Listen to the mp3 and view & dialogue your chakras and aura Copy


Yes, it can be a bit awkward to dialogue your energy when you first start out. Sometimes it’s easy to believe that you’ll get no answers at all. (Of course, you create your reality according to your beliefs, so be sure to believe that you can dialogue your energy!)

People also sometimes think that they’re working with a pendulum where yes or no answers are all you can receive. That’s largely true with pendulums, not at all true with dialoguing your energy field.

You’re not accessing guides to dialogue your energy field, and while you’re definitely talking to yourself, you’re not talking to your Analyzer, which will tell you anything and everything, but will be inaccurate at best and manipulative, judgmental and condescending at worst.

To get answers and feedback about clairvoyant perceptions, you need to learn to dialogue your energy body.

An example

Let’s say that you clairvoyantly perceive that your 3rd chakra is embroiled in your inability to follow through on important goals, tasks and activities that would enhance your resume and chance of landing a great new job.

You have the CLEAR skills, so you know you can clear your 3rd chakra. But what are you clearing? What emotions, programming, cords, agreements, contracts, karma should you address when you sit down and do a clearing?

Trust me, your energy body knows.

You can have a conversation with your energy body that is as rich and complex and nuanced as a conversation with a dear friend who knows you well and loves you deeply. Because that’s exactly the relationship you have with your energy body. It’s as connected to you, and as contextually informed as your nearest and dearest.

So give it a try.

Listen to the mp3 and dialogue your energy body about the issue/theme/behavior/belief you’ve been exploring in this module. Practice staying in the Clairvoyance System as you conduct the dialogue. Listen from your Clairvoyance System. Ask from within your Clairvoyance System. And observe and perceive the energy, using it as a guide for your dialogue.

Suggested questions

Why am I seeing jagged squiggly lines when I ask to see the energy related to this issue/behavior/belief/theme?

Why is the dark mustard energy on the screen? Is that my energy? Does it belong to someone else? Whose energy is it?

Show me the programming, contracts, agreements, karma, cords, emotional energy related to this issue/behavior/theme/belief. (one at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself!)

Show me which chakra is most enrolled in this issue/behavior/belief/theme. Why is it so enrolled? What does the chakra need to de-enroll, to stand down, to integrate new choices?

Why does [this person] make me so [emotion]? What chakra holds this emotion?

See how it works?

Take a moment and jot down a few questions that you think might get the ball rolling for your clairvoyant exploration of the issue/behavior/belief/theme you’re exploring.

Then, when you’re ready, listen to the mp3 and begin your exploration.

Remember to download the mp3 to your Clairvoyance System reference library!

When you’ve completed this exploration, you’re largely done with the third module of the program. What’s left to do before our live call? Check it out on the next page, and then do the assignments repeatedly to build your Clairvoyant muscle, and to give you fodder for our live call.