View & Download the Releasing Programming Illustration and Skill

As you can see from the illustration, Programming resides in the Aura, floating about in loosely defined waves of energy.

Once Programming activates, it metabolizes into the Chakras becoming the energy you’re using to ‘react’ to your experience.

If you have Programming that causes you to be impatient with other people, and someone you’re with is struggling to understand something you know quite well, you might find yourself reacting harshly and impatiently,  when he or she asks you to share your knowledge about the topic.

For example, I struggled with math when I was in middle school. My father, a Chemical Engineer and graduate of Masschusetts Institute of Technology, (M.I.T.), would slap his hand on my bookcase as he repeatedly attempted to unravel the mysteries of algebra or geometry to me. He’d say impatiently, ‘It’s so simple Jill. Let’s go over it again.’

In my mind’s eye, I can visualize and hear the slap of his hand on the bookcase, his tone of voice, and I can feel his frustration.

His programming? Impatience and anger.

Mine? Not smart enough and invalidation.

I’ve done nothing with my Dad’s programming. Not my job.

However, I’ve cleared my own programming about not being smart enough,  invalidating myself. Interestingly, math is no longer the giant struggle it once was.

I enjoy and own my capacity for learning new things. I’ve let go of the tendency to belittle my intelligence and capacity to grow.