Getting to the Heart of Health Issues

Practitioners who integrate energy healing into their client practice are frequently asked 'why me?' when an illness or disease is diagnosed. When the practitioner can conduct an energetic assessment to determine the root cause of an illness or disease, they can support and facilitate a deeper level of connection and healing with their clients.

Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause is the next step for practitioners who have completed the Advanced Energy Healing Protocols practitioner program, and perhaps the optional Mentoring and Certification programs. The learning extends well beyond medical intuitive type offerings to expand the practitioner and client's conscious awareness, offer deeper context behind an illness or disease, and to support healing and evolution. Practitioners use the information gleaned in an Energetic Assessment to develop treatment strategies that pinpoint and address specific blockages, patterns, beliefs and constructs that generate dis-ease and inhibit wellness.

The program builds on previous learning, deepening the understanding of the Etheric/Physical, Astral/Emotional and Mental/Causal bodies and how they work together to interact, collaborate, or perhaps inhibit wellness and wholeness. The Clairvoyance system and blueprints for health and wellness are also used extensively throughout the program. Spiritual, familial/ancestral, karmic, past and future life implications are also considered.

Practitioners are required to certify in the course, as it is essential to demonstrate accuracy and competency with the material prior to offering Energetic Assessments to their clients.

Because of the advanced level of the curriculum, and the application of material covered in other EHI programs, it is offered exclusively to practitioners who have completed the Advanced Energy Healing Protocols practitioner program.

Review the Program Details to learn more about this intensive and expansive program.