View & Download the Clearing Emotional Energy Illustration & Skill

A few notes to share about this skill:

  • The bamboo pole is inserted in front of the spine and behind the Chakras. I realize it looks as though the bamboo pole is outside of and behind the body. But trust me, you put it inside (it’s a visualization, no need to drill any holes!).
  • There’s a way to activate an energy in the Astral body. You can do it quite easily by ‘saying hello’. If you want to clear a pattern of rage and defensiveness, you’d say ‘hello rage, hello defensiveness.’ It’s not about talking to the emotion, it’s about acknowledging that the energy is there. You’re placing your attention on the energy, and in so doing, you’re observing it and lighting it up.
  • Be intentional. If you want to create a new way of behaving and operating, focus on what you want to evolve. If you’ve got a rage pattern, your focus is on calm, containment, peaceful interactions. If defensiveness is your issue, you’ll hone in on openness, accessibility, flexibility.
  • With your attention focused on the energy you’re evolving and your intention aligned with what you’d like to create, your energy clearing is powerful and effective.
  • Remember the Running Energy skill you learned a couple of modules back? You’ll want to apply that skill for about 45 seconds to one minute at the end of your clearing. Nature abhors a vacuum, and that bamboo pole really knows how to move your stuff!

And please download the Clearing Emotional Energy pdf so that you have it to add to your Chakra Clearing Toolkit!

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