Consciously and Energetically Liberated

Reducing empathic sensitivity & overwhelm

An EHI Nugget

Empathic sensitivity is a huge issue. On the one hand, it creates a level of connection and attunement to everything around you. When you’re that tuned in, it’s got to be a good thing, right?

Maybe not. Empathic sensitivity has a wide variety of side effects. Fatigue, a need to withdraw, overwhelm, emotional fragility and an inability to distinguish between one’s own authentic emotions and those that have been absorbed from others.

It’s an energy thing

Empathic sensitivity is an energetic wiring issue, and it can be reduced, (dare I say, even eliminated) so that interactions, space and place are enjoyable once again. Energetic wiring — what do I mean by that? Basically, your energy field is quite porous and results in too much energetic inflow. It’s a lot like having too much current flowing into a circuit. The circuit’s going to blow!

Rewiring for full-on living

However, by learning to evolve the way the chakras and aura are functioning, empathic sensitivity can be reduced and social and emotional overwhelm can become a thing of the past.

I love sharing this protocol with people like you, empathic sensitives seeking to reduce unsolicited energetic and emotional input and evolving how you experience yourself and others in your interactions. It’s truly a game changer.

Protocol defined

What do I mean by protocol? A series of energy skills that you can do in a specific, logical order. It’s like a guided meditation that helps you reclaim your energy and decrease your sensitivity. What’s not to love about that?

In this protocol, there are 5 steps and a recommendation for implementing the protocol and moving forward in your life. Three of the steps are used with your chakras, one is a hack to move from porosity and inflow to presence and containment, one is applied with your aura. There’s also a little primer on intention setting, too!

Imagine this

Imagine yourself — going to a party, shopping at the mall during the holidays (well, ok, I agree, malls are overrated), being around groups of people for extended periods of time without needing an introvert suit or a massive time-out to recover from your ‘people hangover’.

I love hearing people who formerly classified themselves as empathic sensitives describe themselves as ever more resilient and contained. You can find that containment and resilience, too, and reoccupy your life more fully.

Join me

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Course Length

1.5 hours

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Live, Online, Experiential

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July 16, 2020, 5-6:30pm PDT/8-9:30pm EDT