Read a Few Final Thoughts About Releasing Programming

Energy clearing is iterative and incremental. Each time you spend 5-10 minutes (or 30-45 minutes) clearing energy, you evolve, grow, shift and emerge.

Whatever your patterns and behaviors, own them and do the work of clearing and evolving them.

  • Take a measure of where you are now – use a 100 point scale, sit quietly, and ask yourself, on a scale of 1-100 how much of my experience is influenced by my Programming?
  • Make note of the number that comes to you, and don’t be discouraged if it’s a relatively high number!
  • Release Programming on a regular basis, say 3-4 times/week, perhaps combined with some Chakra clearing work as well.
  • Observe and notice in a loose and easy way the subtle shifts in your behavior and responses
  • Check in a month from now with your 100-point scale. If you’re planning the work and working the plan, the number will be less.
  • Keep at it – you can fully and wholly evolve how you engage with yourself and others, and show up in your interactions.

You may have lots of sensation and awareness of release, emerging space and capacity in your meditative clearings. You may have little or none. Keep at it!

What really matters is not what you feel or sense in the meditation, it’s what emerges as you evolve. Who You Become. 

In twenty-five years working with energy, I have never had a client, student or colleague tell me that energy clearing resulted in them liking themselves less!

Lastly, spiritually, every experience is sacred. You create to have experience. Emotions are sacred. Of course.

What drives emotions? Energy.

Nothing in your energy field is set in stone or cast in concrete.

You’ll be learning and practicing Clearing Karma next.

You are a sovereign being, and even Karma can be evolved and cleared so that you’re creating through present moment awareness.

Life is good!