Read about the Third Eye Copy


The third eye is located in the center of the forehead.  It’s the lens or focal point for the energy that is perceived using the Pineal and Pituitary chakras.  The third eye is a minor chakra in the Etheric energy system.

Many well known teachers refer to the third eye as the sixth chakra, but further exploration into their teachings illustrates a lack of understanding of the Astral vs. Etheric energy systems, and a lack of distinction between the Eastern and Western chakra system.

The majority of people who take classes at Energy Healing Institute live in western society. We are users of the Western chakra system.

The Western chakra system was discovered by the Theosophists in the late 1800’s, part of the consciousness movement that was sweeping society at the time. Emerson, Thoreau, Mary Baker Eddy, Madame Blavatsky, Charles Leadbetter, all intellectuals who shifted their awareness toward the exploration of the unseen, expansion beyond the material and the rigid social structure of the Victorian era.

There is an important distinction and granular opportunities for evolution that arises from the recognition of the Astral and Etheric bodies, and the Western chakra system.

The third eye is a minor chakra in the Etheric energy field. The Etheric body or field consists of thousands of chakras, every joint, every gland, every bone, muscle, tendon, ligament, organ has chakras associated with them to deliver energy to the physical body. The third eye is a major component of the Clairvoyance System, in that it’s impossible to view a movie without a lens to project the image. But the third eye itself, is a relatively minor chakra, and actually needs very little coordination or input to generate functionality.

Clairvoyantly, information perceived passes through the Third Eye and on to the Psychic Screen for sensing and viewing.

The energy of the Third Eye and the energy of the Pituitary are tightly interwoven. Practitioners occasionally have the sense that the Third Eye is “stuck open” resulting in receiving information and ongoing, active perception of other’s energetic experiences.  In most cases, creating and owning the distinction between the Third Eye and the Pituitary resolves the issue.

Occasionally, it can be helpful to either lightly tap the center of the forehead, or to stroke the forehead from hairline to the bridge of the nose to prompt the Third Eye to close.