Read about Engaging, Activating and Clearing your Pineal Chakra Copy

You’ve had a chance to practice accessing your Pineal chakra. Hopefully you’ve noticed the sensations that occur in your body when you sink in to the delicious, deep, coherent energy of the Pineal. It’s restful, relaxing and quieting. So good for those of us who run a lot of mental energy to learn how to rest in the Pineal.

Your Pineal chakra is an Etheric chakra, therefore, it’s not necessary or effective to use Astral clearing tools such as those found in the CLEAR course to clear the Pineal chakra. However, you’ll use gold energy as an activating and clearing resource for your Pineal chakra, and as a mechanism for engaging the Clairvoyance system.

To activate and clear the Pineal chakra, you’ll bring your awareness to the chakra. Then source and draw down a stream of golden, Cosmic energy from about one foot above your crown into the Pineal chakra to light up and energize it. You may be aware of a variety of sensations as you activate and clear the Pineal. It can go through a period of decalcification that generates a ‘psychic headache’. The headache is low-grade, and may linger for a day or two. (Sorry to report that aspirin or other headache medicines don’t really help the headache, as it’s psychically generated, not really a physical headache!)

There can be other, pleasing sensations, such as feeling quite energized and stimulated, or a sense of spreading warmth, or even glowing.

To be fair and honest, some people have no experience of the Pineal activation for quite some time. That’s just as normal and acceptable as having a psychic headache, or a nice, warm glow. Don’t make too much of the need for sensation to know that something is happening. Rather, stay focused on your intention to activate and clear the Pineal chakra. The sensations will emerge as you become more facile with the process.

There’s no specific order to activating the energies of the Clairvoyance System, however, I virtually always begin with the Pineal chakra because it feels important to me to actualize the yang energy, compact, knowing, deep presence before stimulating the yin energy of the Pituitary chakra. Since the energy is so diffuse and amorphous, I appreciate the Pineal knowing when I activate the Pituitary chakra.

Now move ahead to activating and clearing the Pituitary chakra.