Get Some Chakra Sanity

What exactly are Chakra Sanities?

They’re strategies – four of them – that Chakra Khan has shared with clients for years in her private practice.

Chakra Sanities - A Gift to EHI Subscribers
Go ahead! Be Unique!

Now let’s be clear. Chakra Sanities is NOT a four-quadrant profile where every person on the planet lives and operates within one of these overarching archetypes.

We’re way more unique and vibrant than that!

There’s all sorts of us out there, doing life in all kinds of ways.

It’s the beauty of free will and individuated awareness.


But there’s also the We Are All Connected side of the equation. And we are. Truly. All Connected.

Chakra Sanities - a Gift to EHI Subscribers
Chakra work is Root Cause work!

And so we have these giant energy clouds – called thoughtforms – where the energy of different overall patterns collects. And each of us subscribes to certain energy clouds (thoughtforms).

We subscribed based on our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. They’re vibrations – and they link to these thoughtforms – we subscribe!

And these thoughtforms inform our experience. Think of them as Root Cause.

If they’re really good thoughtforms – like athletic prowess and loving exercise, or eating healthy, nutritious foods because it makes your body feel amazing – what’s not to like?

Those are darn good thoughtform subscriptions to have.

If they’re icky things – like being excessively hard on yourself while holding an impossible standard of perfection, or feeling defensive and arguing whenever someone offers helpful feedback – those are troublesome.

And you might want to cancel that thoughtform subscription.

So – think of the Chakra Sanities as new subscriptions. And gifts from Chakra Khan to you.

You can review the four Chakra Sanity patterns below, and see which one resonates most with you.

I’m Feeling Frazzled, Frizzled, Riddled, Dramatic, Depleted, Depressed or Fraught

Your emotions drive your life. And no matter how you try to control them – you cycle back to the same place. Busts up your ability to live joyfully and dominates your experience. Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Ooooh…I’m So Sensitive!

You’re an empath, a caretaker, you easily take on other people’s energy and emotions. You worry about energy vampires. People love to lean on you, cry on your shoulder. Sometimes you take better care of other people than you do for yourself. Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Ouch! My Pain-body is Killing Me!

You get every cold, bug and virus that moves through the village. And when you’re stressed and wound up, your body winds down. Your emotions are downloading into your body and it’s making you sick. Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Excuse Me, Has Anyone Seen My Body?

You’re a bit spacey, out of body. Have trouble getting stuff done. Unfocused. Flightly. Maybe a teensy bit undependable. You know it’s time to get  your feet on the ground. It’s just that you seem to know how to defy gravity! Subscribe to your Chakra Sanity here!

Chakra Sanities - Free Material to EHI Subscribers
Chakra Sanities – Chakra Khan’s Gift to You!

When you subscribe (it’s just your name and your email) – you’ll download your Chakra Sanity and have a practice you can apply to operate through new thoughtforms that support your reality!

A gift and a hug from Chakra Khan

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