Energy Healing Institute


The Energy Healing Institute offers a range of classes, for various levels of experience and areas of interest. Each course description lists any pre-requisites, along with all of the information needed to determine if the class is the right fit.

Core Courses

Core level courses are the foundational classes of EHI, offering tools and protocols to everyone from the newly curious to the active practitioner.

Free Course

The Present of Presence (Free)

If you’re ready to give yourself the gift of clarity, grounding and true presence, then this free course is for you!

Clean Energy Practice


Don’t take your client’s energy home with you. Practicing responsible energy hygiene supports practitioners to work with a clear field, healthy boundaries and a pristine treatment environment.



The Clairvoyance class is open to all levels, and will assist you with developing, refining, and expanding your clairvoyant skills.

energy clearing


This self-paced course will help you shed old patterns and unhealthy behaviors, clearing the way for a more evolved and conscious awareness.

Advanced Courses

Looking to build upon your current knowledge base? The EHI Advanced level courses are designed for experienced practitioners with a desire to expand their tool set—and their consciousness.

Are you a non-practitioner who is interested in these courses? Jill will be happy to chat with you to determine your eligibility for advanced courses; please feel free to get in touch with her.

out-of-body chakras

Out-of-Body Chakras

Beyond the 7 primary chakras, there are also out-of-body chakras, which expand exploration of consciousness, reality and your ability to create and actualize.

holistic anatomy physiology

Holistic Anatomy & Physiology

Holistic anatomy and physiology help us understand that the body system includes emotional and mental body. Rudolf Steiner physiology, Ayurvedic and Indigenous perspectives, energy anatomy, chakras.

root cause illness

Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause

Energetic Assessment gives advanced practitioners a suite of tools for accessing the underlying energetic causes of client health issues.

business owners

Business Practice

Achieve mastery (and ease) over the business side of your healing practice; includes two coaching calls with Jill Leigh.


Conscious Channeling

The underlying mechanics of Conscious Channeling expand awareness and elevate the information and guidance available to yourself and clients.


Conscious Creation

Embrace your ability to manifest a life you want. Sign up for the Conscious Creation Course and be on your way to masterful manifesting.