Guided meditation – a practice for evolving your Mind-body-energy Connection

How do you feel? What did you notice? Many people report a sense of expansiveness, space, relaxation, a release of tightness, strain, stress. Often there’s a decrease in symptomology, the aches and pains lessen, the discomfort eases, the physical body lets go.

If you’ve experienced anything at all – please validate your body’s ability to release and clear, as well as the conscious experience of shifting and healing, evolving, resolving and moving toward greater coherence.

Then friends, repeat, repeat, repeat.

What we don’t allow, what we repress and suppress, has nowhere to go but the energy system of our physical body. It’s role is to support our physical well-being, not do the heavy lifting of dragging uncomfortable, unexpressed, unresolved emotions. Over time, that energy builds up and impacts flow, vitality, our health and wellness.

Please do this work. It’s not painful, it’s not scary, it’s not trauma-laden. It’s freeing. It’s enlivening. It brings you home to yourself, and anchors a deep, profound connection between your physical body and your emotional awareness.

Next steps:

There’s a few final details to share, an offer to extend, materials to download, and we’d love to have you review the course to help other learners know your experience!

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