Listen to the mp3 and meet your Healing Guide Copy


Take a breath, take a moment.

You’re about to consciously engage and interact with your Healing Guide. You’re opening up a line of communication, guidance, input and insight that can support your healing, evolution and growth in powerful and compassionate ways.

It’s exciting. And it’s a profoundly sacred experience.

As you move into the meditation, put the pieces in place to engage hygienically. The meditation will reference the preparation skills, but it will not walk you through them. There will be brief pauses to allow you to run the energies, create the channeling space, and to close the session when you’re done. There will be a few minutes of silence while you sit in collaboration with your Healing Guide.

Bring your full self to this experience. Stay out of your head, stay up in the cylinder. Invite the connection with your guide.

Please download the mp3 file to add to your Conscious Channeling resources.

I’d love to read your comments in the discussion questions about the difference in quality and experience between channeling your Lifetime Guide and your Healing Guide.


What thoughts can you share about your experience channeling your Healing Guide? How did it differ in tone, tenor, quality from your Lifetime Guide? What emotions emerged for you as you connected with your Healing Guide?

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