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What does it mean to clear Chakras?

Clearing Chakras is an active meditation process where you consciously evolve your energy to shift how your emotions inform your experience.

The work is grounded, intentional and iterative. What you clear today is gone forever.

Yet life keeps moving on, you have new experiences, learn new things, create and generate new awareness. All fueled by energy.  Some of that energy will inspire and thrive, some will resolve through your clearing practice.

If you want to be consciously engaged in your life for the rest of your life, think in terms of energy clearing being part of your self-care process.

Think about it. You brush your teeth and shower regularly. You take vitamins, watch what you eat and drink. All self-care.

Energy clearing is powerful, affirming, evolving self-care.

As you observe and engage in your experiences, you’ll see how your clearing sessions support you to choose, behave and respond differently. Relationships evolving, new opportunities, many times you’ll achieve closure and completion on long-standing issues and behaviors.

Where you once were angry and reactive, you are now composed and empowered.

Where you once were withdrawn and passive, you are now engaged and stand in your authority and knowingness.

Where you once were… [pick a pattern you’d like to shift], you are now … [pick a result you’d like to achieve].

What am I actually doing when I clear energy?

You’ll tune in to your energy (Chakras and Aura) and internally name a pattern, emotion, role, relationship(s) that you are intentionally choosing to shift and evolve.

You’ll apply one or more of the clearing skills to address and clear the energy of the pattern, emotion, role or relationship.

What you’re doing is unhooking, letting go, releasing, moving on, creating space for new ways of operating to emerge in your awareness. Basically, you’re recycling your used energy into the Earth. It’s clean, clear and hygienic to work this way.

Your Chakras are vibrating in the moment, generating the energy for whatever you’re creating and experiencing.

So as you clear your Chakras, you’re vibrating your energy into different, more ‘in-lightened’ directions.

Your Aura is flowing energy into the Chakras for their in-the-moment metabolization of your life experience. The Chakras, in turn release into the Aura.

Cosmic and Earth energies feed the entire system and create the autonomous relationship that is perceived as Unity and oneness.

How will I know which skill to choose?

You’ll follow a pretty simple formula for clearing Chakras.

Choose an area of focus. Here’s some examples to get you started:

Releasing anxiety, fear, anger, rage, depression – or any other emotion that you find debilitating and emotionally taxing (and perhaps, unsophisticated…like you suspect there may be a more adult, cohesive way to address your experiences).

Becoming less reactive and resistant to change.

Releasing emotional patterns that no longer serve you.

Finding an effective way to relate to people who challenge your world view.

Unhooking from roles – in your family, work, social life. If you’re a caretaker from childhood, you’re possibly a caretaker in your work and social life as well. That’s a lot of caretaking!

Being more present and in-the-moment emotionally. Letting go of triggers, storylines that minimize your ability to be in the here and now.

Choose a skill

There are 3 clearing skills that you’ll choose from to evolve emotional energy.

If the clearing is related specifically to an emotion, try:

Mine vs. Not Mine, followed by
Clearing Emotional Energy

For example, I am anxious a lot of the time. I worry about being liked, being needed, I tend to greet every new experience with anxiety and tension. I am up in my head all the time creating scenarios for what can go wrong, which further feeds my anxiety.

If the clearing is related to your emotions in relationship to others, try:

Clearing Cords

For example, I continually attract relationships where people want and expect me to take care of them. My friends are needy, my boss does nothing for herself, she dumps all of her work on me, my mom calls me every day to complain about her problems, and then she expects me to resolve them for her. I want relationships where I’m not relegated to a caretaker role, I want relationships based in equality.

What should I expect from clearing energy?

It’s important to observe your experience as you continue to clear energy. You may unhook from a pattern or way of operating quite quickly.

Where you were once defensive, reactive and combative, you’re now able to listen carefully, think through feedback and make considered choices about how to respond. That’s a major win!

You may notice shifts in your behavior, such as:

I used to feel guilty when I said no to my mother. Now I feel relieved and empowered.

I no longer feel anxious about money. Things always work out, and I believe I can trust that this is true for me.

I find myself speaking my mind more freely, and I’m not as concerned about being judged by others. It now seems more important to be true to myself and my beliefs than to make other people feel better by agreeing with their beliefs.

Deeply entrenched patterns, such as those we carry from childhood, may take longer to address and resolve. If you’re continuously observing your response to your experience, you’ll be able to continue to refine and let go of these patterns as you see glimmers of the changes that are occurring through your energy clearing work.

Let’s get started! Are you ready? 

The first skill you’ll learn and practice is called Running Energy. It’s a skill you’ll apply at the end of Chakra clearing to fill your energy field and raise your vibration.

I want you to have that under your belt before you start clearing energy. If you release a lot of energy and don’t replenish your energy field by Running Energy, it’ll take more work to sustain the changes that are taking place within.

So we’ll being the energy clearing process with what you do at the end of the process so that you’ve got what you need to clear, refill and evolve!