guided Meditation – Evolving Your Formula’s Capacity
Live, Online Q&A and Practice

Part 4
Video – Your Belief Systems
Guided Meditation – Identifying & Evolving Limiting Beliefs
Video – The Infinite Potentiality of the Cosmic Field
Guided Meditation – Harnessing the Infinite Potentiality of the Cosmic Field
Live, Online Q&A and Practice

Note: All material is recorded and available for replay

Format: Online video materials & guided meditations (Chrome or Firefox browser recommended for best results), live Q&A and practice calls

Prerequisites: The Present of Presence (Free), CLEAR 

This Masterclass runs once a year in the Fall

Sign up today to be invited to join the next Masterclass cohort. And knock out the prerequisites so you’re ready to go when the class launches.

Prerequisites: The Present of PresenceClear: Energy Clearing & Self-care

Embrace your ability to manifest a life you want. Sign up today to be invited to join the next Masterclass cohort. And knock out the prerequisites so you’re ready to go when the class launches.

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