Watch the video for Collaborating with your Healing Guide Copy

Your Healing Guide is such a benevolent, compassionate resource for you and your personal work. As you work on clearing, resolving, releasing, evolving emotions, patterns, behaviors, beliefs, limitations, stories…you get the drift…your Healing Guide can gently, with little fanfare, support your process and journey.

As you work on this next set of practices, I’m going to encourage you to do two things:

  • Dialogue with your Healing Guide to receive insights, information, suggestions and ideas about whatever you’re working on resolving within yourself.
  • Receive healing energy from your Healing Guide. [You’ll complete this in the next activity in this module.]

Watch the video on Collaborating with your Healing Guide, and then advance to the next activity, where you’ll choose something you’d like support with evolving, healing or resolving.

Let the healing begin!