Conscious Creation

Increasing Your Ability to Actualize and Manifest

Course Details

Experience Level

All levels

Perfect For

Those ready to become conscious creators

Course Length

6 hours of instruction, 4 hours of group practice

Date & Time

 April 8, 15, May 10, 17, 24, 31 (Details below)


The Present of Presence required; Clear: Essential Skills for Self-care (recommended)

Course Format

Live Online (Chrome or Firefox browser recommended for best results)

Course Structure

Live, Online



Course Description

Everyone is manifesting, all the time. The problem is, many of us are unconsciously manifesting things we don’t want. And they seem to multiply!

What we need is a way to step into the pilot’s seat and master the practice of intentional manifestation. The Conscious Creation course will guide you to learn, practice and integrate the techniques required for conscious manifesting.

This dynamic, online course gives you a roadmap of the energetic components of the Manifestation System, breaking it into steps that are fascinating, fun and easy to learn, and powerful to practice.

Who is this class for?

If you are ready to become a conscious creator in the story of your life, this class is for you. You’re going to learn some new tools, lose some old baggage that is holding you back, and gain the confidence that comes with knowing your personal creative power!

  • Observe, identify and shift the thought patterns stand in the way of successful manifesting
  • Shape your personal system of belief around what you want to create
  • Learn hands-off practice for evolving belief systems and hands-on practice for working with manifest beliefs in the energy field
  • Learn how to create powerful and effective intentions through internal clarity
  • Create a practice of presence and attention (key ingredients for manifesting!)
  • Connect with, and hone your energy to align with your intentions
  • Learn the energy flows that empower you to actualize your intentions
  • Evolve beyond your limiting thoughts and beliefs into potentiality and possibility

Right now…you are in control of your happiness, and you have the power to design and create good things in your life. You are a natural-born manifestor!

What’s included in the Conscious Creation Course?

  • 6 hours of live online classes (four 1.5-hour sessions over two days)
    • Day One—You’ll learn and practice intention setting, attention setting, and integrating belief systems.
    • Day Two—You’ll access the Manifestation System Chakras for the conscious creation projects you design
  • 5 hours of Practice Group
  • EHI Practitioners have the option to add a one-on-one phone or Skype meeting to review and grow your personal work or for supervision on framing intentions with clients.

The Conscious Creation Practice Group

This is a HUGE part of your growth as a manifestor! The practice group is facilitated by Jill Leigh and meets online for four weeks, one hour each week. Each person will bring a personal manifestation project to focus on, applying the newly learned manifestation skills. The group energy, support and intention are of great benefit for everyone.

Equanimity. That’s what I ‘got’ after taking Conscious Creation. I hadn’t expected it. Sure, I thought I was going to rid myself of beliefs that inhibited me manifesting what I desired, but to change myself so deeply? Nope, that wasn’t going to happen. Well, it did. I am very different — day in and day out. And I love it. Cherry Woodburn, Winston-Salem, NC

Each one-hour meeting will include group updates on successful momentum with the manifestation project, describing successes and bringing up frustrations for group problem solving. The components of the Manifestation System will be practiced to refine and escalate awareness, focus energy and gain deeper clarity of intention.

There is a potent energy that comes from working with a group of people learning together, evolving their abilities, and gaining self-confidence. Having the chance to share experiences and practice with a group of peers—and interact with the instructor—is a fun and unique experience that adds ease, confidence and joy to your manifestation practice.

The practice group will be given feedback with each activity, through peer observations and sharing as well as instructor suggestions. This is a fun, interactive way to enhance and expand your abilities! Many groups form a unique bond and continue to get together after the four weeks is over.

Class Schedule*

*All times are EST

  • April 8, 11-12:30 & 2-3:30
  • April 15, 11-12:30 & 2-3:30
  • May 10, 8-9 pm
  • May 17, 8-9 pm
  • May 24, 8-9 pm
  • May 31 8-9 pm

Embrace your ability to manifest a life you want. Sign up for the Conscious Creation Course and be on your way to masterful manifesting. Questions? Jill is happy to help; just send her an email by clicking here.

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