Out-of-Body Chakras

Tapping in to the power of your lesser-known energy centers

Did you know that there are more than 7 chakras? From root to crown, most of us are familiar with the seven astral (emotional body) chakras. And while they are certainly important, and potent, there are also out-of-body chakras around you that can be tapped into for a deeper experience.

The Out-of-body Chakras class will assist you with accessing the Cosmic field, past and future lives, karmic connections, and ancestral wisdom. You’ll learn how to integrate these extraordinary chakras for self-healing, expanding your consciousness and giving you a completely different perspective.

What are Out-of-body Chakras?

Beyond your body’s inner chakras, you’ll find multiple energy fields that circulate, process, and deliver energy to every area of your life. Becoming conscious of these fields leverages and expands your awareness and gives you the tools for becoming more deeply and fluidly present.

The Out-of-body chakras, or OBC, allow you to explore the esoteric realms with a more open consciousness. They help you create a deeper and more present relationship to your personal energy field. Through accessing specific chakras, you can also enhance your ability to imagine, create and manifest.

Though accessing and working with these lesser known chakras, the OBC, is easily learned, it helps to have the tools and knowledge necessary to best utilize the energy they provide.

Get ready to have your consciousness rocked!

The Out-of-Body Chakras Course


You’ll begin the course by learning about the OBC, their placement and functions. Each out-of-body chakra offers a unique, meditative experience that will expand your consciousness. Themes explored are:

  • Selfhood
  • Imagination and creation
  • Group consciousness, imagination and creation
  • Exploring unity through individuated and integrated perspectives


You’ll access and utilize the OBC for personal projects. This is all about merging play, adventure and conscious creation. This section of the course includes meditations, visualizations, and explorations into:

  • Past and future lives, ancestral and karmic incarnational information
  • Individual conscious creation
  • Group creation
  • The awareness of self in the context of the whole
  • The awareness of the whole, releasing your sense of self

The Out-of-Body Chakras course is a truly expansive experience, with very real results. From diving deeply within for self-healing to exploring the bliss of oneness, your consciousness will expand and evolve exponentially. When you apply the lessons of the class to your professional practice or personal life, you will see the capabilities, potential and manifestations that can be created through accessing and working with out-of-body chakras.

Course Dates (All times are PDT):

  • July 6, 8:00a-9:30a & 11:00a-12:30p
  • July 13, 8:00a-9:30a & 11:00a-12:30p

Practice Group Dates (All times are PDT):

  • July 24, 5-6pm
  • July 31, 5-6pm
  • August 7, 5-6pm
  • August 14, 5-6pm

Note: All material (excluding practice groups) is recorded and available for replay


  • Live Online (Chrome or Firefox browser recommended for best results)
  • Four 1.5-hour classes spread over two Saturdays
  • Four 1-hour practice groups over a month

Prequisites: The Present of Presence required; Clear: Essential Skills for Self-care (recommended)

Register and Pay

out-of-body chakras

Course Length

10 Hours

Date & Time

July 6, 13, 24, 31, August 7, 14

Course Format

Live Online



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