Listen to the mp3 and practice Viewing Energy Clairvoyantly on your Psychic Screen Copy

Remember to download this mp3 along with the pdf file on the Psychic Screens so that you can use them to practice (and eventually master), the use of the Clairvoyance System.

You’ll be putting all of the pieces of the Clairvoyance System together in this mp3 so that you can use it to read your own Astral energy.

Repeat… to read YOUR OWN ASTRAL energy.

There’s more to learn to use the Clairvoyance System to read other people’s energy. Please don’t do that right now. We’ll get to that later, I promise!

And there’s more to learn (not covered in this Masterclass) to read the energy system of the physical body, the Etheric energy system. I don’t cover that material in this class because it’s a very important thing to have all of the right energy hygiene in place to read Etheric energy. I don’t advocate reading the Etheric body without appropriate integrity, an ethical practice container, effective treatment protocols and other important factors that I don’t teach casually to the Consciously Curious, or to practitioners who might be taking this course with me, but not studying in my practitioner program. 

Therefore, I will also not be entertaining questions in our Q&A calls having to do with reading the energy system of the physical body, assessing diseases, ‘medical intuition’ (a new age term that I feel is wildly inappropriate). Thanks for your understanding.

OK, full steam ahead. Have fun! (A gentle reminder to be playful, curious, open as you proceed.)