Checking Astral & Etheric Chakras

Rotations of Astral & Etheric Chakras Are Always Clockwise!

In this system whether working in the Astral or Etheric body, the rotations of the chakras should be clockwise.

In the Etheric body, chakra openings, i.e., the percentage of openness of a chakra is not tested or verified. The chakras in the Etheric body are not managed in the same way the Astral chakras are. The Astral/emotional body offers us context, insight and meaning of our experiences, and the chakra openings, set inappropriately, can skew our ability to be present, the manner in which we engage and interact with others. The percentages for the Astral chakras are to generates self-containment, self-awareness and autonomy.

The Etheric body is the energy system for the physical body, and as such is more about the mechanics of our health and well-being. If a chakra for the digestive system is counterclockwise, the implication is not emotional, it’s physical. There may be difficulty with digestive fire or the appropriate levels of acid releasing to break down the food we eat. If a chakra is rotating counterclockwise, or is not rotating at all, then we make the appropriate adjustments to get the chakra spinning in a clockwise direction.

Once you’ve completed the Energy Balancing, you’ll check Astral & Etheric chakra rotations and Astral openings

The easiest, most efficient way to complete this process is to begin at the feet chakras and end at the hand chakras.

Feet Chakras – 60% open

Etheric 1st – perineum
Astral 1st – between the ovaries (F), base of spine (M) – 30% open

Etheric 2nd – between the ovaries (F), base of spine (M)
Astral 2nd – 2 fingers below the navel – 15-25% open

Etheric 3rd – navel
Astral 3rd – notch of the ribs – 40% (M) or 55% (F) open

Etheric 4th – physical heart
Astral 4th – center of the chest – 50% open

Etheric 5th – Adam’s Apple
Astral 5th – notch of the neck – usual setting + 2, (ex: 38 + 2 = 40% open)

Etheric 6th – center of the head
Astral 6th – center of the head – 50% open

Etheric 7th – top of the head
Astral 7th – top of the head – 25-50% open

Hand chakras –  over either palm – 25-50% open

Here’s the same information, presented visually

Next steps:

Download the pdf files for your reference library and proceed to the next Lesson on Releasing Energy Hygiene.

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