The Present of Presence

Hello and welcome!

I’m thrilled that you’re investing in learning these skills, because truly, they’ve changed the lives of thousands of people.
Beyond that, they’re foundational practices for working with the chakras and aura. Why? Because they’re about energy regulation and full-on presence.

How is your ability to be present impacted?

If you tend to:

  • feel stuck, unable to move forward in your life,  have trouble letting go
  • struggle to get your needs met
  • take care of other people at the expense of yourself
  • have trouble completing projects you start
  • wear your heart on your sleeve
  • have difficulty expressing yourself
  • run in mental circles, have negative self-talk or limiting beliefs
  • are out of your body, ungrounded, unfocused
  • give yourself away, feel depleted and worn out

You’ve got solutions that are offered in this 1-hour class. You’re about to learn and practice 2 powerful energy self-care skills that you can use to begin to address these energy issues and so much more. Life skills rock, and that’s exactly what these are!

These simple skills are practices…in fact, you’ll hear me talk about teaching puppies to do their business outdoors. That’s a practice, too! As you internalize these skills, you’ll be moving the needle away from whatever you’re doing that you no longer want to do (or be), and walking toward Who You Are!

Ready? Watch the video, download the free resources (pdfs and a guided meditation mp3), and teach your chakras (puppies) how to operate in concert with Who You Are.