Read about the Pituitary Gland Copy


The Pituitary gland can be found using a spatial cognition process that is similar to what you did with your Pineal gland.

There are two approaches that are quite useful, though I find one easier than the other.

  1. Taking your index fingers and placing them in the center of hollows of your temples, using light pressure, draw your fingertips back through the hollow to where you meet your skull bones.Imagine bringing your fingertips together, drilling through the skull bones until your fingertips touch. Somewhere in that space you can access your Pituitary gland.
  2. Take a moment to think about something detailed, like a grocery list or a bank statement. Close your eyes and see if you can discern the energetic space in your head where those types of details are accessed and understood.Bring your awareness in front of that space (it’s known as your Analyzer), and see if you can land in the Pituitary energy.

As with the Pineal gland, you’re seeking the energy center or chakra associated with the Pituitary and not the gland itself. It’s the energy center or chakra that you’ll use to view energy clairvoyantly.

The Pituitary is often described as a pea-like space, yet it generally feels diffuse, misty and borderless. I often say that if you are truly accessing the Pituitary, there’s nothing to think, feel, see or do. You’re simply suspended, without thought or emotion in a misty, foggy space.

The Pituitary is yin, feminine and is often described as the microcosm of the infinite possibilities and potentiality of the macrocosmic Universe. This is a second field or plane of microcosmic potentiality that you can access and cultivate, the other microcosmic field is your aura.

I do hope that you’re taking that in. You have two fields of infinite potentiality that are inherently yours to leverage, own, acknowledge, and cultivate to create and express Who You Are in this incarnation of self. You’re so much bigger and more expansive than how you might think of yourself in ordinary space/time reality. You’re truly infinite, and a mirror of the Cosmo’s grace.


The Pituitary balances the energy of the Pineal.  Physically, the Pineal produces melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep.  The Pituitary plays a role with metabolism, as well as releasing the hormones that stimulate the production of the sex hormones – testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.   Used for clairvoyance, the Pineal pinpoints and defines ‘what’ is perceived; the Pituitary offers clues about ‘why’ things are as they are.

Many systems configure the Pituitary gland and the third eye together.  While this is technically true, it is useful to cultivate an understanding of each unique aspect of the Clairvoyance System to enable fine-tuning and discern the differences between each element in the system.

Next up, the Sixth Chakra!