Practicum: Documented In-person & Remote Sessions

Etheric Tablework Practicum

For this final aspect of the Tablework Practicum, submit the following assignments in their entirety, all at once. We will not review incomplete Practicum work.


  1. Choose one of your practice clients that you feel represent and highlight your best work and unfolding capacity with facilitating energy healing.
    Information to be included in the uploaded pdf must include:

Case Intake – Astral & Etheric issues you’ll be addressing together
Treatment Strategy, including Intention
Session Notes for all sessions, 24 in-person sessions & 6 remote sessions to qualify for review
Skills you taught (which should reflect the client case)
All documentation must be typed, submitted as a pdf file – NO TYPOS. Again, if grammar and spelling aren’t your jam, please have a colleague or friend review your submission (while protecting client privacy by removing names, identifiable features) before submission. Sloppy documentation will be rejected without review.

  1. Upload a typed Session Log, submitted as a pdf, using the attached template documenting the 24 in-person and 6 remote completed session hours with your practice clients. [There’s a sample template in the downloads for your review as well.]
    NOTE: We will NOT review or count session hours for any practice client who attended less than 5 in-person and 3 remote sessions with you. Thus, you may need to complete additional session hours to move forward with program completion and learning to facilitate remote sessions.

  2. Email link of an mp4 video of two complete client session, preferably with a new client. One session should be an in-person Astral & Etheric integrated session. The second session must be an Etheric Chelation.
    The links to the videos will be sent to: [email protected]
    The session should include:
    • Case Intake
    • An intention that you ‘sell’ the client for his or her buy-in
    • Tablework that is appropriately based on the case intake
    • Any skill you believe is essential for the client to begin practicing**
      *this is not required, but EHI will offer feedback if you miss an obvious opportunity to teach a skill

The video must be positioned to ensure that we can see you working at the table, which will require different camera placement depending on the session type.
The intake process should be performed near to the video device so we can easily hear the dialogue with your client.

NOTE: If you’re unfamiliar with VIMEO as a video hosting platform, please watch this video to learn the ropes.

Next steps:

Once you’ve uploaded the Practicum mp3s and pdfs and emailed the Vimeo mp4 link, EHI will review the materials and provide feedback within 5 business days. In the meantime, proceed to the final bit of information in the Etheric program while you await our response to your work.

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