Evolutionary Service Scholarships

Let's Start an Evolution

Do you feel called to bring energy healing to your community in a client practice?

This is a famous quote from Joseph Campbell:

“When we talk about settling the world’s problems, we’re barking up the wrong tree. The world is perfect. It’s a mess. It has always been a mess. We’re not going to change it. Our job is to straighten out our own lives.”

How right he is. And how true it is that we need to straighten out our own lives. It’s a day-in and day-out process, with no end goal. There will always be something that calls our attention!

Yet, you may have landed in a place where you’re ready to do more. You don’t want to fix the world; it’s a perfect mess! But you do want to help others clean up their messes. You don’t want to do it for them, you don’t want that responsibility, nor is that actually helping! It’s enabling.

You want to facilitate a process, hold space, teach, share, and support people as they do their own work. And you can imagine sharing energy healing with clients you attract to your practice.

In addition, you want to (or already do) run your own business. You want to be in charge of your time, your energy, your contribution, and you’re ready to create a practice, carefully, with support behind you to help you learn, grow and thrive.

Have you checked out EHI’s practitioner programs? Do you feel like the work is for you, but you're unable to financially take the leap for the tuition?

About Evolutionary Service Scholarships

Once each quarter, EHI will invite two people to attend the Astral & Etheric practitioner program at 50% of the cost of the tuition. There is no scholarship fund where the monies for tuition are coming from, this is an offer from the heart to help up to 8 people each year, who have a deep desire to grow, to serve, and to bring energy healing into their community through a client practice and business. Scholarships are available only to those on EHI’s mailing list. This is not advertised or marketed to anyone outside of the EHI community. Scholarships cannot be transferred to other programs, courses or individuals, and compliance to the requirements [see below] must be followed to remain in good standing and eligible for the subsequent program.

Applications must be received before the 25th of the month (May 25, August 25, November 25 and February 25) for consideration. To be fair to applicants, any submissions received after the 25th of the month are invalid.

Scholarships are awarded on the following dates:

June 1
September 1
December 1
March 1

When awarded the scholarship, it is for two practitioner programs:

Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why &

Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing

There is no requirement to attend the second program, Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing, however, it is recommended that you do so. Thus, the scholarship offer applies to both programs.

Scholarship Requirements

There are specific requirements that must be met for you to remain in good standing with EHI and the Evolutionary Service Scholarship. Inability to adhere to the requirements may result in the withdrawal of the scholarship, and removal from the practitioner program, without any tuition refund. Review these requirements carefully before you apply to the program. You will be asked to indicate your agreement to them as part of the application submission process.

  • I agree to pay 6 monthly tuition payments of $420 for the Astral Program ($2500 in total - 50% of the total tuition, $5000)
  • I agree to complete and achieve certification in Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why within 12 months of the scholarship start date. (START DATES: June 10, September 10, December 10, March 10)
  • I agree to abide by EHI’s Guidelines for Intentional Practice throughout my tenure as a student and energy healing practitioner.
  • I agree to pay forward my scholarship in the amount of $500 within one year of Certification in Evolving the Astral Body. The fees will be paid in an agreement I will structure with EHI when I certify. I understand that my pay it forward monies will be used to support other practitioners who are chosen for the Evolutionary Service Scholarship.
  • I agree that if I am awarded a scholarship, the 50% tuition will apply to both the Astral and Etheric practitioner programs. I agree that I am under no obligation to attend the Etheric practitioner program, but if I choose to do so, all requirements apply to that program as well, including 6 monthly tuition payments of $320 ($1920 in total - 50% of the total tuition, $3800), and an additional $500 payment within one year to the EHI Evolutionary Service Scholarship Fund.
  • I agree that failure to adhere to any of these requirements is grounds for immediate removal from the practitioner program with no recourse or refund of any tuition payments completed.

Apply for the Evolutionary Service Scholarship

If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, the process to apply includes:

  • Reviewing the practitioner program pages on EHI's website: Evolving the Astral Body: The heart of the why & Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing
  • Completing an application - brief answers to questions will be seen as a lack of sincere interest. Please respond in detail.
  • Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the scholarship
  • Submitting the application on or before the 25th of this month to be eligible for consideration
  • Scheduling and attending a 1:1 meeting with Jill if invited to do so

Scholarships will be awarded on the first day of the last month in each quarter, i.e., June 1, September 1, December 1, March 1. Program participation must begin by the 10th of the award month, or your scholarship will be withdrawn.

Apply for the Evolutionary Service Scholarship

"I do this work because I believe in the body's innate ability to heal. I believe in the process that occurs when someone moves into inner alignment and energetic coherence."

Jill Leigh