Watch the video on Subject Matter Experts Copy

You’ll hear a story about a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who helped with a lawsuit my now ex-husband faced early in our marriage.

SME’s are incredible resource for anything and everything that we’d like to have support and insight for in our daily lives.

I have two primary SME’s that I work with constantly in my life and in my business. One of the SME’s has broad context and insight as it relates to consciousness, evolution, healing and being Who I Am.

The other is an incredible guide and resource for evolving energy in groups. This resource is very personal, deeply integrated into my Be-ing, and a profound resource in my classroom, my work with groups, and the healing activities that most stimulate and inform my thinking.

There are SME’s for everything. Need financial advice? There’s an SME for that. Relationship issues? Yes, there’s an SME waiting to support you. Healing and evolution? Most certainly, there are SME’s galore. Work/job related support? Absolutely.

Whatever you need, there’s SME’s who can be called upon through your ongoing relationship with your Lifetime Guide, and in healing related circumstances, through your Healing Guide.

Remember that the most essential, important mechanisms for engaging with guidance are those that support you holding your own frequency, resonating with energies that neither amp you up or dumb/numb you down.

When you connect with an SME, use your primary guides as the conduit for engagement (in the hygienic merged state you create). You’ll reap all the rewards of ancillary expertise with none of the deficits that come from engaging through mechanisms and with resources that do not resonate with your personal vibration.

Perhaps the project you’re pursuing with a Lifetime Guide will benefit from an SME and the context that guide offers. If not, choose another project that you can use to have an experience engaging with an SME.

When you’ve completed the video, move forward to the next activity to connect and engage with an SME who can support you in your life, healing and evolution.