Golden Pranic Triangle

When you exercise, you build your core

When you work with energy, you  surround your core. Bottom line, your core has all your juicy organs that deliver blood to your body, control your respiration, there’s a lot going on in there!

You don’t need protection. Nothing in the energy hygiene resources that EHI offers has to do with protection. [Sidebar: when people tak about protection from others, from other people’s energy, behaviors, intentions, as a practitioner it is your role to help create the awareness that needing protection makes them victims. They’re attempting to avoid perpetration and they’re vulnerable. Guide your clients to the idea of self-containment, self-awareness and self-responsibility. And be very alert to your own thinking on this issue!]

What we’re cultivating with energy hygiene is self-containment, minimizing merging and holding other people’s energy, and maintaining your individual vibration as a result of your choice and active practice of energy hygiene tools and skills.

The Golden Pranic Triangle is a nice containment practice that energizes your juicy core and maintains the separation, containment and distinction between your energy and your client’s energy.

Remember, as you were learning the various elements of the Etheric body, I discussed the fact that Etheric energy is in fact qualitative. You likely have vibrant, high quality Etheric energy, you’re healthy, you take care of yourself, you eat well. Some of your clients may not. They may have a chronic illness, low or inconsistent self-care, poor eating habits and nutrition, lots of stress, inability to let go, lots of unreleased emotional baggage that has somatized into the body, poor sleep habits, inability to relax. All of these issues can contribute to a decrease in overall vitality and quality of Etheric energy.

Matching a clients Etheric energy is not going to create a ‘matching’ illness, in other words, if your client has Crohn’s Disease and you match their Etheric energy, you’re not going to ‘catch’ or be ‘infected’ with Crohn’s, the way you might catch a client’s cold or flu. No worries on that score.

However, matching a client’s low quality Etheric energy is going to infect you with the energy, and it will dilute the overall quality of your Etheric energy.

Additionally, if you’re a kinesthetic or clairsentient practitioner, this skill will help you to diminish feeling your client’s physical pain as a means of diagnosing or assessing their physical challenges. Every time you take on your client’s physical issues, you’re diluting your body’s energy system with their unhealthy stuff. That’s not a good plan for you, it means that your energy is porous and inappropriately boundaried. It can lead to serious health issues over time.

Your Etheric energy system fuels your body and its vitality. Attending to the energy of the body’s system minimizes burnout and ensures that you’re on top of your practice, thriving and healthy.

The Golden Pranic Triangle is self-care at its finest. You’ll be engaging a Pranic flow-state between your Spleen chakra, the organ in the body that most efficiently gathers and distributes Prana, the chakra for the left ventricle of your heart and your pancreas chakra, back to the Splenic chakra.

As you generate this Pranic flow, you’re creating and validating your autonomy and self-containment and you’re delivering a healthy stream of life force to your body.

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