Complete your assignments in preparation for our final live Q&A call Copy

Our final call will be coming up soon. There’s been a lot of discovery and learning taking place as you’ve worked with the channeling system and practicing Conscious Channeling.

If you’ve been an unconscious channel, you’re possibly in the messy middle or the void of capacity to channel. Sometimes undoing what has been done unconsciously to create a conscious framework for operating creates a period of time where neither process works!

I can only encourage you, no matter where you are in the process, to keep practicing. These are esoteric skills, tools and practices. They invite your conscious awareness to new and different places. Avoiding practicing doesn’t help train your conscious awareness, feeling frustrated doesn’t invite the open, curiosity that helps build capacity.

In preparation for our final, live Q&A call, please practice every aspect of Conscious Channeling, including all of the set-up techniques, the resetting of your energy after channeling, and everything in between…except channeling for others. There’s no call to begin that work until you’re approaching mastery with channeling for yourself.

Channel your Lifetime Guide, your Healing Guide, channel energy and frequencies. Bring in an SME and gather insight on something you’re curious about.

Then bring your final questions, insights and experiences to our final call.

Looking forward to being with you!