Energy Tools for Emotional Balance

Shifting Patterns in Relationships

Shifting Patterns in Relationships. If you’re like most of us, you’ve got old patterns and behaviors, and a tendency to overlay them on present day relationships. You can even catch yourself repeating old patterns and behaviors with new people in your life and be unable to shift to more appropriate ways of engaging.

Clearing your energy shifts your patterns and behaviors. If you’re ready to move on, move through and let go of old patterns and behaviors in your interactions and relationships, the skills in this course will support your evolution.

In this course, you’ll learn four energy-clearing skills for your chakras and aura.

  • Become familiar with your Astral Body (aka, your emotional body)
  • Learn about your chakras and aura and how they drive to your day-to-day experience
  • Identify patterns you tend to use in your interactions with others (particularly with people you find difficult). Anxiety, reactiveness, anger, defensiveness, insecurity…
  • Shift old patterns that drive your behaviors

This online, self-paced course is available exclusively through Spirituality & Health’s online course offerings. When you choose to take this course, you’ll be redirected to Spirituality & Health’s secure platform to complete the payment process and take the course. You’ll have the best of Jill Leigh, at a really affordable price!

The modules included in Energy Tools for Emotional Balance are:

  • Introduction video from Jill Leigh
  • Chakra and aura overview
  • Finding emotional balance in relationships
  • Shifting old patterns for emotional balance
  • Your intentional practice
  • Conclusion

You’ll be able to download and print the skill illustrations and download the mp3 meditations that accompany each module.

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