De-sensitizing Your Sensitive Bits

Sensitive is Over-rated

There’s a lot of people out there who feel raw emotionally and energetically. It’s an icky way to feel. Certain people or activities generate a sense of dread, overwhelm because they’re going to activate the sensitivity that’s exhausting and debilitating. When you’re energetically sensitive, life can be a series of ‘no thank you’s.’ To people, events, activities and experiences. Wouldn’t it be glorious to be able to de-sensitize?

Here are some recent descriptions Chakra Khan’s heard from students and clients:

I take on everything – emotions, thoughts, illness – I am a fitness instructor, not a therapist! Why do I end up with everyone’s stuff?

I’m energetically ‘infected’ in my practice frequently. Especially when something going on in my client’s life that’s similar to something that’s happening or has happened in my life.

Free information about Chakras for Sensitives
Where’s my garlic necklace? Need it now!

Energy vampires are my biggest concern. Certain people just seem to take it out of me. It’s exhausting and upsetting. How can I avoid these people? Some of them are my relatives!

Here’s the thing:

If you’re focused on staying away from people who wear you down or suck you dry, you’re putting an awful lot of power in other people’s hands!

Now, CK has some options for de-sensitizing if you’re convinced that you need protection and respite from others:

Move into a cave and come out only at night, wearing only black so that you are largely invisible.

Stay home. Limit your access to and time with OP’s. (Other People)

Leave the house only when you’re wearing garlic around your neck and carrying a wooden stake.

Seriously. It may seem like it’s about THEM and how THEY impact YOUR energy.

It’s true they’re having an impact.

But it’s not about THEM.

It’s really about YOU.

The good news? You’re the boss of YOU!

You weren’t necessarily born a Sensitive.

Life’s circumstances may well have created the tendency. Sometimes early childhood experiences create an energetic tendency to open certain Chakras too much (taking on too much energy and information) and closing other Chakras down (inhibiting release and energy flow).

When this happens, sensitivity is the result.

By the time you’re an adult and old enough to read this post, these Chakra settings have been internalized and make you feel like this is who you are and how you have to ride.

But what if that’s not actually the case?

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. But whenever we make other people the problem, we diminish our autonomy and self-responsibility.

It truly is All About You!

And how you set your Chakras.

Did you know you can set your Chakras and regulate your energy so that what other people do is no longer your problem?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, Bring it on, Chakra Khan!

Will do.

Free Tools for De-Sensitizing!

Free tools for energetic sensitivity
Ooooh….I’m SO Sensitive!

Chakra Khan has created two Free resources for Sensitives who want to reclaim their energy and take off their garlic necklaces, pins and earrings!

Chakra Sanities – there are actually four energy patterns that are described in Chakra Sanities. The one created for You is: ‘Ooooh…I’m So Sensitive!’ There are individual Chakra settings that you can practice that dial up or down specific Chakras to decrease sensitivity and get you back in your life!

You may also want to consider a free, live Online Course, In-bodied and Feeling Fine! This Online Course offers 3 skills that support In-bodiment and individuation – in other words, energetic containment so that you’re not at the whim of your sensitivity. The course runs again on March 12. Join me?

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