Energy Healing Institute



A taste of energy self-care.

The Present of Presence (Free)

If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of clarity, grounding and true presence, then this free course is for you!


Energy protocols to help you evolve and thrive — worth their weight in gold!

Consciously and Energetically Liberated

If empathic sensitivity causes you to diminish your life, you can level up your energy and get back in the swing of things

Boundaries are Beautiful

Energy boundaries create separation, distinction and autonomy that minimizes merging and glomming and other sticky experiences.

Self-Paced with Live, Online Calls

Launching regularly, these self-paced courses culminate with a live call with Jill Leigh


Two weeks of self-paced learning to clear your chakras & aura, followed by a live, online Q&A call with Jill Leigh. Runs 4 times a year.


Two weeks of self-paced learning for energy hygiene in your client practice, followed by a live, online Q&A call with Jill Leigh. Run 2 times a year.


Advanced courses that deepen your conscious awareness and leverage energy as a resource to your evolution


The Clairvoyance class is open to all levels, and will assist you with developing, refining, and expanding your clairvoyant skills.

Conscious Creation

Embrace your ability to manifest a life you want. Sign up for the Conscious Creation Course and be on your way to masterful manifesting.

Conscious Channeling

The underlying mechanics of Conscious Channeling expand awareness and elevate the information and guidance available to you and your clients.