Watch the video for Collaborating with your Lifetime Guide Copy

There’s such a beautiful connection to be made with your Lifetime Guide. It’s up to you how you utilize the connection and your interactions.

As stated earlier, you can use your relationship with your LG to round out the mundane details and choices in your life. Sort of like Siri or Alexa. That’s an option, but not one I recommend.

You can engage in a deep, spiritual connection with your LG and realize enormous intelligence, insight, wisdom and growth by seeking input on the ways you hold yourself back, or the challenges you face, or the opportunities you’re inviting, or the yearning you have for growth and evolution.

You can certainly do both or anything in between. It’s your relationship.

Watch the video on Collaborating with your Lifetime Guide, and then advance to the next activity, where you’ll pick a project to work on with your LG.

Let the insights begin!