Resources for your Practice & Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause Program

Posters, Co-branded Client Skills, 1-1 Supervision Meetings with Jill

Besides buying yourself a little koosh ball (to represent a chakra), a vegetable steamer (for demonstrating chakra openings), and a pinwheel (for demonstrating clockwise vs. counterclockwise chakra rotations), you may want to purchase posters and co-branded skills for use in your client practice. You probably saw these recommendations in the Astral program, but I’m repeating them here just in case!

You may also find that you benefit from occasional or regular 1-1 Supervision Meetings with Jill, to work on client cases, evolve treatment strategies, consult on launching, expanding or growing your business, or perhaps help with integrating your modalities into a cohesive story that helps your clients understand what you offer. (If you list your modalities as bullet points on either your business card or your website, you’re likely losing potential clients. If they have to figure out why you’ve chosen the modalities you have, they’ll find a practitioner who tells a cohesive story instead.)

A deeper explanation of all of the available resources for helping your practice thrive can be found and purchased here.

Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause

Historically, 30% of EHI practitioners who complete the Astral & Etheric program find themselves joining the Energetic Assessment: Determining Root Cause program. You are under no obligation to do so. You’ve got an enormous amount of value to offer in the work you’ve learned here and will subsequently master as you work with clients in your practice. You’ve expanded your practice offering by learning an integrated suite of energy clearing tools and practices for helping clients get to the heart of the why, and for supporting their physical healing.

Take a look at Energetic Assessment: Determining Root CauseNote that Clairvoyance is a prerequisite. You’ll be working with it intensively in this program. As I say in the sales page, if I were a different kind of practitioner, I’d call this course Medical Intuition. It’s what it is, but there’s so much more involved than most Medical Intuition trainings. I’ve taken a few, and they’re woefully lacking in the breadth and depth of scope and opportunity to help someone heal deeply, whether or not they are cured! The rigor in this program is significant. In these cases, you’re unpacking a story that contributes to an illness or disease to support healing and evolution. You have to be accurate, you have to know what you’re doing, and you have to stand in the right place in the process itself. It’s a big task! I teach this program live, online, and there is a classroom based component to the program that I will likely create as a series of videos in the format you’ve already experienced. For now, we’re still meeting live.

Next steps:

Can you believe it? You’ve completed Evolving the Etheric Body: Supporting physical healing. Congratulations! Well done! Your final task is to download and print your program Certificate of Achievement. You’ve earned it!

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