Dialoguing & Clearing with your Lifetime Guide Copy

One of the most important things you can do to evolve your vibration and up-level your guidance is engage in an ongoing clearing process with your LG. That’s part of why the CLEAR course is a prerequisite for this Masterclass.

You have the tools and resources for shifting your relationship with your LG; clearing cords, emotional energy, karma, contracts, programming, agreements. As you do this work prior to each interaction, you’ll evolve Who You Are, and free up space for greater clarity, insight and collaboration.

Relationships, even those that are non-physical, have karmic themes, patterns, behaviors, stories that inform and underlie them. When you use your clearing skills to evolve your relationship with your guide, a lot can happen to expand and grow your connection, interactions and the guidance you receive.

Read more information about the purpose and benefits of doing this work. And then, you’ll be led through a guided meditation to practice clearing energy with your LG.