Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause

Advanced Strategies for Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Experience level: Advanced Practitioners

Perfect for: Those interested in getting to the heart of clients’ illness or disease and developing treatment protocols to facilitate broad, deep, comprehensive healing.

Evolving the Astral Body: The Heart of the why
Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing

[Note: Each of these prerequisites must be completed to attend Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause. There are no exceptions to this policy.]

Tuition: $7200, $1200/month for 6 months

Class length: 12 months, 20 hours online classes, comprehensive practicum requirements, Certification submission review and feedback

Course dates: beginning 1st quarter 2024

There is always an energetic root cause to a person’s illness. Whether the issue is physical, spiritual, or emotional, the root cause can be uncovered through perceiving and dialoguing the imprinted information in the client’s energetic field.

When a client comes to you with a specific illness, emotional pattern or limiting beliefs, it’s incredibly helpful to conduct an Energetic Assessment. Identifying the root cause behind their complaint allows you to create a targeted treatment plan that addresses the whole system. Additionally, specific skills and practices can then be offered to the client to address and resolve stuck patterns, blockages, and beliefs that inhibit wellness and wholeness.

EHI’s Energetic Assessment program is a comprehensive, nine-month training program for advanced practitioners. At the end of the course, you will have developed your abilities to assess the deeper energetic causes of malaise, and determine an appropriate strategy for treatment. You will also be able to offer your clients a more holistic assessment of their medical diagnosis to create awareness of the intricate connection between spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic functions—and how physical issues can be the downstream recipient of longstanding themes, karmic, ancestral and lineage patterns and pre-incarnational choices. You are able to more powerfully support and empower your clients with context to take accountability for their self-care, cultivate healing, energetic shifts, and personal evolution.

What you’ll learn

During the nine months of study and training, we will meet online every 4 weeks so you can learn the tools and protocols necessary to make accurate energetic assessments. This course will include:

  • Using the Clairvoyance System, the 8th chakra, the Akashic Records, some of the Seven Planes of Consciousness and other resources that facilitate energetic assessment and perception. You’ll be deepening your understanding of energy and the opportunity that exists to evolve, grow and heal through expanding conscious awareness and looking beyond the physical and emotional for broader context and insight into the roots of illness and disease.
  • Perception of the Etheric, Astral, Mental/Causal planes as resources to understanding a physical illness and for developing treatment strategies that specifically address energetic obstructions or patterns that inhibit healing.
  • Uncovering ancestral and lineage imprints that influence physical and emotional experience, inform belief systems and foster unconscious connection to stories, archetypes and cultural and familial roots that carry through family systems consciously and unconsciously.
  • Identifying karmic load and its influence on patterns, beliefs, and what is attracted into the client’s experience. Further, you’ll learn to apply appropriate clearing and release methods to unhook from the karmic implications and methods to leverage positive karmic material to invite healing.
  • Understanding and contextualizing the past and future life tendrils that are relevant to the client’s illness or disease. Many esoteric systems propose that each individual has tens of thousands of lifetimes. While exploring past (and future) lives can easily become a bypass or generate an overwhelming information overload, it is possible to garner the relevancy of themes bleeding through and impacting current experience.

As these components are learned and applied, you’ll begin by working on a physical illness, disease or diagnosis in your own body. There is no better way to gain insight, perspective and mastery over these tools than applying them in the context of your own experience. You’ll complete monthly assignments to share with peers in the online classroom, and continue the exploration of each layer of the Energetic Assessment process throughout the 9-month training.

You’ll also be required to:

  • Conduct an Energetic Assessment on a volunteer client who is willing to share his or her diagnosis with you and is open to receiving a comprehensive overview of the root cause of the illness or disease. This Assessment is part of your certification process, and is reviewed with Jill and modified based on the feedback offered prior to delivering it to the volunteer client.
  • Use the energetic blueprints to identify and diagram two different diseases that you choose to study and document for certification. The diseases that you study will further cement your ability to work from a diagnosis to identify treatment strategies, and to assess your client’s capacity to receive healing. This doesn’t lock the client into a prognosis, rather it frees you up to hold expectancy and invite the client to release, let go, clear, evolve, receive and heal.
  • Outline a comprehensive treatment strategy using the information gleaned in the Energetic Assessment that will support the client’s healing and evolution. Of course, many of EHI’s advanced practitioners have mastered multiple modalities. For the purposes of the certification process, only energetic treatment approaches will be considered. As the practitioner offers the Energetic Assessment service to his or her clients, other modalities and treatment approaches would likely be incorporated into the process.

This is an amazing program for advanced practitioners that want to delve deeply into their practice and offer clients a more comprehensive treatment plan.

Before applying for the program, check the program dates to be sure that you are able to commit to the sessions and complete all of the assignments. This is not a course, it is a certification-based program. You will be unable to offer this legitimately in your practice without being present for the work, completing the assignments and certification requirements. 

Certification is a required part of this course, and included in the tuition. The certification requires submission of one documented Energetic Assessment for a volunteer client as well as all coursework for your own Energetic Assessment of a condition or physical issue you’d like to explore, two Etheric assessments of diseases, completion of assignments, and attendance at four one-on-one meetings.

Ready to Dive Deeply Into Root Cause?

If you’ve completed the prerequisites and know that this is an important step for you and your client practice, complete the application to join the next program.