Energetic Assessment

Determining Root Cause

Advanced Strategies for Comprehensive Treatment Plans

The energetic root cause of a person’s illness IS discoverable.

Whether your client presents with a physical illness, spiritual challenge, emotional pattern, or limiting belief, you can uncover the root cause through an Energetic Assessment.

Through perceiving and dialoguing the information in the client’s energetic field, you can create and implement a targeted treatment plan that addresses the whole system. Your client becomes empowered to continue their own healing at home, based on the information you discover throughout our ongoing work together.

Offering your clients a more holistic assessment of their medical diagnosis can create awareness of the intricate connection between spiritual, emotional, mental, and energetic functions.

Let’s get to the heart of it! 

Who should take the Energetic Assessment Masterclass?

Graduates of EHI’s Evolving the Astral Body Practitioner Course + Evolving the Etheric Body Course + Clairvoyance (prerequisites)

Energy practitioners invested in getting to the root cause of their clients’ illness or disease*

Those committed to developing treatment protocols that facilitate deep, comprehensive healing*

EAnyone wishing to engage with guidance in an energetically appropriate and boundaried manner

*Prerequisite courses still apply and are non-negotiable.

This is Me

Ready to evolve your energy practice, dive deeply into root cause, and offer your clients a more comprehensive treatment plan?


Connect with EHI Director Jill Leigh

Please set up a time to connect on Jill’s calendar  if you’re considering the Energetic Assessment Program and wish to connect before you apply.