Listen to the mp3 and practice matching a frequency Copy


In this first exercise, you’ll be matching a frequency.

We’ll be working with four different colors: daffodil yellow, red rose, the green of new grass, vibrant blue sky.

You’ll hear this on the recording, but trust that if you don’t see in color, or you don’t yet see anything at all, you can paint your screen with the frequency of the color and match it in your crown chakra.

It’s not about the color, it’s about finding the frequency of the color. The cues (daffodil, rose, fresh green grass, sky blue), are reference points to help you access the frequency. I generally find that using natural objects, such as flowers, grass and sky are more relatable than pantone colors, or even formal names of colors – who knows what umber or cerulean are anyway???

Your next activity will be to repeat this exercise, and then set your frequency two shades brighter.  No worries…there’s an audio coming up for that task!

Away you go!