Watch the video for Creating the Space to Channel Copy

Most people who channel without having learned a specific process or technique (beyond ‘inviting the guide to come in and speak’), actually connect with guidance that is fairly low vibration. That’s because the guide is lowering its vibration to use the ‘host’ body, (that would be the channeler) as a resource for communication. The host displaces his or her conscious awareness…i.e., they leave their body, and the guide jumps in to communicate, deliver healing, etc.

When the guide is finished with whatever it’s doing, it vacates the body, and the host’s awareness returns (embodiment).

A guide who needs to operate within a human body needs to dumb down its vibration to assume the physical body.

Think about it, a guide is theoretically pure consciousness, right? Your body includes consciousness, but it has a whole lot of density going on as well. Bones, blood, tissue, organs, fluids, solids, food, mucus — the body is a complex and dense organism.

Why would a guide, who has no need for physicality to exist and thrive, want to lower its vibration to assume the denseness of a physical body?

Truth be told, the only guides who want to do that are low vibration. They could be deceased relatives (or strangers) who are seeking a body for the purposes of re-engaging with physical experience. They’re not guides, they’re simply non-physical beings.

To evolve as a conscious channel, it’s essential to continue to increase your vibration by doing the work of clearing your chakras and aura regularly. This is why CLEAR: Energy Clearing & Self-care is a prerequisite for this course.

Beyond that, it’s important to work in a channeled session, whether for yourself or on behalf of others, in an energetic environment that inspires high vibration connection, insights and information. Thus, our next step in the process of Conscious Channeling, is Setting the Space for Channeling.

Setting the Space for Channeling

You’re about to learn and practice how to engage high level guidance by creating a container for the work that is non-physical, neutral, energized and potentiated.

That’s what Setting the Space for Channeling will do for you and your work. When you learn to Set the Space for Channeling, you’re evoking a container that is very high vibration that enables you to engage and interact with guidance that has nothing to do with your physical body and whatever vibration you’re carrying.

Yet, by definition, if you’re working in a space that is optimized for channeling, you’re doing some really great things for the energy and information you’ll bring through, and for how you and your physical body resonate with guidance.

Please watch the video to learn about how you’ll create the energetic space for channeling to occur. Once you’ve completed the video, you’ll then progress to the next activity to learn more about the importance of creating an energetic space for channeling.