Clearing the Etheric Aura

When less is more, the aura holds the floor!

What I mean by this is, the Etheric aura is a really good place to focus time, energy and effort on a client’s behalf when a physical illness or disease is part of the case. Why? Because the aura is one of the primary mechanisms for distributing energy to the chakras. However, because the aura distributes energy to all of the chakras, you run almost zero risk of flooding a chakra that could amplify the conditions in a way that might spread or accelerate the illness.

Additionally, the Etheric aura benefits strongly from detoxification. Remember that the flow between the aura and the chakras is a two-way street. Energy flows from the aura to the chakras to provide the fuel for the organ, system, gland to function. The chakras also expel spent energy back to the aura for release and replenishment. The aura is a combination of energy flows, vibrant, vital prana and spent Etheric energy. When you clear the aura, you increase vitality, you increase the flow of Prana.

Whenever I facilitate a client session where there’s a physical issue or concern, this is one of my major go-to treatment strategies. If we think in terms of the Hippocratic Oath, ‘first, do no harm’, this is a pretty good way to stay on the right side of the oath.

When acupuncturists treat diseases that can spread, such as cancer, they don’t open up energy channels that will feed the cancer cells. They work on strengthening the immune system, supporting vitality. Their treatment is careful, measured and appropriate.

As a chakra and aura based energy practitioner, you need to think in the same way. Sending a lot of energy into a part of the body that is attempting to navigate and perhaps sequester cells can have the opposite effect of what you’re intending. Yet, when you invite the body’s wisdom to do what is right on behalf of itself, amazing things can happen. (This is yet another level of awareness that you are not now, nor will you ever be the ‘healer’. That role belongs to your clients!)

The Etheric aura holds enormous wisdom. It is in ongoing, moment-by-moment connection to every aspect of the Etheric body, and will distribute energy as called for by each one of the chakras. Thus, refreshing and replenishing the aura through clearing and infusing protocols fosters healing and evolution in a benign, supportive way.

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