Holistic Anatomy & Physiology

Whole-body knowledge of our systems and how they work together

Course Description

Western medicine generally focuses on one symptom, one affected organ, one area of the body that seems to be causing the patient’s sickness. And many Anatomy & Physiology courses take the same myopic approach, teaching the individual function of each organ and ignoring the importance of how every square inch of our body works in concert.

Practitioners benefit greatly from a well-informed, holistic view of the physical body. With that comes the emotional and mental body—again, all working together. The Holistic Anatomy and Physiology class from EHI offers practitioners a solid foundation for seeing the body as a cohesive system. This extension of knowledge will aid you with making deeper client assessments and with creating treatment plans that address the whole person.

Who is this class for?

The Holistic Anatomy & Physiology class is for any practitioner seeking a deeper, more connected way of assessing and treating their clients. In this two-day, 12-hour intensive, students will learn:

  • The Rudolf Steiner physiology story of the holistic human
  • The Ayurvedic and Indigenous perspectives of the Earth’s elements mirrored and reflected in the human body
  • Topline anatomy, organized and delivered through the perspective of energy anatomy, the chakras associated with the organs and systems of the body
  • Context for how the body’s organs and functions align and work together as a cohesive system

Location and Accommodations

The Holistic Anatomy & Physiology class is held on the sea coast of New Hampshire or in southern Maine. Location details and lodging options are provided upon registration for the class.

Meet the Instructor

George Savastio, ND

George is a practicing Naturopath and the co-owner of Elemental Medicine in Dover, NH, and an adjunct instructor for Energy Healing Institute. His holistic approach to health, wellness and self-healing makes him the perfect teacher for this class.

George is also a gifted artist, and incorporates his paintings as visual tools in class. He truly enjoys helping students to learn the deep and important connections between all of our body’s parts, and how viewing the body holistically can add a whole new dimension to their practice.

When not teaching or helping his patients, George enjoys a deep spiritual practice, being active outdoors, creating art, and celebrating things that encourage vibrancy, movement and radiance.

Included in the Holistic A&P Course:

  • Textbook for visual reference
  • Manual of key learning points

If you are considering the Energetic Assessment & Root Cause course, this class is a pre-requisite. However, any practitioner with an interest in learning the whole-body approach to treating clients is welcome to attend this class.

Register here and you’ll receive confirmation details about the location and lodging options for the training.

Register and Pay

holistic anatomy physiology

Course Length

12 hours over 2 days

Date & Time

 Coming as an online class in 2018.

Course Format

Live, Classroom based (usually in S. Maine or NH Coast)