Listen to the mp3 and practice viewing energy clairvoyantly in your aura Copy


Viewing energy in the aura is sometimes a bit more challenging than viewing energy in the chakras. The aura is diffuse and misty (similar to the energy of the pituitary, though you’ll discover the aura actually has much more definition to it as you become well-versed with the Clairvoyance System and viewing the aura).

You’ll use the same process that you practiced with the chakras, you’ll set up your Clairvoyance System and Psychic Screen, then place an image of your self on the screen, focusing your intention and attention on your aura.

Initially, you’ll simply view the aura, not looking for context or information. Then, as the exploration moves forward, you’ll be guided to direct your intention and attention to the issue/theme/behavior/belief that you chose for the previous meditation to gather insight and information to support your healing and evolution.

You may not feel as though you’re fully informed as a result of this exploration. In fact, you almost certainly won’t. Your last learning in this module is the skill of Dialoguing Energy. When you layer that in with clairvoyant perceptions, you’ll be able to get a broader, deeper picture and perspective on your process, energy, and the clearing work you can do to shift, evolve, heal and grow.

When you’re ready, listen to the mp3 meditation and practice viewing your aura.  And remember to download the mp3 so that you can add it to the Clairvoyance System reference library on your phone, tablet or computer. Then you’ll wrap up this module with the Dialoguing Energy didactic learning and practice.