Read about the Sixth Chakra Copy


Ironically, the sixth chakra is also often called The Center of the Head.

To locate your sixth chakra, look at the image of Steve Martin below.

The poor man has pierced his sixth chakra – it’s right in the center of the arrow shaft. (Don’t try this at home!)

But your sixth chakra is right there, too.

When engaged as part of the Clairvoyance System, the sixth chakra metabolizes and synthesizes the content and meaning of the information perceived.

It actively contextualizes information and brings meaning to the metaphors, symbols, images or content that is perceived.

It is essential to use the sixth chakra quite actively when viewing information clairvoyantly. The habituated tendency is to perceive or receive a clairvoyant impression, and then migrate out of the system into the Analyzer (you’ll read more about this shortly), your ‘thinker’, to interpret the meaning of what is perceived. That’s malpractice. It’s inflicting a healing. It’s projection.

It’s a lot of things. It’s NOT clairvoyance.

The sixth chakra offers a level of clarity; a non-judgmental “tell it like it is” resource for what is viewed and experienced using the Clairvoyance System.  As the practitioner expands his or her capacity for utilizing the clairvoyance system, the sixth chakra and the Third Eye proactively collaborate.  The practitioner becomes increasingly comfortable allowing the Analyzer to disengage and rest during clairvoyant energy readings.

Daily Life

To offer a bit more context, when the sixth chakra is not engaged as part of the Clairvoyance System mechanics, it’s performing a vital and powerful role in your everyday experience.

Your sixth chakra is the template for the mind. It’s not ‘what’ you think, it’s the underpinnings of what you think. In other words, your sixth chakra houses your belief systems, values, the thoughtforms and ideas that frame your understanding of yourself and your experiences.

Your thoughts are directly influenced and informed by your values, beliefs, thoughtforms and ideas. For example, if one of your belief systems places one religion above all others, then your thoughts about different religions and the people who worship differently than you will be skewed to think of these people as less than, not well informed, incorrect or wrong.


When the sixth chakra is integrated with the Clairvoyance System, and the Analyzer is not referenced or accessed to assess or interpret what is perceived, the sixth chakra serves as a powerful, neutral resource for dialoguing and describing the energy that is viewed on the screen. In many cases, vocabulary and descriptive language may be used that resonate more with the client or beneficiary of the clairvoyant perception than it does with you as the ‘reader’.

For example, a client many years ago had an alcoholic father who sat in a recliner every evening, reading the paper and drinking his bourbon or whiskey. Her husband, also an alcoholic, had recently begun to read the paper and drink bourbon in his recliner.

I grew up in a house with a recliner, made by La-Z-Boy. As an adult, I had a good friend in my neighborhood who had a recliner that she called her La-Z-Girl. Under normal circumstances, I would refer to a recliner as a La-Z-Boy as a result.

During the clairvoyant reading of the client’s energy, I referred to the similarity between the father and husband, and referenced the recliner as a BarcaLounger. That’s not a phrase that’s part of my regular lexicon.

The reference to BarcaLounger was the exact phrase that helped my client to connect to the ways in which her father and husband were similar, and why the recent behavior change of her husband was so triggering to her.

Your sixth chakra is a very powerful resource for meaning, context and insight. Know that you’ll be able to glean your own powerful insights by staying in the clairvoyance system, and learning to dialogue the energy perceived on the screen. It takes discipline and focus to learn how to remain in the Clairvoyance System, and to avoid bringing a perception to the Analyzer to have it assessed and interpreted there.

If you’re planning on using Clairvoyance as part of your client practice, you may want to hold off on promoting the service until you’re well versed at remaining in the system, generating meaning, insight and context through your sixth chakra, and staying out of the Analyzer.