Read about Activating and Running Energy in the Clairvoyance System Copy

This is such an important step in the process of using Clairvoyance, and of continuing to evolve your clairvoyant capacity.

Understand that initially, activating the Clairvoyance System might wipe you out. Less is more. Don’t attempt to spend 15 or 20 minutes in the system initially. Go for five minutes. Build muscle by gradually increasing the amount of time you spend in the system.

It takes a lot of energy to do your life, day in and day out. When you begin to add new energetic resources to your experience, they will initially borrow energy from your day-to-day energy capacity. Additionally, there’s a lot of energy that gets used inefficiently, because most people flit back and forth between the Clairvoyance System and the Analyzer. It takes juice to do that, and since ideally, you want to learn to get into the system and stay there, it’s an inefficient process to flit back and forth. And it’s totally normal to do so.

So take it easy, and build your energetic muscle gradually.

Having said that, it’s also a great practice to Run Energy in the Clairvoyance System (using the sapphire blue and gold energy streams), without actually trying to move ahead and ‘see’ things. The longer you can sit in the Clairvoyant flow-state, the easier it is to build muscle.

As exciting as it is to contemplate seeing things, clairvoyance is also about deep knowing. Remember, the pineal chakra is a deep knowing state. Accessing and cultivating a relationship with the pineal chakra enables you to navigate and dialogue your known and unknown inner landscape. So as you Run Energy in the Clairvoyance System, you’re deepening your connection to and understanding of the pineal chakra, and that’s a mighty powerful thing!

To give you a bit of didactic information about Running Energy in the Clairvoyance System:

Once you’ve activated and cleared the pineal chakra (gold) and the pituitary chakra (sapphire blue), you’ll initiate a flow state where the gold cycles forward, through the 6th chakra, pituitary chakra and third eye, out to the horizon. The sapphire blue energy where cycle back through the 6th chakra and pineal chakra, then up and out through your crown. The streams of energy will continue to run while you’re actively using the Clairvoyance System.

To end the use of the Clairvoyance System session, you simply shut off the gold and blue streams. You’ll return your awareness to your day-to-day living state of being, and that’s that!

Over time, as you build up the energetic capacity to do so, you’ll be able to access the Clairvoyance System, consciously leave it to migrate to the Analyzer and ‘day-to-day’ awareness, then back into the Clairvoyance System for further insight, awareness and perception.

In fact, that’s what my client sessions and much of my teaching looks like. I’m in the Clairvoyance System to read energy, and then I leave the System running while I return to day-to-day awareness to teach a concept, or navigate a discussion. I then return to the Clairvoyance System to read energy and establish perceptive inquiry to advance the work.

Ready to move ahead and give it a try? Listen to the mp3 guided meditation, and begin the process of enlivening your Clairvoyance System.